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Poems About: STAR

In this page, poems on / about “star” are listed.

  • 337.
    the galaxies

    the galaxies drift
    the stars are swimming in the ocean
    of space
    it is dark but all the planets are feeling confident read more »

  • 338.
    someone very near

    someone asked me to describe someone near
    my eyes got the picture of you dear
    my dear is sweet star among stars
    describe to what, a star? read more »

    kiran raaz
  • 339.

    each of us a star

    in the love, we traveled too far read more »

    sam ggg
  • 340.
    Underneath The Stars

    Underneath the stars
    I was lost with you love
    My body moved, swayed
    On the touch of your hands read more »

    Crash Of Rain
  • 341.

    Starligt starbright O I've wished on you many nights
    Starlight starbright you always make it right
    I can't remember life before you, my star
    Tomorrow I won't remember the desperation read more »

    moon dust
  • 342.
    Tell Her, I AM

    Tell her, I AM how beautiful you are
    show her how to find your glory
    in just one bright shining star read more »

    Michelle Lowrie
  • 343.
    A Glittering Star

    A glittering star enlightens my mind,
    It houses the light of an eternal time.
    The little light gained by any observer
    Is just some sort of judgement. read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 344.
    Star Of Mine


    Shine me, star of mine
    On me, please shine read more »

    Christine Delos santos
  • 345.
    Stars meaning

    every star that brightens
    is the start of an everlasting love
    ever star that shines anew
    is the start of a new life read more »

    Clarise Radovan
  • 346.
    ode to black god

    constilation has a history
    but to us it's still a mystery
    black god made all the stars
    venus, pluto, even mars read more »

    helena dombrowski
  • 347.

    I look up at the stars tonight but all I see is tragedy.
    People who have fought and died, staring up at the stars, never again to be alive.
    I look up at the stars tonight and all I see is misery.
    For those who look up wistfully, wishing for something that never will come true, all their hopes will turn to goo. read more »

    Celina Vargas
  • 348.
    what is wrong?

    what is wrong
    with seeing stars in the afternoon skies?

    the poor guy is asking read more »

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