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Poems About: SOLDIER

In this page, poems on / about “soldier” are listed.

  • 229.
    A Soldiers Pride

    To give his own life to fight for whats right.This soldiers means alot to me because of him I'm free.He gives his all especially when his government calls.He knows he mayn't return at all.A Soldiers Pride

    To stand behind enemies line.To take out a target with one shoot.He loves his country just like I love him.Serving his country wasn't the life she choose for him.A Soldiers Pride read more »

    lucinda bryson
  • 230.
    Tiny Little Soldier Boys;

    Tiny Little soldier boys
    Standing in a row
    One step, two step, three step GO
    Take all his orders and do as he says read more »

    Jessica Lowe
  • 231.
    Cruel Sky

    Cruel people awake in the middle of the night,
    Excuses are proclaimed for the loss of life,
    As so many ideas are raised by the thinkers
    Who are ancient, old as rain and new as snow. read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 232.
    Man's road

    It's a long road,

    Oh so sad road, read more »

    Misty Evans
  • 233.
    A Soldiers Pain

    The soldier sits bloodied in his cell,
    Knowing if he tells the U.S. will go to hell.
    As sweat and blood drip down his face,
    He’s wishing for that better place. read more »

    Daniel Cowgill
  • 234.
    Soldiers Heart

    i am no normal person
    i was no normal child
    brought up in the country read more »

  • 235.
    America vs Germany vs India(A funny story)

    In a ship the Generals of three nations were traveling with their soldiers. They started the topic that whose soldier had more of guts.
    The American general called for one of his men and told him to jump down the ship and take a round swimming around the moving ship. The soldier did as he was commanded and the general boasted of by saying 'See the guts! '
    Now the German general called out for one of his men and asked him to take two similar rounds. The soldier did as he was told.
    When he came back from the water the German said, 'See the guts.' read more »

    Edwin Drood
  • 236.
    Soldier's Tree

    They call this tree the Soldier's Tree
    It honours one whose life blood was shed
    A victim of the First World War
    'Lest we forget our soldier dead'. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 237.
    Ants of War

    Like ants they march,
    towards their death.
    Pawns in the games of chess.
    Soldiers march, rifles fire. read more »

    Kevin Fung
  • 238.
    Memorial Day

    The flags are flying, the banners waving,
    the men are weeping, over by the wall.
    They are full of memories,
    All the dead soldiers. The flags are flying, the pennants flowing, read more »

    Ruth Carey
  • 239.
    Toy Soldier

    A silver bayonette in one hand
    A bottle of whiskey in the other
    Bright round green eyes
    Dark thick brow light mustache wise read more »

  • 240.

    if im a soldier, to you
    why am i sittin' lookin' out the window
    wantin' for a sign a reson for.... read more »

    Roseanne Lambert
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