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Strange Toast - Poem by Bunny Baker

I woke up early this morning
With feeling that I’ve never had
There was Nostalgia Pain and Sorrow
I thought that I’d gone mad

I put Nostalgia in the kitchen
And told it to make some tea
It wanted to make it the old way
It said it would be nice for me

I locked Pain in the bathroom
Hoping it would sort itself out
It was making a terrible noise in there
And throwing my things about

I stood Sorrow in the garden
To scare the cats away
It looked so pitiful standing there
There was nothing I could say

I went back in for my breakfast
Nostalgia had made some toast
And the taste took me way back when
I thought that I saw a ghost

So I went upstairs to have a shave
And I let the Pain get free
It ran howling down the hallway
To get away from me

I was looking in the mirror
I was starting to despair
But when I turned around I found
My old friends standing there

Contentment Hope and Happiness
Said we have a job to do
We’ll soon sort out your visitors
Just wait here a minute or two

Hope caught Pain in my bedroom
It was trying to get in my bed
Hope put its arms around Pain
And hugged it till it was dead

Happiness jumped out of the window
Sorrow was still standing there
Happiness beat its head in with a brick
And Sorrow did not seem to care

Contentment ran for the kitchen
But this time there was no need to kill
Nostalgia had died of old age
And left me a note in its will

We only wanted to be with you
But you were not a friend
But we hope that you will remember us
When all things come to an end

I was glad to be rid of all of them
So I whistled a happy tune
And my old friends sang along with it
“Something good will happen soon”

Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag
And smile smile smile
Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag
And smile smile smile smile smile

What’s the use of worrying
It never was worth while
So pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag
And smile smile smile

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