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Poems About: SORRY

In this page, poems on / about “sorry” are listed.

  • 133.
    I'm Sorry for Being a Bitch!

    I'm sorry for being a biitch,
    i'm sorry for making you mad,
    i'm sorry for everything i said,
    i'm sorry for everything i did to you, read more »

    Avril Tiffany
  • 134.
    I'm sorry I'm just a Human

    Im sorry

    I am sorry I am weak
    I am sorry for your pain read more »

    Patrice James
  • 135.
    I'm Sorry

    I'm sorry that I cant talk to you,
    I'm sorry but it hurts to much.
    I'm sorry that you want to be my friend again,
    I'm sorry that I simply cant. read more »

    Whitney Koehler
  • 136.
    I Couldn't Understand You

    I'm sorry I wasn't good enough.
    I'm sorry I couldn't make you care.
    I'm sorry I didn't no what else to do.
    I'm sorry I am no longer there. read more »

    Emily Straka
  • 137.
    Sorry Wait

    I just want to say I'm sorry
    I'm sorry for everything I did
    I'm sorry for what I didn't do
    I'm sorry for being gone to long read more »

    Allen Keith Turner
  • 138.
    I'm Sorry

    I'm sorry for being so emotional and so possessive
    I'm sorry that I cry for you, but I can't live without you

    I'm sorry for the tears you shed and for the damage I made read more »

    Laura Anne
  • 139.
    I'm sorry i told you we're through! !

    I'm sorry that i caused you tears,
    the day i said goodbye,
    I'm sorry that you broke down,
    and that i made you cry, read more »

    Emma Jane Rae
  • 140.
    Im SoRry

    im sorry for coming to the bridge and mit u

    im sorry we went to the same school read more »

    obed obser
  • 141.
    I'm Sorry if I Made You Cry

    I'm sorry if I made you cry
    I'm sorry if I made you sad
    I'm sorry if you're mad
    I'm sorry I just can't be right read more »

    Al Nov Sargon
  • 142.
    I'm Sorry

    I'm sorry that I hurt you
    I'm sorry that I care
    I'm sorry that I want to
    No matter what be there. read more »

    Caitlin Moreby
  • 143.
    Is Sorry Enough

    Is sorry enough to right your own wrongs
    Is sorry enough to fully be forgiven
    Is sorry meaningful or is there no point at all
    Is sorry special or just a word read more »

    Kevin Fisher
  • 144.
    im sorry

    im so sorry kyle
    im sorry i only loved u for a while
    im sorry that we ended this way
    im sorry that i just couldnt stay read more »

    lindsey goodman
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