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Poems About: TEACHER

In this page, poems on / about “teacher” are listed.

  • 25.
    Relation Between Teacher And Students

    Relation Between Teacher And Student Is Like,
    The Relation Between Potter And His Pot,
    Like Them Teachers Also,
    To Their Student, Loves A Lot. read more »

  • 26.
    A Good teacher

    A Good teacher is one, who teaches with love.
    A Good teacher is one, who Corrects Students and make them Grow, Instead of shouting and making them slow.
    A Good teacher is one, who makes Things to Flow.
    A Good teacher is one, who gets things done as and when. read more »

    Narendra Kuppan
  • 27.
    I love my teacher

    I love my teacher
    He is full of life
    I love my teacher
    He doesn't cause any strife read more »

    Ferret Girl
  • 28.
    Oh Teacher Oh Teacher

    Oh teacher, Oh teacher!
    My test isn't signed
    Because somehow
    My parents went blind read more »

    Sharmila Saheed
  • 29.
    You are one

    A teacher is one who,
    Can groom every creation,
    A teacher is one who,
    Can enhance every admiration, read more »

    simran arora
  • 30.
    A nice Teacher

    A nice teacher
    Never gives out alot
    of work to their students. read more »

    James Wilhoite
  • 31.
    my teacher

    the teacher talks
    the teacher thinks im listening
    the teacher is my friend
    the teacher it my worse nitemare read more »

    Megan Simbeck
  • 32.
    A teacher's Hope

    I wish I were my pupil
    I wouldn't talk about my teachers
    Even if I were the president
    Still I would dare'nt my teachers read more »

    Duncan Livingstone
  • 33.
    The teacher

    The teacher must know
    As Plato once
    Well said it
    Years ago, read more »

  • 34.
    my teacher

    my teachers absoult fab she always makes me laugh,
    shes not like most other teachers that nearly all the time nag,
    she has bright blue eyes and long black hair, read more »

    lauren seath
  • 35.

    In the hands of a gifted teacher
    A classroom is a magical place! ! !
    In the hands of a gifted teacher
    There's a smile on each child's face. read more »

    Maanasa Bhaskar
  • 36.
    Deathly Talking

    As the teacher is ready
    To come into class and teach
    The students are in the washers
    Shining their hair and teeth with bleach read more »

    Adam EA
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