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Poems About: SORROW

In this page, poems on / about “sorrow” are listed.

  • 109.
    Down in the dark

    Down in the dark, it’s all in my head,
    The pain the sorrow, all of the dread,

    I want it to leave, but it wants to stay, read more »

    Jacob Hill
  • 110.
    One tiny sorrow

    At the moment of ending
    Every lovely meet
    One tiny sorrow in my heart
    I couldn't kiss that dimple on your cheek read more »

    Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha
  • 111.
    Chou Nu Er

    In days when I was young and didn't know the taste of sorrow
    I like to climb the storied tower,
    I like to climb the storied tower;
    To write the latest odes I forced myself to tell of sorrow. read more »

    Xin Qiji
  • 112.
    angle of sorrow...

    This be me the angle of sorrow…
    This is me the angle you wont see tomorrow…
    The angle of sorrow who looks for no tomorrow…
    The angle of sorrow isn't the one you want to borrow… read more »

    tou yang
  • 113.
    The Secret Sorrows of Those Who Do Not Sleep

    Oh the secret sorrows of those who dare not sleep
    Reliving all their sorrows in dark of night
    Over truths unspoken, oh how they weep
    As the deep dark overtakes their sight read more »

    Tim Vallie
  • 114.

    I'm getting stupid day after day
    drifting from the right way
    stoped living by my way
    stop following my ideas, also what I say read more »

    Hakima Smaili
  • 115.
    From the Distance

    In a grief stricken morning, as I plunge my heart deeper into sorrow,
    Lose myself upon my sorrow of the souls, sorrow bared to strangers,
    As a maiden from a greater distance, she saw my deepest sorrow,
    And she took away this sorrow, sealed it in a burrow, read more »

    Geirja Lulu
  • 116.

    My sorrows consumes me,
    There won’t be a tomorrow,
    There won’t be a light that shines above me,
    There won’t be me anymore, read more »

    Jennifer Rondeau
  • 117.
    Love - Evening of Sorrow

    Walking down the hospital corridors
    Startled and terrified
    The feeling hasn't sunk in
    Sulking like a little boy without Milk read more »

    Jithu Varghese
  • 118.

    O row!
    in the name of
    the fantastic-light read more »

    Hamid Jabbar
  • 119.
    finding loves fool

    Finding loves fool

    loves fool you may be
    but I stand in front of thee read more »

    cody byrne
  • 120.

    Screams, yelling, heart break,
    yelling, heart break, sorrow,
    heart break, sorrow, anger,
    sorrow, anger, crying, read more »

    Sam Campbell
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