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Poems About: SMART

In this page, poems on / about “smart” are listed.

  • 49.

    Hey! Isn't it funny?
    If you have got Money
    And if you are canny
    Life is good and sunny read more »

    Asif Andalib
  • 50.
    The Silent Lover ii

    WRONG not, sweet empress of my heart,
       The merit of true passion,
    With thinking that he feels no smart,
       That sues for no compassion. read more »

    Sir Walter Raleigh
  • 51.
    I Am Gifted

    I am gifted,
    In so many ways,
    Each second, Each hour,
    In smart learning days. read more »

    Sonia H.
  • 52.
    Smart Like Camus

    All my life I felt I should apologise
    because I’m smart.
    Like Camus,
    as though my intelligence read more »

    Maureen McManus
  • 53.
    Life doesn't always go my way

    I used to think
    I have the answer to everything
    until the day my best were defeated and I lost the battle
    but now I know that life doesn't always go my way read more »

    Emmanuela Petit Frere
  • 54.
    Nothing More, Nothing Less

    I am purple
    I am green
    I've been lost
    and I've been seen read more »

    Kellie Teter
  • 55.
    Pepper | Smart Mouth Poetry / lyrics

    Sharp tongue, smart mouth

    Fine line, know how read more »

    Life in a Poem
  • 56.
    I Know

    i know i'm not pretty
    nor perfect
    or smart
    i know im not skinny read more »

    abi Whitaker
  • 57.

    living has its ups and downs we live with them all and we mabey dont like it some times but its life so deal with it like a friend of mine says
    'If you can't do it, try until you can'
    'if you are weak, work out and get strong'
    'if you are not smart, Study and get smart' read more »

    Aaron Ladd
  • 58.
    Take It to His Heart

    No words accepted...
    A man of heart, acting smart,
    No feelings, no attachments,
    Wishing to do good, enjoying the moment. read more »

    Florida Angel
  • 59.
    0127. Being Blonde - Like Me - It's FUNN! !

    Trying to be smarts,
    Has nothing to do with me being blond,
    You pop tart... read more »

    Sunset Moonshine
  • 60.
    The System

    The differences between
    a poet and a smart ass
    is the latter spends more time
    defending his or her right read more »

    Ann Guerra
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