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  • 361.
    Fatal Facet

    Ectopic dreams and stillborn nightmares
    Chills and shockwaves breaking my sytem
    Destroy, destroy
    Depleat me, my desperado
    Longing, forever longing
    For the astral sunset with an iridescent glow
    To shine againist your deathliness
    To make you forget your carnage and hate
    In the rainbow sunset of begotten dreams
    Its become redundant, in this matter
    In our games or give and take and hide and seek
    Forgetting myself in my hiding place
    And losing myself within you embrace
    And this world, it just keeps spinning
    Though time is still and all is dead
    I just can't seem to let go and fly
    Because I'm still concious and so aware
    That I can't do anything but watch
    Forever observing
    From the shadows read more »

  • 362.

    You said you wanted to live
    where mandevillas grow wild,
    where the rain is warm all year long,
    where willows don’t weep. read more »

  • 363.
    approx.20: 15 hours, february 10, euphoria (adult content)

    a soft snuggling
    tight embrace
    a glint like cut diamond shines blue in an ember orange sunset glow
    a soft red glow to his cheeks read more »

  • 364.
    Writer's Block

    I wanted to paint a word picture,
    something like this:
    'And the river flowed past me,
    carrying with it the last muted shades read more »

  • 365.
    A Silver Lining

    Which way does the wind blow
    North, South, East, West
    How can they say its warm or cold
    Young or old read more »

  • 366.
    A Death in the Woods

    The road fell out of the mountains
    Into a field that spread toward the horizon,
    Dark trees rose slowly,
    Climb toward the sunset. read more »

  • 367.
    Crimson Red

    Crimson Red,
    Sunset, read more »

  • 368.
    The Heavy Sea

    The heavy sea trembles as
    I stand with my back to the read more »

  • 369.

    Farewell to all the living things
    yes, to all those which respond
    Sunset has com
    Darkness, pure dark night has overcome read more »

  • 370.

    It's been a while since i've scarcely moved
    The earth vibrates through my skinny shoes
    I think i heard a voice, not long ago
    Stuck in anxiety for tommorow read more »

  • 371.
    In The Sunset Sky

    The sunset sky dazzling with the golden hues,
    Taking bow in brilliant sparkle of experience
    Is it not a climax, of the story so far, that was today?
    Or is it building anticipation of the night yet to come. read more »

  • 372.
    crimson sunset

    crimson sunset
    even through clouds
    vernal equinox read more »

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