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Poems About: SOCCER

In this page, poems on / about “soccer” are listed.

  • 301.
    A Girl

    She asked me today, “Why doesn’t he love me? ”
    I didn’t have an answer.
    It was hard to look at her in her sadness.
    She’s beautiful, she is. Why can’t he see that?
    He doesn’t see a lot of things. read more »

    Veronica Jane
  • 302.
    Jouney mercies

    Safe trip to your home
    which we know not
    for I would've followed you. read more »

    fate mcfate
  • 303.
    VHS Tapes

    We came across old family video tapes...
    Antiquated by digital standards of today
    Inspired to look back into days gone by
    Where time and laughter do not decay read more »

    Theresa Ann Moore
  • 304.
    No Return

    Listen to the school bell
    Distant plaintive
    Wail read more »

    Catman Cohen
  • 305.
    I am from

    I am from homey 12, Briar Lane and a party twenty four hours a day at 16, Briar Lane.

    I am from fruity Jolly Ranchers and super sonic speed bikes. read more »

    Ethan Sperdakos
  • 306.
    My pretty Cat

    Her eyes always glaze at me
    whenever she is hungry
    Her eyes always attracts me
    whenever she wants me to pick her read more »

    haram fatima
  • 307.
    When she's Around

    When she is around
    I wasn't aware, but she smile while I am watching her
    As I turn back my thoughts she is cute…
    Even if she is saying the strongest word you ever had. read more »

    Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini
  • 308.

    On things that always last,
    memories linger from the past.
    Lazy days at the swimming hole or
    riding bikes and fishing poles. read more »

    Wayne Bowen
  • 309.
    Thundering Rains

    Unicorns kindle like the virgins of green suicide:
    You glide over the sight of me with the age old religious wound
    In your side;
    And now I will live in a house as old as a Bible, and I will read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
  • 310.
    Soccer Crush

    Heyy Sexyy Soccer Player…

    Looking oh so adorable sitting on the bench, makes me wanna come over and sit right next to you…
    Seeing you every day in the halls brightens up my day… read more »

    Denise Gamboa
  • 311.
    the nonsensical

    IT IS 11: 46 p.m. Philippine time,
    i wake up feeling so congested,
    messy, perhaps it is all about the dream
    i just had, read more »

  • 312.
    Wishing That It Had Never Happened

    The fine young make-believes have already started
    Shooting in:
    From the gated communities of Parkland they’ve
    Drifted, read more »

    Robert Rorabeck
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