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Poems About: SOLITUDE

In this page, poems on / about “solitude” are listed.

  • 349.
    2010/07/15 Inner Peace

    What is happening is not important, eight
    storylines, context and presentation make
    all the difference in a sunshine world of
    translucent blue read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 350.
    St Mary Of Egypt

    Strong to suffer, strong to sin,
    Loving much, and much forgiven,
    In the desert realm a queen,
    Penance-crowned, to cope with Heaven, read more »

    John Bannister Tabb
  • 351.
    Death Tolls Imperceptibly

    I could feign a brazen smile contorted from corruption
    Or paint my face with a grotesque façade so you envisage
    A one man band of harlequinade unstained of demarcation
    Better yet, I will reduce into a glassine veneer and divulge read more »

    Norman Santos
  • 352.

    get out of my head
    leave me alone

    turn off the cyber world read more »

    Sita Cabrera
  • 353.

    Whene're the trouble and cares of life
    Seem nearly too hard for me,
    I wonder out to a quiet place
    Where I can be alone. read more »

    Natalie Dirks
  • 354.
    The Mountain-Top

    I stood upon the summit, bare,
    And cold, in garb of silenced ewe—
    Listened for the wind which rang
    Across the void, velvet and blue, read more »

    Andrew Benton
  • 355.
    Intersection of worlds

    There’s hiding place between three intersecting worlds:
    One is the Dreamland and we call Reality the other,
    The third, the biggest, is Eternity. My sisters, brothers,
    There’s no death in this time swirl, read more »

    Victor Sklyarov
  • 356.
    Silence and Solitude

    I enter my empty room,
    the air infecting my lungs with thrusting void,
    Silence consuming thoughts and mind,
    Darkness before, and darkness shall reside, read more »

    Shagun Khera
  • 357.
    True To The Game

    I needed to know what’s on your mind
    Willing to wager your eager to sign
    The pressure is mounting
    The numbers are grand read more »

    Mustafa Marconi
  • 358.
    The Room

    A place where depression and thought converge
    Into one mass of insanity
    Where maniacal thoughts begin
    To form within the cranial cavity read more »

    Joseph Anthony Montefusco
  • 359.
    Snatching solitude

    Snatching solitude from sleep
    For a few wakeful hours, to reclaim myself
    From the web of relationships that define us
    And the responsibilities that dictate our days read more »

    Anita Atina
  • 360.
    It is So Hard to be Alone

    It is so very hard to be alone; from dawn to dusk
    From dusk to dawn, alone, alone alone.
    From a chant to a rant to a highpaying job
    To an apartment in St Germain des Pres read more »

    Rani Turton
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