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  • 349.
    Streets of solitude

    Last breaths of life pass away
    From dingy shades of dark rooms.
    Pracedented yet unseen
    By the multitude.
    The city sleeps in despondence.
    The drenched, marshy streets of solitude.

    Scraps of paper and posters
    Of politics
    Fall and wither.
    Weary and musty the days go by;
    A chain of sudden events,
    Hardly predictable.

    We spit
    We stamp
    We stumble
    Upon the streets of solitude.

    Sounds of cherubim-faced spirits
    Play in the dirt,
    Running helter-skelter.
    Drenched in the rain,
    The city cherishes them.

    We holler
    We rave
    We ramble
    At the streets of solitude.

    Then a sudden sympathy, as
    For a sleeping babe
    When morning awakens and shines upon her face,
    I sympathize
    With the sleeping streets of solitude. read more »

  • 350.

    Solitude maybe is only necessary fire,
    that you final catch sight of your soul within true mirror,
    that corner becomes stair,
    that you show their youthful face on her, read more »

  • 351.

    Of all vistas, solitude relates to silence,
    In a prominent way they share an obeisance.
    They sometimes lament us while sometimes elate.
    Rifting their proximity is not possible..... read more »

  • 352.

    Left alone to cry
    She had nothing to turn to
    Except solitude read more »

  • 353.
    Lest not the night bereave in thine solitude

    You sat with your solitude under the plenilune sky
    And tell the shore to have a plangent sigh
    Who was made by laws invisible to the eye
    And be complaisant for you not to cry? read more »

  • 354.

    There' on solitude,
    Wounded by their windy deeds of jealousy,
    Wounded by their windy deeds of treasures,
    Thought there' in plays, read more »

  • 355.
    In Solitude

    In solitude I remain
    With Absolutely nothing to gain
    Perhaps in time i will be strong
    you see! read more »

  • 356.
    Daddy's Falling Angel

    Pull these scars off my eyes
    Lost from the world
    A child searching for her dad read more »

  • 357.

    I hope it rains
    In this part of town where the world wont find me
    I'll try and convince myself your not the reason
    the sun doesn't shine anymore read more »

  • 358.
    So Lone

    What is life without other lives?
    what is live lived in solitude?
    a solitude growing within?
    Is it a lose? read more »

  • 359.
    In Solitude

    In Solitude

    In solitude you stand,
    an isle of seething thoughts and dreams. read more »

  • 360.
    For The Loneliness

    There's one remedy,
    If one tries to grab the solitude-
    I approach to Antarctic,
    Seals disturb me. read more »

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