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Poems About: SOMETIMES

In this page, poems on / about “sometimes” are listed.

  • 349.

    sometimes i feel to fly up & up,
    and feel to go high...
    sometimes i feel to dive down & down,
    in a place called 'water town'. read more »

    choco pie shreyasi
  • 350.
    Sometimes, I

    Sometimes I lean on sunsets
    like a mildew perched
    upon a serrated grass
    deadlocked in an eternal frame read more »

    Norman Santos
  • 351.

    Sometimes I feel too lonely to live
    Sometimes I feel too weak to carry on
    Sometimes I feel my mind lost in long thoughts
    Sometimes I just can't take you out of my mind read more »

    Abhinav Sharma
  • 352.
    Life Never Repeats

    Life never repeats
    Your moments
    Sometimes joyful
    Sometimes with pain read more »

    Ramesh Kavdia
  • 353.

    Sometimes the heart bleeds internally,
    and pains streamed sincerely from its depth;
    sometimes the warmth of sunlight turns into a scorching heat,
    and the spring of affection becomes a torturing lake. read more »

    Bolami lawal
  • 354.
    I need to say it by word

    I need to say it by word
    Try to get strength and not run away
    From what I’ve decided to do
    I need to say it by word read more »

    maria sudibyo
  • 355.
    Me, Myself & I

    I loose Myself sometimes
    Somewhere betweem Me and I,
    Is where myself should be
    Yet sometimes I loose her read more »

    akona ntshiba
  • 356.
    By The Name of Hope and Love

    Messages of solitude overwhelms me from winter trees
    Sometimes by dreams, sometimes by despair and uncertainty
    I continue to travel the road of solitude and dream
    As has been the turbulent history of mankind read more »

    Tae Woo Park
  • 357.
    Sometimes I Wonder

    Sometimes I wonder..
    Will I get there?
    Sometimes I wonder..
    Will my mind get me anywhere? read more »

    Krystal Gauthier
  • 358.

    Sometimes, just sometimes;
    It might be nice to find a knight
    Not on a flashing white charger,
    But just riding a plain brown horse. read more »

    Tobbie WhiteBird Crowe
  • 359.

    Sometimes I can not see myself in the mirror
    Sometimes I dare not touch myself in the hope of forgetting I am real
    Sometimes I forget to feel.
    Sometimes I wish I had not invited myself to dinner. read more »

    David Lacey
  • 360.
    Sometimes when people die

    Sometimes when people die, you wonder if you even truly knew them.
    Sometimes when people leave, you wonder if their relatives even care.
    Sometimes when people pass away, you feel you are condemned.
    Sometimes when people choose to leave, you know you were not there. read more »

    Axiom Wheeler
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