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In this page, poems on / about “television” are listed.

  • 13.

    To me, television is a chore.
    It is a bore.
    It shows half a program, then makes you sift through adverts for more. read more »

    Gary Diamond
  • 14.

    Television is not moving
    When it shows us movie
    We are moved by actors
    And actresses so groovy. read more »

    Binoy Barman
  • 15.

    How sad to see lives spent
    Before a box that has no life
    No breath, no song to touch the soul
    Just shadows on a flickering screen. read more »

    Ilania Cyaalá
  • 16.

    Radio, television, watching live matches
    Are all sources of entertainment
    While radio doles out music of different genres
    Alongwith jingles and commentary read more »

    Meenaxi Pandey
  • 17.

    I am bored
    An inescapable feeling, too familiar
    A multitude, a plethora of ideas
    Entertainment, where art thou? read more »

    Avery Hage
  • 18.
    As you watch television tonight

    As you watch television tonight
    Spare a thought about me somewhere
    Between the intervals AND squeeze a thought
    About me for that one lingering moment read more »

    BanishedFairy (a.k.a ngaka motaung)
  • 19.
    Televisual Me

    How would I fare

    In a world derived from television read more »

    Matthew Holloway
  • 20.
    Memory Bag

    I sit in silence with my own blank thoughts
    Bored out of my mind my imagination rots
    I turned to music, television, the books on my shelf
    I gave up, looked up and said to God, 'Humour Me' read more »

    Sneha Murali
  • 21.
    Fairytales Are Alive And Well In Tales Like These

    A young man with magic abilities
    resurrecting people from death
    brought back his childhood
    sweetheart read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 22.
    Sometimes I Can Hear the Confusion and Sorrow

    The television buzzes and pops
    and the dishes loom in their piles
    while the dog looks up from
    her empty water dish, read more »

    Ayn Timmerman
  • 23.
    This damn television

    (This is a fictional poem)

    I hate this damn television that my wife just bought.
    When I ask people if I'm intelligent, they say I'm not. read more »

    Randy Johnson
  • 24.
    Charlie Rose Has a Chuckle

    Being almost television addiction free
    Even the Conventions I limited
    To the speeches of Obama and McCain
    There is the exception of the Charlie Rose show read more »

    Bill Grace
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