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Poems About: SYMPATHY

In this page, poems on / about “sympathy” are listed.

  • 337.
    their marriage: phase 2

    they sleep early
    and wake up early

    the splendor of odor read more »

  • 338.

    Seeing All These Numbers I Fear
    That I’m Gonna Lose Them All
    My Perfect Shootings Make Me Feel
    I’m Not Afraid Anymore read more »

    Arjun K Das
  • 339.
    Little Stone

    Poor little stone
    sat there so alone
    No-one listens to your pain
    They dont care that you're stuck out in the rain read more »

    Rachel BaByBeAr Anderson
  • 340.

    Bandaging the wrist of the hand
    that cries foul plays mind-games
    look at me it says with a white
    flag emblazoned – you can’t miss read more »

    Ivan Donn Carswell
  • 341.

    deep, deeper
    into a myriad of memories;
    into the archives of the minds tomes; read more »

    john o'connell
  • 342.

    I twist with each terrible moan
    escaping your lips in distress
    while you lie prone, never alone,
    to guess or stress on progress read more »

    John Weber
  • 343.
    It’s tough to be in expensive shoes

    Price of everything in India has gone up
    And it doesn’t seems to drop
    Vegetables, transport and other utilities
    Which while having dinner poor Gopal’s wife was thinking. read more »

    Venkatesh M. R.
  • 344.
    Regret song

    I left her there abused
    used and confused
    she could never forgive me theres no use
    And i lose, cos i tried to choose read more »

    David Sabo
  • 345.
    Untitled 4

    Struggle to evade misery, hoplessness pervades history,
    Years disbursed pursuing ruins devised of bursts,
    Perched, back against wall, no sympathy for me at all,
    gazing down the custom barrel, extensively fulfilled the peril, read more »

    Forrest Garside
  • 346.

    thanks for the poem,
    let me extend my sympathy

    long live dyslexia! read more »

  • 347.
    That Lonesome Word


    As far as the eye can see
    no other word in our vocabulary read more »

    Joyce Hemsley
  • 348.
    Lie turns black

    When a lie turns
    Cold, black and colourless
    It shakes you, brakes you
    Takes, you to your sell. read more »

    Noorie Ali
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