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The True Hero Of The Xxi Century Dedicated To Nursultan Nazarbayev - Poem by Beken Arymbekov

Table of Contents

1. Introduction ………………….…………………………………………..…4

2. The true hero of the XXI century……………………………………………7

3. Living legend about the birth of hero.........……………………………...…20

4. Ultimate heroic actions………….………………………..……………..….42

4.1 Destroying nuclear weapons………….…………………………..…..42

4.2 Developing space programs……...………………………………...…55

4.3 Uniting all religions …………….……………………………………64

5. Expectations of OSCE……………………………….……………………..76

6. Conclusion…………………………………………….……………………90

7. Glossary………………………………………………..………………….111


It is obviously that most people will ask why I wrote the poetry and why now. Well, there are several reasons to write the poetry. One of the reasons to write is that I am very thankful to President Nursultan Nazarbaev as everyone in Kazakhstan for making it glorious country. He has made mainly three global heroic actions such as uniting religions, destroying nuclear weapons, and developing space programs that cannot be ignored in global arena. He is our national hero because he made whole dream come true for all folks and yet he is very modest. I began to write my poetry when he rejected his status as national leader which is offered by nations with pure hearts. That means he proved that he is not all about fame but true hero. I absolutely agree with him because his heroic actions not only care about one country but concerned entire world’s prosperity. For instance, he even forbids the celebration of his own seventieth anniversary in this year while other presidents celebrating their birthdays every year. I am tried to figure out a way with appreciative honorable action; therefore, I wrote the poetry because I have huge passion in poetry and in high school this gift was discovered in me. Actually, poetry needed not only enormous courage and variety skills to compose but also true inspired feelings to put in; therefore, all the lines of poetry came from bottom of my heart. I use to write all essays including biographical stories in poems and my teacher very high valuated for that. When I studied in university, I participated in contest of poets even I was mathematician. I think Nursultan Nazarbaev seriously deserves the couple of lines at least in Kazakh language. At that time, I was so wondered because if we will not respect our true heroes, we have quite big possibility that we could not rise next generation of them. Luckily, American people always care their heroes and no wonder they live in prosperity. For that reason, I decided to write this poetry. At the first time, I decide to write in Kazakh because I use to write all poems and poetries in Kazakh language very professionally. However, I recognize that I should write it in English because in that’s the way world should know one of the true heroes who is ultimately deserve to get know and be with appreciated respect. Overall, this poetry is more classical with contemporary and pop features. In addition the poetry has been written with some pop flavors getting American suitability featuring some innovations. It is very spiritual poetry. It is the first time I‘m writing the poetry in English. I made consistent research in English world poetry and realize how much versatile poetry could be. My favorite inspired style of poetry was Shakespeare’s sonnets so I use to write in that way. This is the longest poetry ever written poetry about president as far as I’m concerning. I admire also Homer because he is unbelievably amazing poet. His poetry looks like just story but when you look, it is the poetry. In spite of all fact, nothing more inspires people but American Democracy. I use to study in the US- Canadian border and at that time, I feel the wind of democracy from US side each time so I think another inspiration come to me from that wind smelling with freedom. I use to take the course that taught by honored American Ex-Congressmen John F. Kelly. John F. Kelly was elected to the Senate in 1978 from Detroit at age 28 and served four consecutive four-year terms. He was asked to move Washington to Africa Center for Strategic Studies under Barak Obama’s administration. He said his passion is American democracy and during the lecture I realized that his not only honored congressional representative who consequently elected four times but also he is true American hero. He always cares others. He gave me undeniable courage as other students as well. Another reson is that most people curious about Kazakhstan because of Borat movie: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan; therefore, this is the great opportunity get to know real Kazakhstani nations and history. The poetry is not boring and pop and easily set. I hope in my turn I bring the light to the truth. He deserves to receive the Nobel Piece Prize like Obama. In this year, especially OSCE members are curios to know about Kazakhstan because Kazakhstan is chairing it.
After all, this poetry dedicated for Nursultan Nazarbaev. You can find it in facebook, twitter. It is easy and breathy like cover girl. It gives you exactly what you want no more and no les. As I said this poetry is for quick look and giving the idea. Most people when they read my poem they said its so classical and biblical citing the reason on inspiration by Homer and Shakespeare while other critics said that its very innovative and brand new one reminding me about nuclear issues and space explorations. Moreover, I hope in the future it will extend complete biographical poetry. I am engineer and he is engineer so it helps me so quickly understand in short time. My poetry is unlike other poetries more pop. In the poetry, also, it is so fresh and all stories connected with current human developments and issues. Most importantly, I tried to write with simplicity clear and chic because I am writing this for all people in the world not for special group of people. I think each age or era has own poetic features or genres which is dominating like music genres. For instance, last century dominated classical music whereas currently trance-electro house is becoming very popular. First of all, I tried to make it very catchy one with rhythms. People can find most of them in Pantoum and Ode genre and other genre as well as my own unique way of improvisation. The interesting thing is that I wrote about our national leader only three heroic actions with expectations of OCSE presidency and it took about more than hundred pages; therefore, I wonder what it would be like when I finish compete biographical poetry. I’m sure there will be a lot of critics with their subjective view but all my point of view are proven practically and all of this overshadow all subjective opinion about my hero. This is the most complete and the longest president poetry ever written in English language so I hope in the future my followers will be multiplied because we need hero-presidents.

