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Poems About: SUMMER

In this page, poems on / about “summer” are listed.

  • 229.
    Let Us Dream My Darling You...

    Summer love, summer love
    Will this summer rekindle you?
    A red rose, a kiss, a dove...
    Joyful spirit just like you. read more »

    Mihaela Pirjol
  • 230.
    Summer Nights


    It came upon a summers night
    The wind was cool, the stars were bright. read more »

    louis rams
  • 231.
    Summer Rainbows

    It's that beautiful summer sky..
    Like blue raspberries
    I dare to try...
    Freshly squeezed home made orange tropicana... read more »

    Saundra Diamante
  • 232.
    Summer Break

    I long to be with you
    But summer has built a barrier between us.
    I use to wait for summer to come and free me
    But now I search of a hammer to break down its walls. read more »

    Richard Noggin
  • 233.
    Summer Memories

    Hot pavement burns the feet,
    Cool green grass what a treat.

    Sand stuck between the toes, read more »

    Teresa Dearing
  • 234.
    (For Dónall) A Summer Day - To Dónall on his Birthday

    It was a summer's day when we first met
    the memories are clear - I won't forget -
    traffic noise, new faces, beer and sweat -
    that summer day when you and I first met. read more »

    Janice Windle
  • 235.
    A Summer Day

    Stuck in the heat of a summer day
    In the middle of a long summer walk
    Heated by a golden sunshine ray read more »

    Leah Stout
  • 236.
    Oh! Its a hot Summer Day

    Oh! its a hot summer day,
    When the temperatures are high,
    Yes, this is the month of May,
    All-man and animals cry- read more »

    Ananth Patri
  • 237.
    Summer! ! ! ! !

    Oh It's here
    The summer is here
    The hot and sunny days that I am eager to have
    The kids in the beach read more »

    Noralis Almonte
  • 238.
    O Farmers

    Start ploughing your field
    Even though it is summer.

    O peacocks!
    Start dancing and calling read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 239.

    Where the road's white bracelet runs
    Round the cliff 'twixt bush and sea,
    Gleaming 'neath the summer's suns
    There she rests delightfully read more »

    Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
  • 240.

    All the days of summer
    Is ending now
    All the nights of summer
    Are now just sweet memories read more »

    Shyama Mohapatra
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