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Choose Time Spanning Moments - Poem by Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

taking you across
my time spans
happy moments
beautiful places
in my life places

I wanted to share
with someone
but never found
that someone...
that special someone

that unique someone
lost from my universe
sought star searched
shadow soulmate
lifetime missing...

to share
heart felt
soul shared

time spinning
stretching back
reaching back
into realms past
into spent life...

driving in a car
through beautiful
scenic South Island
home New Zealand
alpine mountains...

dusty sandy
beach roads
dusty sandy
windy lonely
fresh breezy

beach roads
or summer hot
sand sun baked
still air shimmering hot
power out onto tidal mud flats

riding off road
on trail bikes
on my motorbikes
riding in the sun
riding without roads

free freedom riding
riding without limitations
sun shining summer days
racing linked shadows
racing summer winds

swimming in rivers
swimming in lakes
swimming at different beaches
swimming in rivers lakes beaches
fresh cool water or salt spray

different ages of sparkling me
sparks breezing far seeing eyes
behold I offer treasured experiences
in my cupped hands best experiences
wine of my lips taste distilled experiences...

different ages of me
when I was innocent young
you can wear jeans dresses
a bikini in different places
whatever you wanted to

watching the light play over you
watching water splash around you
watching ocean waves wash around you
while my eyes laugh bright beach smile
with nature flowing electric through me

bonfire on the beach at night
stars that moved bewitched me
blazing illuminated flickering light
backdrop against black velvet night
if you wanted you could kiss me

enter my heart transcendent soul
watch you wake in breath morning
fall asleep beside me in entwined night
put on your makeup in contentment shining
comb your hair by soft daylight or night light...

dress in a t-shirt
bra panties naked
or not knowing
I am near you
watching you

with love that gives
shares kindness creativity
move through dreams
share my poems yours
share ideas thoughts

like exploratory tongues
eager to explore dew depths
of mind soul being merging
we are timeless souls voyaging
hearts minds eternally entwining...

Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Written in March&May 2014 on the 11.3&17.5.2014.

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