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2010 Soccer Fevah - Poem by Ntshima Ramokone

Everybody help me!
I’m locked up inside this fevah
Even caught so much fever
With this 2010 FIFA
Please help me, I need your favour
I’m too cold as ice
Now it is too hard to close my eyes
Even though I do sacrifice
One day I will get hold of that prize
Which will come with an astonishing surprise
While I will be slicing the cheese into dice

This is the hottest World Cup I was waiting for
Hopefully it will make some changes inside my
Body just to take out this cold
Do you even remember our Legend, called
Dr. Nelson Mandela gave birth to the name Bafana Bafana
Oh! Sorry, let me take a little break with my banana
“Mmm! ruri e tloga e le bosana”
I’m back hope you got your Vuvuzela
When I do got it with my umbrella
We all gonna make some noise with its blow
Playa, this is our real show as SA residents
Including our former and present Presidents
As it was our African dream
So we all gonna scream
And say yeah!

We do got our 23 chosen players
Alberto Pereira by our side, then we ride
Yeah! Be patient, don’t forget I do write
God gave us mercy
Did you see Messi?
Good question
Yeah! The Unite of the Rock nation
In my Home, next to Peter Mokaba stadium
But not next to the Coca Cola dome
I know the cup is still on trip
But I’m just giving my little tip

Now I raise my flag to the sky
Just like everybody do, while we are happy, even the fly
So we are not shy
To celebrate our destiny
Which you won’t deny
Because we coming together
With our support
And to consent our visitors at any airport
Not like we are on the air force

Can’t wait for the Calabash stadium
Maybe it could be at the optimum
Or its maximum
Danny Jordan, Irvin Khoza and colleagues know that,
We go Father, we go feather
Playa, I’m really sure we can’t forgive this day
Just like we used to wear our SA T- shirts every Friday
This is the greatest moment in our lives to stay
Inside our heart’s play

From the different games
Seeing different shirts with different names
Even with the newly born babies are kicking the ball
At the Green stadium and the other stadiums at all
I can’t finish them all but 2010 WC is for us at all

We clap hands for our born stars
As they are our leaders
Fuse and bringing our cultures back
Right here I do got my SA bag
Yeah! This will live forever

‘You go BAFANA. you go...’

Thank you!

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