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In this page, poems on / about “sorry” are listed.

  • 49.
    Im Sorry

    Im sorry for all the things ive done
    Im sorry for what i have become
    Im sorry for the way i call you names
    Im sorry because without you im not the same read more »

  • 50.
    Im Sorry

    Im sorry for arguing with you,
    When we knew you were right.
    Im sorry doing what I do
    In each and every fight read more »

  • 51.

    do you understand who i am
    do you relize im not going to be like the other two
    im sorry if im not the person you want me to be read more »

  • 52.

    Sorry - it is only but a word,
    Seldom said & seldom heard.
    The truth is sometimes better left unsaid,
    If you don't really mean it & cause tears to shed. read more »

  • 53.
    I'M SoRRy...

    I’m sorry
    I’m sorry for breaking your heart
    I thought I was being smart
    Thinking that ignoring you would do any good read more »

  • 54.
    I'm Sorry

    I’m sorry that I can’t do things right
    I’m sorry for being the reason why
    Sometimes you cry at night. read more »

  • 55.
    My apology

    There's something I have to say
    I know you wont beleive me
    But i'll say it anyway
    I'm sorry read more »

  • 56.
    I'm Sorry

    I’m sorry for my lies
    I’m sorry for your cries
    I’m sorry things went wrong
    Don’t worry, soon I’ll be gone read more »

  • 57.

    I'm sorry for hurting yut he way i did
    i'm sorry that yu misunderstood
    i'm sorry for all the cries
    i'm sorry that i told you those lies read more »

  • 58.
    I'm Sorry

    I'm sorry for taking you forgranted
    I'm sorry for not loving you enough
    I'm sorry for not being there for you read more »

  • 59.

    Verse 1 - For every time you had to go to sleep alone, for every time i tried to rush you off the phone, for every time i said something to make you cry now that, that is all said and done i can't deny i'm sorry so sorry for anything for anything i might have done

    Chorus - It's all said and done and now i'm sorry for what i've done to you girl, to you read more »

  • 60.
    I'm Sorry

    I’m sorry I’ve cried
    I’m sorry I’ve lied
    I’m sorry I haven’t really tried read more »

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