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  • 373.
    Snowy evening

    Snowy evening
    Snow filling the ground
    Turning the city into white
    She, in a bright red dress
    Walking slowly, enjoying
    Her walk in the snowy evening
    Towards the Fence of the garden!

    Greenaries of the garden
    Now in white shades
    With frozen drops of ice
    Covering the grass
    Every little bush
    Like a cotton plant
    Making a lovely sense!

    Few snow flakes in her hands
    To taste the pretty white snow
    She opens her mouth
    Awesome beauty with a white perl
    In hand towards her mouth
    With more innocence
    Trees and bushes covered with snow
    Wonders if she is pretty
    Or the snow fall is pretty
    Unexpressed silence persists
    In the garden
    Till the beauty
    Went down the street! read more »

  • 374.

    The fluffy white snow falls from the sky,
    I take a deep breath and let out a cold sigh.
    I look to the left I turn to the right,
    it’s like fluffy white marshmallows within my sight. read more »

  • 375.
    Coming Home at Twilight

    Coming down the trail at twilight,
    I am perilously close to
    being stranded in darkness.
    Earlier I had figured read more »

  • 376.

    And it rained, and it snowed and it hailed all in one-
    The sky held everything in place but for the sun
    No leaves on the trees, on the bare boughs none,
    For it rained and it snowed and it hailed all in one. read more »

  • 377.
    Snow On Christmas(revised)

    The snow comes down so gently like God’s Love for Mary and for us
    When he gave us Jesus and Mary remained pure as snow. read more »

  • 378.
    No Control

    trying to control who you love
    is like trying to control the weather;

    The winter season starts... read more »

  • 379.
    The Beauty Of Winter

    The sun shines on the cold, white, snow,
    It spring through my blinds, and my room starts to glow,
    I got out of bed, and walked out the door,
    And walked right outside, unknowing of what’s in store, read more »

  • 380.
    Snow White

    Snow white knew the apple was tainted
    She fooled the old hag
    When she acted like she fainted
    As she started to gag read more »

  • 381.
    Winter's Cold

    As the Weather turns colder
    the landscape changes colorfully
    beautiful shades of greens to lovely fall colors
    to the cold of gray and whites read more »

  • 382.
    When The Snow Came

    The snow started here, at about half past four;
    Lightly, at first, but then it fell more and more.
    Upon spying the first few flakes, I rushed to the shop;
    The snow began to settle, but I hoped that it may stop. read more »

  • 383.
    Snow Day

    Everyone screams, ‘Yay! Yay!
    Hallelujah, it’s a Snow Day! ’
    Hot Chocolate, dripping down our chins.
    Forgetting about all our sins. read more »

  • 384.

    My impression of “Snow’ a short story/poem by Ann Beattie read more »

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