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='[ Im Sorry Carly ]'= - Poem by Omar Tahir

Im sorry we met on MSN,
Im sorry i hated my name and made you call me Sen.

Im sorry that we were so young, im sorry i never sung.
Im sorry i was'nt there to show you how much i really care, im sorry i made you cry and made things harder to bare.

Im sorry for all those stupid things i could'nt tell you and had to lie,
Im sorry it was tazzo and not me who had to die.
Im sorry i was horrendously shy, im sorry i wish i knew why.

Im sorry i called you too many times, im sorry for those stupid whines.
Im sorry mum was such a b*tch, im sorry she didnt leave me in a ditch.
Im sorry you wont be coming to stay at my house, im sorry our love had to be kept as quiet at a mouse.

Im sorry i think of you so much, im sorry we'll never get a seccond touch.
Im sorry i wish i had more money, id buy us a house and we'd be together in harmony.
Im sorry i want to throw away my life, im sorry because you wont be my wife.
Im sorry we wont have a kid, im sorry i was such a flid.

Im sorry im still such a dreamer, im sorry i cudnt be meaner.
Im sorry but ill always love you, im sorry that no-one else will ever do. Im sorry, all i wanted and still want is for you to be happy, im sorry for all those times i wasnt more savvy.

I wish i could tell him how lucky he is, and never to make any of the mistakes that made you fade into the abyss.
Im sorry, you deserved so much better.
Im sorry i cant send you any more letters

Im sorry they had to travel 280 miles to reach your beautiful smile.
Im sorry that i still have hope we'll fall for each-other again in time, im sorry that if we ever did id never let your hand be pulled away from mine.

Im sorry the ring i bought will have to wait that much longer, im sorry i can only hope that time appart will make your heart grow fonder.
damn it im doing it again - im sorry.

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