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Gravestoned - Poem by Charles Hice


When eye was a lad of years and knee britches has not been invented yet we wore real cotton diapers and let them fill up with yellowed colors and trail behind us on the ground near poorer town. You may have seen the poor people crawling on the ground well eye was one? Of them. Eye used to get so messed up in head and so depressed eye could not function near a town at all and so eye walked among them rich Gravestoned. Eye searched in every old abandoned field in vain for one that was mye own. The military ones were so important ones once eye found a cornerstone that had no namme engraved they let me mark the foot eye was so ubsurdly proud. The Lord above still knoes his namme and sees mye heart swell with mye little boy pride as eye placed the marker in the grass where eye thought the end of him should be. Then eye gave a smart military salute as tears flowed freely all around. You are not forgotten soldier said the eye. Eye believe that Private looked down from heaven then and smiled. He may have said my legs aer so much longer than he guessed and then the LORD led him away as HE said It is the thought that counts. What a brave little soldier he is become. Before all the disillusionment of real real life. When eye played the trumpet at the funeral eye was paid to play taps but eye was too emotional when the man asked me to pay the money back it only made it worse and eye was cursed forever losing interest in mye music. It seems a person must be professionally inclined to live without a heart to work for mammon and drink wine and so eye die. Neither artiste nor musician but just writer sometimes poet when it rhymes. Just drinking coffee and a coke but never ever liqueur not even any wine or bitters not yet cloaked nor dressed nor yet GraveStoned.

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