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That Apple - Poem by Siyanda Gqezengele

That apple changed human minds to animal kind and we ended up following devil side, that apple gave us hatred to call each other names, black, white, indian, coloured's etcetera, in God's eyes we one it doesn't matter, one bite and the gums felt the taste, that's the reason we left eden to earth, we were like reason between the thorns no wind could come and blow us away, used to be cold angels but the snake took the chances and now we living like slaves one cage, there's only one way to talk to him is to pray. Things have changed we used to look eye to eye, do things peacefully with love and joy, idla nam sendidlile but eve why now the son have to die in order for me and you to get another try, he was crucified and we saw the tears of hands and feet on the cross that's how he cried he was innocent and didn't deserve to die. That. Apple created a story of Adam and Eve, bible have been written for the up coming generation to learn, understand and believe, to those who know the truth one day they will shine like stars at knight next to him, never ending life they will leave in God I belive

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