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Poems About: SUN

In this page, poems on / about “sun” are listed.

  • 349.
    sun...............moon................ nor de stars

    sun...............moon................ nor de stars read more »

  • 350.
    Spirtual Kabul

    The lines stretch far and infinitely
    along Kabuli mountains.
    The lines stretch.
    Millions read more »

    Michael Timothy Rose
  • 351.
    How a Poet Loves Part 3 (The Cheat)

    The Earth and the Sun have been through everything together
    The sun was there from day one nurturing and providing
    Everything the Earth every needed but
    Temptation is captivating and captures read more »

    Bron Dayvid
  • 352.
    2011/03/30 Sun-Bleached Blue

    A brilliant blue sky in sea-side holiday style
    with golden dollops of sunshine awakened
    memories of good times, then I broke down,
    admitted I am not a visionary who can keep read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 353.
    Sunlight and Darkness

    Lifeless world that isn’t dead
    A beauty that is left unseen
    From the darkness will this world be led?
    Night and day, this worlds between read more »

    Rebecca Pepper
  • 354.
    Rays of Hope and Love

    I felt a little bit troubled
    Yet a little bit joyous,
    When a damsel walked past me
    At the evening. read more »

    Uttam Biswas
  • 355.

    Thy dawning is beautiful in the horizon of the sun,
    Oh living God,
    When thou rises in the eastern horizon
    Thou fillest every land with thy beauty read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 356.
    The Dying Sun

    The sun used to shine so bright
    now dimmed by the winter storm
    the days seem to be all twilight
    the sun on my face is no longer warm read more »

    Kay Barcelon
  • 357.
    The White Dove

    A white dove came to me

    The sun was high.. read more »

    Carolyn Sears
  • 358.
    Written At Broadbeach Queensland

    The noisy miners chirp in sunburnt parkway by the sea
    And lorikeets are noising as they fly from tree to tree
    The scaly breasted and the rainbow keets from gum to sheoak fly
    A blaze of dazzling colours for to captivate the eye. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 359.
    If Only the Sun Would Rise

    If the sun would rise, I would be grateful.
    Because a new day is starting.
    Not like yesterday, or the day before;
    A day when no one should be hateful. read more »

    Andrew Long
  • 360.
    Majestic Weather

    Majestic Weather
    By Lori Triggs
    Copyrighted July 28 2008 read more »

    Lori Triggs
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