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Poems About: SOMETIMES

In this page, poems on / about “sometimes” are listed.

  • 229.
    Eye must love ewe.

    Eye must love ewe.
    Eye must love ewe.
    Sometimes it seems that ewe have gone
    Sometimes it seems like eye am alone read more »

    Charles Hice
  • 230.

    Staring out the window, lost in thought
    No smile on my face
    music blasting in my ears
    I know what your thinking read more »

    Karley Kay
  • 231.
    Some times I feel like 2

    Some times I feel like I am a person that will change the world
    Sometimes I feel like I can run a million miles
    Sometimes I feel like an eagle flying in the sky free and strong
    Sometimes I feel like God like I can do any thing read more »

    Joe Johnson
  • 232.
    A List of Reasons

    Sometimes I scream
    I shout what I am feeling
    Sometimes it hurts people
    People I don’t mean to hurt read more »

    Emma Jane
  • 233.

    You stand a little too close
    So close I can barely breathe read more »

    Kendra Sliger
  • 234.
    sometimes i wonder

    Sometimes I wonder
    why so often I wander.
    Sometimes I wonder
    if I really do squander. read more »

    Greg Villarosa
  • 235.

    - Sometimes -

    cut this cut that so many moments in our life that we wish never existed, cant accept them no matter how hard we try...... even if we manage to get rid of them, still get triggered into our minds by something or the other, it seems there is no way to evade them.Sometimes i feel why cant i just have a life without these thoughts, sometimes i feel there is something wrong with me, sometimes i dont even feel them. Sometimes everything seems intense, sometimes everything seems nice, sometimes everything seems bad and sometimes everything seems like a joke, fighting and resisting the ups and downs of life, ignoring all negative, being positive, believing in my self i move forward believing there will always be Sometimes, somedays, somethings, somewhere that will go my way read more »

    Zeke Emperor
  • 236.

    Sometimes I think, just maybe I miss you
    The way you were overly concerned,
    The way you just couldn’t be away from me,
    The way you always listened to everything I said, read more »

    Jennifer Sollmann
  • 237.
    I am a seller, Arent you?

    I am a seller
    A seller of different kind
    I sell my dreams
    in lieu of better dreams read more »

    Anjesh shekhar
  • 238.

    Sometimes I feel like walking across water
    Sometimes I feel like asking you am I your favorite daughter?
    Sometimes at night, while everyone's asleep.I stay up and ponder
    Sometimes I smile, even though I'm drowning in sweet sorrow read more »

    Ana Sanchez
  • 239.
    Invincible Companion

    Sometimes, you feel possessed…,
    You hear voice whisper verses to your ears,
    You pick your pen and write. read more »

    akachukwu chukwuemeka ( akabeks)
  • 240.

    I look out of the window.
    There is no one there but you.
    I close my eyes and say,
    sometimes I hope you would just go away. read more »

    Renee Thirteen
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