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Poems About: SUN

In this page, poems on / about “sun” are listed.

  • 49.

    read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 50.
    When Sun kissed the Sea

    Look at the dusking Sun kissing Sea, so divine
    Oh blushing Sea, turning into blood wine
    I wonder how long this rapture will last
    For how long Sun upon Sea its spell will cast read more »

    Dave Tanwar
  • 51.
    Winter's sun

    There is something about the winter's sun,
    That aspires hope after struggle
    The wait for tomorrow after
    long cold shivering nights; read more »

    azmat naushad asif
  • 52.

    Waiting for the Sun.
    That is at the crossroads
    of mediaphobia. read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 53.
    The Sun Has Role

    The sun has dominant role to play
    No one can suggest any best way
    Whole of world energy is depended upon
    No other alternative can be thought even read more »

    hasmukh amathalal
  • 54.
    Children of the Midwest Sun

    We are the children of the Midwest sun:
    its light has weight, measured musical tones.

    'Come along, ' sang Empedocles,450 BCE, read more »

    Jay Mandeville
  • 55.

    If the moon and the sun waged a war,
    Who would win? The moon, I'm sure.

    The sun would fight face to face, read more »

    Richard Betts
  • 56.
    Arctic Song

    The days get older
    The shadows colder
    The seasons pause in vain
    And in the north read more »

    Liz Annson
  • 57.
    Sun and Me

    The sun seeking my shadow
    My shadow hides behind me
    And when i look at mad-show
    The sun gazes to blind me read more »

    Usman Hanif
  • 58.
    Sun and Summer

    For hundred days every year up above in the home of Sun
    Occurs a strange fight between the Sun and his sweet heart
    Fierce is the sun for outside world fears his wife inside the house
    Soured relations soar to the sky heralding Summer with fiery will read more »

    Somanathan Iyer
  • 59.
    I Cherish My Sun

    Today my world forgot its depressing fog.
    Today I was allowed to see the sun, the sun I've missed for so long.
    Not the same sun, a new one.
    A sun that's shines brighter. read more »

    Sierra Staten
  • 60.

    The sun doesn’t burn as bright to me,
    I’m never truly happy,
    I’m never truly free,
    The sun doesn’t burn as bright to me, read more »

    lucas altenberg
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