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Poems About: SUNSHINE

In this page, poems on / about “sunshine” are listed.

  • 109.

    As I stand here staring in the sky
    with tears in my eye's
    I watch the clouds as they move and out burst this ray of sunshine
    just for you read more »

    Dominique Butler
  • 110.

    She woke up with sunshine in her eyes
    The smile on her face was no surprise
    Dancing like a bubble full of butterflies
    The aroma in the room read more »

    Alfred Ramos
  • 111.

    Bright sunshine on a winter’s day
    is caught and held by naked trees.
    Where light and shadow interplay,
    like memories which fade away. read more »

    ivor .e hogg
  • 112.
    Let The Sunshine In

    Open up your heart
    and let the sunshine in.
    Think each day is filled
    with joy and happiness. read more »

    David Harris
  • 113.
    From sunshine till it rains

    Don't know if i stand a chance to be with u again..
    To be by your side & see the sunshine & the rain.

    I've got addictd so much, now i hardly care for pain.. read more »

    Menime Soul
  • 114.
    My Sunshine

    I sit in my room no one to talk to nothing to say
    Im here all alone till the end of the day
    I think of my past and the mistakes i have made
    I can fix it all i know theres a way read more »

    Kevin Dorion
  • 115.
    Where Is My Sunshine?

    Darkness and pain surrounds me no sunlight to guide me
    Where is my sunshine?

    I see others smiling and having fun but all I can do is watch read more »

    ciarria westmoreland
  • 116.

    God asked me what do I want
    Stars or sunshine, which one do I choose
    I said, Give me a Sunshine in the day
    and a brightful stars in the night let loose read more »

    Umasree Raghunath
  • 117.

    Sweet, sweet
    So very sweet
    Is sandy, sweet and cute sandy
    My sandy, you are my sunshine read more »

    Rohit Sapra
  • 118.
    Sunshine After Rain

    Life comes always at dawn
    Life that will be full of joy
    Life fulfilled by you
    Life bright and shining read more »

    Jackson Olagunju
  • 119.

    my mother used to sing to me:
    you are my sunshine,
    you make me happy read more »

    Jon Edward Walker
  • 120.
    Move On

    Since you left me
    It’s been raining for so long
    Why don’t you tell me?
    What did I do wrong? read more »

    john mc cudden
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