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Poems About: SUN

In this page, poems on / about “sun” are listed.

  • 337.
    The Lover envies an Old Man

    I envy the feeble old man
    Dozing there in the sun.
    When all you can do is done
    And life is a shattered plan, read more »

    Shaemas O'Sheel
  • 338.
    Moon's Tears

    Moon shines down onto Earth
    But does she ever really shine?
    Or does she just reflect Sun’s light
    A sad excuse for originality read more »

    maddie bird
  • 339.
    The Sky Cried

    Early one morning the sky
    Was filled with so much sadness

    As it watched the dark clouds read more »

    Carolyn Sears
  • 340.
    Everything But Me

    Ashes falling on the ground
    Winds that blow a hollow sound
    Once standing taller still
    Now falling by your will read more »

    Barbara Vanier
  • 341.
    the moon and the sun

    the moon and the sun looked at each other's eyes
    oh.what a surprise! ! they have already met at sunset! !
    oh, my, at night they got separed!
    their heart was unprepared... read more »

    Kuji soliman
  • 342.
    The Light Grows and Grows

    That one little thing
    You pass by
    Could be everything
    Something read more »

    Rachael LoudFingers
  • 343.
    My Child of the Sun

    My child of the sun
    i know yur scared
    how far will you run
    for what are you prepared? read more »

    Carike Klokow
  • 344.
    The Night Cometh

    MY garden walks were smooth and green
    And edged with box trees left and right,
    An old grey sun-dial stood between read more »

    Aline Murray Kilmer
  • 345.
    Rising Dreams

    As the sun rises, so do our dreams
    Our dreams of all the nice things
    Our dreams of all the right things read more »

    Craig Piercy
  • 346.
    the sun

    the sun to me i a flower, a flower with flames for petals.
    the sun to me is a moon on fire.
    the sun is like a star, but brighter than all the others.
    the sun is like a sugar cube, sweet on all sides. read more »

    james bowling
  • 347.

    Hole of the cell brings the hope of rays,
    These rays are sun-rays
    Which dance in the cell of prison from morning to evening? read more »

    vijay gupta
  • 348.
    The Day The Sun Sang

    The moon stood,
    The sea sank,
    The mountains melted,
    And no man died, read more »

    ajayi olubunmi kolade
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