The true hero of the XXI century

I passionately wrote this epic poetry,
To reveal the hero of the current century,
That who always supports side what is right;
Therefore, I’m so passionately exited to write.

So regards to my great expressions in scope,
In the poetry each line is unique as I cope,
By following all required academic standards,
Despite the fact I am not Shakespeare but with hope.

From bottom of pure heart everyone wants to write,
Inspiring poetry about the true hero and his rite,
Currently exactly right time has come for that,
World is waiting for it in the way guiding to light.

People all around world without worry,
For them surely I want to reveal this brave story,
About excellent hero who is leading people to glory,
He is loyal man who never makes people sorry.

There is true hero, who I’m going to write,
I have the order from heaven and so pride,
There is nothing about that from world to hide,
Those inspirations come to me to confide.

The story is described like clear blue sky,
Because I can't just quietly sit calmly by,
Knowing that his amazing heroic actions,
That can not be unseen or ignored as tiny fly.

I can not just inaudibly sit without any sense,
I just want to let people to know his presence,
What kind of hero they have among them,
They didn’t even suspect him until giving reference.

So here it is as always with supporting side of right,
The poetry is truly bringing the hero to the brightest light,
The poetry is so colorful and skillful like one of Shakespeare,
I feel it with my inner desire as I’m poet without any spare.

The time comes about true hero’s story,
It’s not because of one more admired glory,
Because people need continuously inspirations,
They are following his steps without any worry.

I can be the writer or novelist literally to confine,
Just writing his biography with colorful storyline,
I can be also the painter and just drawing his portrait,
Sketching with magnificent beauty and graceful divine,

However, I’m the poet as I chose to be poet,
Because I think it’s the more way to great set,
In the poetry poets cannot hide true feelings,
He is the true hero without anyone being upset.

Here is the true grandeur story,
He is great men with superb glory,
who has countless heroic actions,
Thanks to him world is without any worry.

Encouraging story I’m going to tell,
That hero is directing and has right to propel,
Everybody with confident can call him,
That elected by free people within to compel.

This poetry is inspiring to write about the leader,
When he denied his status as honored national leader,
That means he ultimately proved that,
He is not all about fame but true leader.

There is nothing about supporting promotion,
He knows that everything is with proportion,
Receptively leading with great intention,
He is giving great presence of positive emotion.

It is not false and fictitious story,
As expected always with some glory,
The real contemporary true hero,
To reveal him is my desired mandatory.

Only two types of hero in the world to observe,
Ones to only work of hope for the fame to serve,
While others instead to real hero status to deserve,
And there is one true hero for nations to preserve.

Our hero is chosen one,
Our hero is the greatest man.
Our hero is national leader,
And his name is Nursultan.

This poem is about Nursultan Nazarbaev,
He is marvelous national hero with thrive,
Because he makes whole world’s dream come true as I reveal,
And yet he is very modest trying his heroism to conceal.

Nursultan always stands for justice and rights,
For nations Nursultan brings the brightest lights,
Nursultan always fulfils his promise in all sides,
For people Nursultan always aims with prides.

Nursultan is always encouraging everyone,
Nursultan is shiningly sparkling star in sky alone.
As everyone expected Nursultan is so greatly smart,
Along with that he has the biggest kind and pure heart.

