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Poems About: STAR

In this page, poems on / about “star” are listed.

  • 109.
    Wishing star(^, ^)

    read more »

    K.R Relebogile Mafojane
  • 110.
    The Forest Of Fallen Stars

    Her eyes are crying
    To fill a deep hole
    Her lips are cracked
    From spitting out her soul read more »

    Khawar Farooq
  • 111.
    Bright Star

    My fixed vision,
    Do I see one bright star
    Forever gazing at an empty sky
    No longer so, yet forevermore read more »

    Stefanie Fontker
  • 112.
    Not Rockstars

    Living on the sunset
    Placing our bets
    Skating to the schoolyard
    Passing by our lives read more »

    Brandon Bizon
  • 113.
    Christmas Star

    The star that appeared in the east
    To the wise men ‘magi’ made an eye feast
    And to see the baby Jesus, lead them fast
    As the star was different and distinguished amongst the celestial lights read more »

    Ch J Satyananda Kumar
  • 114.
    What They Didn't Tell You About The Stars..

    The plenitude
    Of the drunken
    Stars at night
    Enthralls me. read more »

    Windsor Guadalupe Jr
  • 115.
    To The Sky With Love

    The Sky symbolizes many things
    Freedom, space and the comfort of a heaven
    The freedom to be yourself
    The space to do what you do read more »

    Robyn Richards
  • 116.
    On Our 'Stars'

    What needs can a million stars satisfy
    In the sight of a gay noonday?
    Stars are not just specks of light in the sky
    As they may seem to night-time's passers-by. read more »

    Goodness Tchibueze
  • 117.
    Gazing On The Stars

    Come all of you, I am gazing on the stars...
    All of you do join me I am gazing on the stars...

    As we are pushed by speed, as we are rushing with greed
    Sublimities were not seen, mind solace is not known read more »

  • 118.
    A Fragment

    Beautiful star with the crimson lips
    And flagrant daffodil hair,
    Come back, come back, in the shaking ships read more »

    Oscar Wilde
  • 119.
    Fallen Star

    I sought the moon
    But found a star
    it fell ever so far
    and soon read more »

    Sareeah Keelyn
  • 120.

    One star is for Alaska
    One star is for Nebraska
    One star is for North Dakota
    One star is for Minnisota read more »

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