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Poems About: SUNSET

In this page, poems on / about “sunset” are listed.

  • 37.

    Every day i sit back,
    gazing through window,
    watching the sunset,
    nature's crescendo, read more »

    Bhaskar Sharad
  • 38.

    There are some days
    when the sunset light blazes in curls,
    burning orange upon the clouds
    bending at the end of the world - read more »

    Smoky Hoss
  • 39.
    A Kiss In The Sunset

    Didn't know what to do in my worthless excuse of life
    But then you came along and I wanted to seal the perfect moment
    With a kiss in the sunset

    As if life itself waited a long time for this to happen read more »

    Abeer Shahid
  • 40.

    When I was growing as a little kid
    I dread for sunset to come
    And darkness to fill the earth
    I was so afraid of being alone read more »

    Rita Umali
  • 41.
    sunset falls

    i watched the sunset fall
    i was alone, i had no where to go
    i had just been told
    these awful dreams they come alive from stone read more »

  • 42.
    Why the silence?

    Why the silence? Is it the hour of sunset?
    Or the eyes may straggle and it's the hour of dreams
    Or the mind may have been displaced and it's hour of reflections
    Or the heart has been busy and it's hour of the groans read more »

    Mohammed AlBalushi
  • 43.
    Twilight of Daggers

    In one sunset,
    Jeer tinkers in a goblet
    Caressing down the dearth of instance
    Hilarity compensating the resistance read more »

    Norman Santos
  • 44.
    Ugly Sunset

    It wouldn't rise to become the sun
    Afraid of shinning it's true beauty 
    Hiding in the horizon about to cause night
    Bringing fear and causing evil to come out read more »

    celia hinojosa
  • 45.

    This poem sort of goes with another poem I wrote, entitled 'A Sunrise'.

    It is so peaceful at sunset,
    They show all dreams to be met read more »

    Margaret Everard
  • 46.
    The Sunset stopped on Cottages


    The Sunset stopped on Cottages
    Where Sunset hence must be read more »

    Emily Dickinson
  • 47.
    The Sunset

    The crimson sunset above
    The magical horizon orange and purple
    Setting fire to the sea read more »

    Talia Simpson
  • 48.
    Everybody Like A Sunset

    Everybody likes a sunset
    Its gold and crimson
    Freshly painted across the sky read more »

    Reuel James
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