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Poems About: SORROW

In this page, poems on / about “sorrow” are listed.

  • 349.
    All I Need

    Where ever I turn,
    What ever I do,
    Who ever I meet,
    I only hear words, read more »

    Santhosh Vijayakumar
  • 350.
    A man in sorrow

    A man of sorrow
    A man in pain
    A man feeling tall
    But has nothing to gain. read more »

    Lynn samantha
  • 351.

    How complete sorrow is...
    Spilling over edges
    onto mirrored floors, reflecting within.
    Liking the view read more »

    Sinnaminsun Sinnaminsun
  • 352.

    Touch my heart and arms
    Look into the empty hands
    Sorrows of dreadful dream
    Have emptied my thoughts read more »

    Abdul Sattar
  • 353.
    What Right Have You?

    What right have you
    To lament your love
    When the widowed lyrics of my unrequited love
    Remain unread? read more »

    Casper Fields
  • 354.
    Each New Day

    Starting off, on the way
    Many new burdens each waking day
    Sorrows of ours draped like curtains
    Sorrows of good, bad and uncertain read more »

    Brian Potthast
  • 355.

    Yet of life i do not speak,
    Where there is sorrow there is peace
    Agitation builds up till the brim,
    Yet the cup speaks of gratis read more »

    sangeeta naik
  • 356.

    He was stricken
    overwhelmed and afflcted
    full of sorrow and misfortune
    wounded by life read more »

    Ashley Kelley
  • 357.

    Flow from today to tomorrow
    And happiness we shall borrow
    Flow from here to there
    And sorrow we shall scare read more »

    Warren Augustus de Guzman
  • 358.
    Bleed to Breathe

    Bleeding to stay till tomorrow,
    Bleeding to erase the painful sorrow,
    Bleeding to live in peace,
    Bleeding and crawling on wounded knees read more »

    voldy rules
  • 359.
    You Cry Not Alone

    Dear One- You cry not alone
    For my tears fall with Yours.
    And I pray that You will let me share
    The awesome burden of this sorrow You bear. You see the path that's now Yours read more »

    Charles G. Pou
  • 360.
    when the city lights perish

    and the glamour of the city
    shall one day fade away
    corrupted souls
    uncanny woes read more »

    Velvet Astraea Dido
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