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Poems About: SOMETIMES

In this page, poems on / about “sometimes” are listed.

  • 25.

    sometimes you just dont want to talk to anyone
    sometimes you dont want to hear anything
    sometimes you cant do anything right read more »

    Mia La'Niece Washington
  • 26.

    Sometimes life treats you good
    And sometimes life treats you bad
    Sometimes you changed it where you could read more »

    Gilbert Samuels
  • 27.


    sometimes i sit and compose read more »

    harshvardhan pandit
  • 28.

    Sometimes you feel very lonely, even though you're not alone
    Sometimes mere words pierce your heart deeper than daggers
    Sometimes you cry without even knowing why
    Sometimes you wish you could just curl up and die. read more »

    Shhy Poet
  • 29.

    Sometimes I feel my life’s just a big nightmare
    Sometimes I wish I could stand up to my greatest fear
    Sometimes I wish it all were new
    Sometimes I wish it were happening to you read more »

    Slim Jim
  • 30.

    Sometimes i want to laugh
    Sometimes i want to cry
    Sometimes i want to live
    Sometimes i want to die read more »

    Lucy Vernezze
  • 31.
    Undecided Love

    Love sometimes ends
    but sometimes it mends

    love sometimes hurts read more »

    Anonymous Poet
  • 32.
    Figure This Out

    Sometimes I sit alone and ponder out loud
    Sometimes I even think about you
    Sometimes I reach for my phone
    But then remember I Love You read more »

    Oscar Robles
  • 33.

    Sometimes we have to ask why
    Sometimes we see the clouds and not the sky

    Sometimes we have to Doubt everything read more »

    Michiel Bangels
  • 34.
    I Wonder

    Sometimes I wonder
    how it feels like to be the opposite sex

    Sometimes I wonder read more »

    Bernard Otumun
  • 35.

    Sometimes I'm up
    Sometimes I'm down
    Sometimes I smile
    Sometimes I frown read more »

    Jeremy Williams
  • 36.

    thou come to me daily,
    Sometimes sleeping, sometimes awaking, read more »

    dr. ram sharma
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