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Poems About: SYMPATHY

In this page, poems on / about “sympathy” are listed.

  • 349.

    Seeing All These Numbers I Fear
    That I’m Gonna Lose Them All
    My Perfect Shootings Make Me Feel
    I’m Not Afraid Anymore read more »

    Arjun K Das
  • 350.
    Eternal Healing

    Darkness and tragedy,
    Happiness and light,
    Wealth and plenty,
    Emptiness and poverty; read more »

    Uriah Hamilton
  • 351.
    Sympathy For The Soldier

    I have never seen a wounded man
    who lies on the ground from a bullet wound
    I have never hated a war so much
    and loved our soldiers more read more »

    Cokbod Lodwogo
  • 352.

    Close the door, put out the lights
    Know they won't be home tonight

    Please stay still, she runs beside read more »

    Michael S...
  • 353.
    Image In The Mirror

    A smoker wants some sympathy
    He wants you to understand
    The terrible anxious feeling he has
    When he's under the cigarette's command read more »

    Alessandra Liverani
  • 354.
    Humility Forgotten

    Who are we? in this world, so complex
    What gives us the right?
    To presume, to judge, to destroy
    Who made you King? read more »

    Jazzy Davies
  • 355.
    Go on, smile!

    Hopes resting in unknown hands,
    encouragement, mockery and apathy,
    let us put our poison ink away
    and maybe show some sympathy. read more »

    Jazzy Davies
  • 356.
    Pardon Me While I Laugh

    Two girls in one week is that what it is?
    You have a great track record going for you
    Pardon me while I laugh about it
    You drag yourself down just to get sympathy read more »

    Bridget Bush
  • 357.

    In the shining lights of this cold crowded city
    where there are lots of deaths but no sympathy,
    I saw a woman, who didn’t know the word “dignity, ”
    and a man who died bravely just for a celebrity, read more »

    Jade TheBird
  • 358.
    I and me and you

    I am the redeemer
    I will search your soul
    to look for all you've given
    and seek for all you hold read more »

    Charles M. Moore
  • 359.
    Unsensational Clutter

    Lets all take this moment
    to rest the sun on our
    look up read more »

    Robert Brendan
  • 360.

    Further into the forest i crept
    and sat alone, weary eyed, and wept
    At the cream yellow colored sun set
    That happened as the world soundly dreamt read more »

    Warren Augustus de Guzman
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