Nursultan serves towards as the world’s guard,
That’s why he deserves to Nobel’s peace award,
Nursultan is cared up to each daughter and mother,
Nursultan is diplomatic politic and honored father.

Nursultan is the one, who heed up to anyone,
Nursultan greatly encourages everybody to be man,
Nursultan is the one, who has unique bravely greatness,
He is willing to sacrifice himself for another’s happiness.

Nursultan is always ready help anybody,
He makes people happy like bee in pure honey.
In very first place Nursultan always cares others,
Instead himself he specially cares about mothers.

Nursultan helps out to all with effortless actions,
In that way he gives everyone positive reactions,
He is always complete his great kind intentions,
He defines issues concentrating by his attentions.

To have great phenomenal skills featuring smart,
Nursultan never divides people by part.
He never supports segregating actions,
Always he brings together people with kind heart.

He cares all the people around the world forward,
Nursultan is a superb example motivating people toward.
At the same time Nursultan is so humble and modest,
By proving it he rejects honorable national leader award.

Nursultan is not somebody, who does it for fame,
He makes everybody happily smile without any frame,
Nursultan is the man, who stands up for all nations,
With that purpose he does for prosperity with sensations.

If someone want to be great man in future,
For that Nursultan is skilful great teacher.
With all of honor for justice and poise,
He teaches to be a simple with heroic feature.

He listens own pure heart to contemplate,
He guides nation forever because it’s his fate.
All people who read his adoring profile,
All of them are so exiting and passionate.

Here I’m writing this poetry with great feature,
Helping people learn towards about blessing future,
Because almost everyone is someone’s hero,
Moreover, almost everybody has own hero.

Almost everybody’s hero is Nursultan,
Nursultan always stands up for everyone.
He deeply from heart motivates people,
Indeed as always with him fear is simply gone.

Before he thinks about himself Nursultan cares about others,
Nursultan is always ready to die to protect others like brothers.
Nursultan never thinks about dividing by any age or any color,
He helps men, women or children if someone them bothers.

Nursultan shows eager everybody to save,
Nursultan is courageous, loving, and brave.
Even though he is sacrificing himself for all with pains,
As true hero Nursultan for all of pains never complains.

Nursultan is angel in disguises,
Saving people’s precious lives,
Like him true heroes are never left forgotten,
For people as always he by himself sacrifices.

Nursultan is beloved son of the folks,
He does everything for global hopes,
Nursultan is our nation’s true hero,
He always cares about both worlds.

It not only does mean that he is just adoration,
But also everybody admires about his great formation.
Most of them take from him such kind of inspiration,
Encouragingly follow his with positive motivation.

Everybody says the national leader is so brave,
Because of him nations are bloomed and save.
For sure everybody eagerly likes him,
So folks feel pompous with great esteem.

People are proudly saying his name up,
Telling him that he has a fate to step up,
To praise Nursultan and make them proud,
Being happy with grateful nationwide crowd,

Everybody believes that Nursultan is strong,
He never going to do what could be wrong.
So he simply just does everything for nation,
He is modest but heroic man with great initiation.

His each action is encouraging all people,
Showing great laudable good example,
Not for fame but for heroic actions,
At the same time he acts so simple.

He is doing so innovative and kind,
That still blows everybody’s mind.
To admire and with pure heart to praise,
He is bringing for nations amazing grace.

Indeed, Nursultan truly helps without any call,
People recognize the hero who stands for us all.
Not only epic and historic land of democracy,
But also he cares entire world with sure pure soul.

Nursultan is gracious chosen man,
who can even easily replace the sun.
After many years constant improvement,
He is greatly leading without any conferment.

True bringer of the spring’s blossom with sunshine,
Luminosity of his, nations desperately need his prime.
Thanks to him, everybody is still in bloomed gracious age,
Therefore, people are always growing in will and grace.

His brilliantly amazing story that is so true,
Stimulating everyone to find vital life’s clue,
Our wonderful world has many true heroes,
They are encouraged by him without being blue.

He is the hero astoundingly and amazingly in bright ride,
He is the hero of lifestyles of undeniable honor and pride.
He is the hero sacrificing himself for benefit of nationwide,
He is the hero extra hard work is just in way to support right.

He is the hero famous without cons and only pros in,
At the same time modest one from outside and within.
Like kind of magical light in ancient times without grim
Almost everyone desperately needs great helps of him.

