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Poems About: SUN

In this page, poems on / about “sun” are listed.

  • 13.
    The Sun Rays (A Lyric)

    The sun rays in your eye,
    The love you’re giving that I have found;
    Like sun that shines though the sky,
    Each love must be worth and sound. read more »

    Peter S. Quinn
  • 14.
    The Sun and the Moon

    By: Poet Keri
    September 29,2008
    Age 11 read more »

    The Poet Keri
  • 15.

    Though you might feel alone in the sun
    wait, wait until I come into the sun read more »

    nicholas sardinha
  • 16.

    Through the conduits of blood
    my body in your body
    spring of night
    my tongue of sun in your forest read more »

    Octavio Paz
  • 17.


    End of the day
    No other way read more »

    Morhardt Carmen Mencita Monoi Angel
  • 18.
    The Sun

    The sun is yellow
    The sun is orange
    The sun is bright
    The sun is our heater read more »

    Krystal Galvis
  • 19.
    The Sun

    The sun shines very brightly.
    When cluds are not covering it.
    The sun is yellow.
    The sun comes up in the morning. The sun shines during the day. read more »

    Loretta Doyle Smalley
  • 20.
    Seven Colors Of Sun Rays

    Sun rays
    Fall on the sea waves
    Sparkle like diamonds
    Of liquid read more »

    V P Mahur
  • 21.
    When the Sun Goes Down

    When the sun goes down,
    The sun is jealous of the moon
    When the sun goes down
    The sun will have his revenge soon read more »

    Cara Cadmen
  • 22.
    feel the sun

    when you look at the sun and you
    feel it and you wish that you
    can touch it and stay out there
    too see the hall sky the earth read more »

    marie armany
  • 23.
    The Setting Sun

    When i hear you'r voice
    the sun is setting
    When i think of you
    the sun is setting read more »

    alyssa hinson
  • 24.
    Longs for

    A little bird flies
    She is looking her sun
    Who always shine to bright the world
    But she couldn’t find the sign read more »

    minaslune serene
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