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  • 49.
    smiling silence called deepti naval

    smiling silence call deepti naval

    nothing is rooten
    nothing is black
    because you are not
    if there is one
    who breeds hatred
    there are billion
    who loves you

    an umblical cord is cut
    a beautiful universe
    is born
    a beautiful child
    is born

    mother and the new born child
    the first smile
    connected and running through all these veins
    are smiles
    in the form of blood
    what we want
    the blood or the smile…

    smiles so soulful
    there might be a reason
    to call it rooted[connected]
    [on this hilltop home I live
    a parrot from Tripura live too
    queen of the palace neer mahal
    trees and another birds in the courtyard
    flying free

    bathe in the warmwinter sunlight
    biscuit in her claws
    sips coffee from my cup
    no difference
    between the parrot and human
    human may be dangerous
    they are in danger

    pierching through these foggy coldness
    distant human humm carol
    Not from church
    but from resort call greenwood
    Beneath this nilachal hill
    so rooted to human feelings
    a simply joy
    such rootedness is your beingness

    smiles sprout
    into directions
    and deepness-as deep.ti
    smiles spreads in silence
    through these silences

    through those darkened disaster
    shine out
    like the lonester

    smiling rays carry the light
    to whoever knows you

    I have seen you
    Billions may be
    not smiling
    Billionaire may not be
    Leornado da vinci’s monalisa smile
    -half lost
    half to be found

    plastic let it be the smile
    let the world smile

    only superior soul
    has these powers
    smiles connected to hearts
    hearts connected to smiles

    if not the lips
    heart smiles -
    brust of an angst
    burning smiles
    beneath every smile -
    but you smiled

    who cares who
    for who are we
    for who you are
    [everybody is running to prove who.leness of who]
    Gulzar composed deepti naval’s smile
    Globe will say
    smile is HEALING
    need now
    these pure rays
    of these smiling lights
    Thence globe shall WARN
    not of global warming
    Any pain
    will not lead
    anyone to vain

    Silence translated into
    total sounds of smiles
    Empty room
    filled with these sounds
    and silence smiles

    when deepti smile
    call it smiling silence
    sea sings
    near the shore

    mountain music
    near the silent valley

    humble human hum…

    tear everything rotten apart
    appears joy
    cry now
    of joy read more »

  • 50.
    Smile Always!

    Smile man, smile! Always smile!
    Smile all life and smile in style;
    Smiling makes one worriless;
    And makes you happy and less tense. read more »

  • 51.
    A smile is a thousand words

    How can one smile such sweet smiles,
    When life brings me nothing but tears,
    Smile is a sing of care
    I smile when I am sad read more »

  • 52.
    A Smile is a Wonderful Gift

    A smile costs nothing,
    But is an easy way to show loving,
    A beautiful handout,
    To take away doubt. read more »

  • 53.
    I Smile

    i smile when i see her
    i smile when i hear her
    i smile when i think of her
    i smile when i see her smile read more »

  • 54.
    Smile smile smile

    Smile smile smile
    As you always smile
    Your face created
    To smile read more »

  • 55.
    I Smile

    Smile :)
    I smile when you say hi,
    I smile when you come by,
    I smile to know your there, read more »

  • 56.
    Smile For Peace

    Smile and smile
    Like lily like jasmine
    Like rose like champak read more »

  • 57.
    Being A Woman

    she simply smiles
    her smile
    closes her eyes
    And looks away read more »

  • 58.
    Smile Lonely

    Smile happy
    smile with a grin
    smile in joy
    smile in darkness and pain read more »

  • 59.
    Just A Smile

    It may look ordinary
    But that smile is pleasant
    To take away those strains
    Exude that inner joy now read more »

  • 60.
    Your Smile :)

    Your smile makes me so in love.
    Baby, smile to me for a while.
    Smile so that I'll be fine. read more »

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