In this page, poems on / about “success” are listed.

  • 373.
    I Am The Same

    I am the same Francis Duggan who sat on the dunce's stool
    In my young years in the fifties in Millstreet Town Primary School
    And they were right all of those who forecast i was one not born to lead
    That in the eyes of big brother i was not destined to succeed read more »

  • 374.
    Let Us Hear It For Joyce Hemsley

    To be second to Joyce Hemsley should never be a disgrace
    For she is one well worthy of the most exalted place
    She keeps on penning verses the numbers multiply
    And of her right to greatness no critic would deny. read more »

  • 375.
    I Just Wish

    What others think of me is their business like my business it is my own
    Peer pressure nowadays does not phase me since that sort of stuff I've outgrown
    I'm not one to follow the leader though the praises of some i do sing
    And I've no wish to lead or to influence others i just wish to do my own thing read more »

  • 376.
    At Our Mercy...!

    You are watching us sweat,
    You are watching us cry.
    And when we work you smile,
    Exposing your evil side. read more »

  • 377.
    Big Mouths And Big Egos

    A sad age to live in it does seem indeed
    When those into self promotion are those most likely to succeed
    We live in the times of the i, myself and me
    But there should be more to life would you not agree read more »

  • 378.
    We Give Them Their Fame And Renown

    We build up World wide known celebrities
    We give them their fame and renown
    And when we find them overbearing
    We then try for to drag them down. read more »

  • 379.
    One Destined To Fail

    Life for him has been a struggle since he first saw light of day
    And he has followed in his late dad's footsteps of him 'twould be fair to say
    His life journey so far has led him inside the jail-house gate
    And in his life for him so far nothing to celebrate. read more »

  • 380.
    When Other People Doubt You

    When other people doubt you and you are low in self esteem
    Do not give up on yourself just follow on your dream
    For many the road to success is uphill all of the way
    You may feel down at present but you too will have your day. read more »

  • 381.
    The Artist Jim

    The artist Jim he still dreams of wealth and glory
    He has been painting for some forty years
    He did his first canvas as a teenager
    Still his lack of success often has him close to tears. read more »

  • 382.
    Do You Feel

    Do you feel you are climbing on the hill of strife
    And you are not winning the battle of life
    And of any success at all you do despair
    But your great lust for life keeps you hanging in there read more »

  • 383.
    He Fancies Himself

    He fancies himself as one worthy of note
    A sort of a Chaucer a very fine poet
    Yet here by the mountains in his country Hometown
    He is not seen as one worthy of renown read more »

  • 384.
    The Randy Old Boy

    He is showing his years now in wrinkles and gray
    And clearly he has known a far better day
    But trying to chat up younger women is a thing he enjoy
    And he has earned his nickname of The Randy Old Boy. read more »

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