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  • 325.
    The Verdant Lands of Spring

    (from the title of an NLP anthology) Spring rains begin, to refresh the land,
    An' beautiful spring flowers begin, to make their stand,
    Orange pink blue yellow and every pretty color,
    Decorating the hillsides, in a truly rich splendor,
    Making their appearance, after cold winter nights,
    And the cold wind that to me, seemed really a fright,
    Yet now everywhere, it's turning luscious green,
    An' beautiful spring birds, will soon be seen,
    Now sweet peas blue bonnet flowers an' daffodils,
    Are coloring an' dotting the meadows an' hills,
    An' springtime can last as long as it wills,
    An' I'll never complain o' the fresh spring rains,
    That refresh an' green up, the lovely hills an' plains,
    An' meadows for sheep an' cattle an' stallions alike,
    An' am getting myself ready, for a long fiel' hike,
    An' there will be calves an' lambs, an' colts very soon,
    And plenty of grass and plenty of room,
    As the verdant lands of spring, burst into bloom. read more »

  • 326.

    Cool Spring breezes caress
    Sun-kissed cheeks
    As song-birds sing
    In early March sunshine. read more »

  • 327.

    read more »

  • 328.
    Old Loves

    New Spring
    The Spring rains read more »

  • 329.
    Springtime Love # 2

    Cold winds of winter
    have blown far away-
    Springtime is now time
    and love is today. read more »

  • 330.
    Spring In Bloom

    Spring has came and open
    It's doors

    Peeping it's head from read more »

  • 331.

    It's spring it's spring
    can you here those bells ring
    the birds are calling
    no leaves are falling read more »

  • 332.

    Cooling, Clearing, Calming
    Butterflys falls by day
    Exciting, Wondering, Surprising read more »

  • 333.
    To His Lady

    (Who asked a Song in Spring)

    WHY do you bid your poet sing,
    Who has no mind to song-- read more »

  • 334.

    These are the birds for These are the birds in Spring sunshine.
    Happy pleasures are backyard birds. read more »

  • 335.

    Spring the time in which we rise
    Break away from winter's ties
    Escaping from the cold breeze
    Adoring the lustful leaves read more »

  • 336.
    Spring Shine

    The warmth Spring, soft touch my face
    With bloom the flowers everywhere
    The sunshine meets the blue skies
    Watch the beautiful morning read more »

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