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Poems About: STRENGTH

In this page, poems on / about “strength” are listed.

  • 49.
    This Love Has Drained My Strength

    This love has drained my strength
    It has left me among the dead
    Lying like a corpse in a grave
    With no one to care for me. read more »

    Raquel Rebecca
  • 50.

    Oh god! give me strength,
    Can you give me a single friend.

    Hard to face this world alone, read more »

    Priya Arora
  • 51.
    The Heart

    The heart it suffers losses
    For every single tear
    Sometimes when it is lonely
    Or feels a heartache near read more »

    Bill Simmons
  • 52.

    A hero's strength one cannot compare,
    When two pilots flying, fell from the air,
    Their will renewed, suppressing fear,
    Bounding down, the Hudson River near. read more »

    Philip Lore
  • 53.
    ♥ ♥ .stRenGth.♥ ♥

    sOmeTiMEs i WAs ThInKIng,

    Ang ImagiNinG ThInGS, read more »

    jade MOnteScLArOS
  • 54.
    Strength no more

    I don't have the strength
    to face you any
    I use to be strong and healthy read more »

    Patrick Berryman
  • 55.
    My Strength

    I don't have the strength
    to face you any
    I use to be strong and healthy read more »

    Samantha Zimmerman
  • 56.
    Courageous courage

    I cry in courage
    Its the only way to release pain using bravery and strength

    Courage dedicates me to put on my shoes and face the worlds brutality read more »

    sharnae green
  • 57.

    Innocent animals are not ignorant
    But let with manure grow plants abundant
    Innocent plants are not ignorant
    But the strength of exemplarily an elephant read more »

    Indira Renganathan
  • 58.

    courage gives you the strength to all weakenesses
    courage gives you a very postive look out on life
    courage gives you the strength to move on when you dont know how too
    courage what you have when someone tries to bring you down read more »

    brandi reissig
  • 59.
    The Bald Eagle

    Over the river and soaring high,
    Wings spread wide, with confidence assured,
    The strength, that mighty strength,
    Soaring above, high in the sky, read more »

    B.J. Ayers
  • 60.
    Anything Is Possible

    Even if the world could be perfect for one day
    I would have you all to myself
    With strings attached of course
    In our place read more »

    Beauteous Victory
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