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Sun - Poem by chandra thiagarajan

The sun is a ball of fire
Which we all wholly admire
It gives us heat and light
And is absent at night.

The sun is actually a star
It shines in the sky afar
In the centre of the solar system is it
The Earth and other planets around it orbit.

The sun gives energy as electro- magnetic radiation
The source of energy in the star is its reaction
Of Hydrogen atoms into helium atoms formation
Great energy is released as heat and light in this action..

The sun spins on its axis like the Earth
And also through space since its birth
The nine planets revolve and travel with the sun
Through millions of stars in our galaxy run.

In an hour the sun travels 70000 kilometres
The sun from the Earth is at a distance of 150 million kilometers
It is bigger than the Earth by 109 times
But is eclipsed by the moon sometimes..

Composition of sun-light is by three types of rays
Invisible are ultra-violet rays and infra-red rays
They have different wave lengths and visible are light rays
The sun's energy thus received with us stays.

The temperature at the surface is 6000 degreea C
While at the centre it is 20 million degrees C
It gives a stream of particles called the Solar wind.
On the sun dark magnetic areas called sun-spots we find.

Outside The sun's surface is the photosphere
There are two layers of light gases, the chromosphere
And corona is the outermost atmosphere of the sun
In naked eye to view the sun we should shun.

To the flora and fauna of the Earth the sun provides life
Without energy from the sun there would be no life..
In some religions it is worshipped as their Lord
It is but true that the sun is our visible God.

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