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Poems About: SOLDIER

In this page, poems on / about “soldier” are listed.

  • 109.
    Soldiers of the Soil

    IT'S a high-falutin' title they have handed us;
    It's very complimentary and grand;
    But a year or so ago they called us 'hicks,' you know-- read more »

    Everard Jack Appleton
  • 110.
    Christian soldier

    The Christian Soldier,

    The Christian soldier goes to fight, a war on evil, every day and night, read more »

    margaret haig
  • 111.
    World Wars

    Soldiers Fight. Enemies Fight Back
    World Wars Come To An End.
    The Loved Ones Go And Fight For They're People.
    They Shall Fight For Land read more »

    Sonya Wesley
  • 112.
    Anzac's Requiem

    The soldiers fate, were in the hands of war
    Their wives were on their shoulders the day before
    Their time had come, the way it meant to be
    They were trapped by darkness, no where to flee read more »

    jack hon
  • 113.
    Broken Soldier

    Here stands a broken soldier
    One that has fought for his life
    One who has fought for your rights
    One who has fought with no end read more »

    Alandra Nicole Moreira
  • 114.

    Long ago, my heart used to sing,
    Now I'm fighting here,
    Surrounded by Deaths burning sting.
    Vacant eyes seek to find, read more »

    Philip Lore
  • 115.
    Heavenly Soldier

    The soldier who died fighting
    Now stood at Heavens gate
    Would the Lord embrace him?
    He waited for his fate read more »

    Bev Haigh
  • 116.
    'Carry On Soldiers'

    Carry on our soldiers, carry on
    for we have placed those weapons in your hands.
    And a pack on your back and a song in your steps
    Carry on our soldiers, carry on. read more »

    Linda Winchell
  • 117.
    Keep Those Soldiers In Our Memories

    Keep those soldiers in our memories
    And hold them in our prayers
    And show them just how much
    They're respected, and how we care read more »

    norman hale
  • 118.

    It's good to feel pain, It lets me know I'm alive.
    Roll with the thunder, Know that I'll survive.
    March on I'm a soldier, No matter the war.
    Keep my head up I'm a soldier, I'm tough to the core. read more »

    Lil Phoenix
  • 119.
    My soldier! ! !

    You were my soldier
    My safety net
    You were my soul, my life, my everything
    Why did this happen to you? read more »

    Becky Ginn
  • 120.
    Soldier standing on the rain

    I’m the soldier standing in the rain,
    Being paid cold, being paid illness,
    At hours of darkness I don’t knock out asleep,
    On the daylight I fear booms booming within the ace of me, read more »

    Stephen Raseona
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