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Poems About: SYMPATHY

In this page, poems on / about “sympathy” are listed.

  • 229.

    In all the world we shall not find a heart so wonderfully kind
    so soft a voice
    so sweet smile, she's my inspiration worthwhile
    a sympathy so sure and deep, a love in all this world i love to keep! ! read more »

    Alii Cat
  • 230.
    Fundamental of Liar Chapter XXII: Laugh

    there's laugh, forced laugh
    laugh, gentle rejection without word
    laugh, looking sympathy with laugh
    laugh but actually doesn't laugh read more »

    maria sudibyo
  • 231.
    Autumn Cicada

    It embraced the withering tree in autumn.
    Time passed away and good fortune had not come.
    Its sad chirping noise startled the frustrated walker.
    In sympathy, he shook his head and walked slower. read more »

    Charles WOO
  • 232.
    The World Today

    People turn their backs and run away
    from all the things i want to say
    they close their eyes and shut the door
    help the rich and kill the poor read more »

    Hannah Anderson
  • 233.
    Riot On Brain Cell Block 3

    The emotions were running wild that night
    Overpowering the guards and taking over
    Threatening to end the serenity of life
    Flooding the world with anger, hatred, tears read more »

    Harry J. Couchon Jr
  • 234.
    Best Reply

    silence is the best reply
    When you're hurt and wish to cry

    For it holds value that is rare read more »

    Seema Chowdhury
  • 235.
    Angel of Apathy

    Don`t confront me, I fear you not,
    Don`t embrace me, I feel you not,
    If you leave me, I will forget you,
    If you love me, I will abandon you. read more »

    Jean François Lamothe
  • 236.
    Your the Only One Who Tortures Me

    You don’t realize that you torture me
    You don’t even have to say a word
    You couldn’t even be bothered to look at me read more »

    Leesa Lesmeister
  • 237.

    They say mankind is united by its intellect,
    Its ability to think and understand,
    Its capacity for emotion and empathy, read more »

    Warren Augustus de Guzman
  • 238.

    lost in a world with no one to listen
    thought we were forever thats what
    you had me thinking
    hate to see the world through your eyes read more »

    deshae davis
  • 239.
    No Eyes to Kiss

    It is sad when love dissipates
    In a cruel, sunless season;
    When sympathy ceases
    And kind hearts become stone; read more »

    Uriah Hamilton
  • 240.
    Sore Memories

    Every time I thought about him my heart was torn to shreds,
    My eyes repeatedly shed tears of sorrow.
    I thought of hurting others so that I could feel alive.
    But it didn't happen, my heart crumbled, read more »

    Dark Blood
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