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In This Domain Of Solitude - Poem by Thomas Koron

[Isabella's aria from "The Tragic Tale of Duke Randolph"]

In this domain of solitude,
I walk alone through the dark.
The air is so still in this room.
I wait for him to return one again.
And then, I feel a warm hand reaching out for me.
Out of the darkness, it gently glides through the air.
I feel it touch my shoulder, and caress my arm.
Then, a strange feeling fills my heart!
Is it fear? Is it love? Or, is it the fear of love?
It feels like I've been here before.

I am sitting alone in this cold room.
Remembering our first kiss.
The stars shined ever so brightly that night!
We took a walk out into the wide open field.

His eyes were so sincere.
Under the moon, our embrace lasted a lifetime!
At least, it seemed to me!
That was so long ago, but never lost in my dreams.

The walls in the room are all spinning.
I can't seem to feel my own breath.
The chills have begun to take hold of me,
And a fainting spell leads me to bed.
How can my eyes keep on seeing,
In this place with no shadows, nor light?

His voice is all I hear.
Telling me now that I must remain strong for him.
I hear him call far away.
He gets closer to me, as he rides on through the night.

Languor will not allow me to stand up
To look to the path below.
I must find some way to tell him somehow,
Of his new birth heir brought into this world of ours.

In this domain of solitude,
I lay my head down to rest.
I know he will come very soon.
Then, I shall tell him of his only son.
But, for now, I must lay here in this lonely bed.
Waiting for someone to cast a light through the door!
The burning of a candle will announce he's here!
Until then, I must close my eyes.
If I sleep, will I dream of things that once used to be?
Those thoughts seem to help sooth my mind.
As I rest, I dream away in this domain of solitude!

© 2012

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