He is not just hero with passions,
That he makes with great brave actions.
But also he has leading skills like Lord,
He vitally sets with amazing absolute record.

Every time when nation is in any kind of crisis,
He thinks it’s like new chance to raise with this.
Like old Chinese hieroglyph with precise balances,
That through depressions people are taking chances.

No matter what will happen when we follow,
In absolute happy moments or deeply sorrow,
He is keeping his great sacred promise,
He always is with nation for welcoming tomorrow.

His promise to his folk is keeping in,
So the title of the honor they give him,
National leader that he absolutely deserves,
People want nothing more than his esteem.

He always makes proud each one of us,
And his positively always surprise us,
As well as his heroic actions and trust,
For him title “National leader” is must.

From deep of pure heart he is saying thanks for glorious nations,
He rejects that title of honor without any kind of conditions.
His wise side shows up in this case about true heroic reputation,
Gratefully his hard work absolutely paid off with great temptation.

His heroism is shining in dark,
Making in history very large mark,
True heroism is written within,
In pure hearts of nations with spark,

In this case his true story never dies,
It will be live as oral fiction through flies.
Bringing through out lands the springs,
It encourages people giving them wings.

Legendary golden bridge of West and East,
Connecting worlds with light through feast,
He fulfills folk’s hopes that needing like a dream,
With eager in his hard work without any twist,

He opens everybody’s prophetic eyes to rise,
In addition, he constantly makes pleasant surprise.
He touches folks’ hearts with heroic movement,
And then they are filling love and commitment.

People truly feel sudden shuddering of universe,
Signaling that real true hero has come to converse.
And he is fighting for folks’ benefit and interest,
His actions are marvelously without getting any reverse.

With his hands with sign of compassion,
He shakes everybody’s hands with passion,
He helps everyoneу without any request,
And his eyes flamed like God's behest.

For people around world he is giving confidence,
Filling in his words with passion with proved evidence,
To everyone’s heart is filled up with hope in great consequence,
He is promoting patriotically courage with great precedence.

There is a time with him in unusual sovereignty
Everybody feels that they live in great liberty.
When democracy is only a custom in this world
He thinks everyone is equal out and within as humanity.

He is putting on enormous effort in making total peace,
He always protects harmony without getting any fierce.
With him people have assured place in paradise intact,
Thereafter he cares about everyone with great impact.

His fate is being so fearless brave and chicly smart,
His mission is only for nations’ benefit from the very start.
Nursultan chooses to be ultimate guider everybody’s heart,
People learn of the man who cares everyone trying so hard.

He has valuable morals and inner light,
By feeling his duty to say what’s wrong or right.
Always he cares gently with kindness as people know,
With his conviction nations are coming greatly now.

His every gesture is sign of great honesty,
His every decision makes him like majesty.
Thinking of all ultimate rules he has known,
Everyone believes in him without any frown.

He thinks always about the truth temptations,
And he keeps cleanliness track at all relations,
Stark contrast with some kind of heroes of today,
Those who know praising himself with privations,

Nursultan holds the hands of people with respectful honor,
He is unashamed to play with innocent children in any corner.
So modest and so humble, and a perfect example,
It is the action for ideal encouraging step of manner.

Nursultan’s sparking eyes slept little for long nights,
Because he is thinking about precious nation’s rights,
In return with pure heart nations pray for Nursultan,
For nations Nursultan keeps bringing bright lights.

He is precious one and makes much greater art,
To pray in the depths of his kindly pure heart,
Seeking paradise for all nations,
Inspiring by true pure nations’ love.

People admire with his wonderful skills to run,
That is all about uniting every religion under sun.
Bringing together people for democracy to come,
And so indeed he is the one gorgeous wise man.

In the world everybody’s hopes as majority,
He fulfils them with simple his main priority.
To establish democracy is much more essential,
He brings all for making together perfect conformity.

Everybody loves him more than perfect creation,
Nursultan brings to all people positive motivation.
The national leader and disguised humble prophet,
Nursultan is a mercy all mankind and here to protect.

And for all of people he is the chosen one,
Destiny given by God he is chosen like sun.
And he leads nations with great slogan,
He brings them together with great run.

He brings a brand new order in the world,
He brings for people democracy without any court.
In his sight the high and the low are one as equal,
He can sit with the labor at table as average man.

He always charts and advices with all folks,
It shows that everybody is equal with any hopes.
He is the one everybody is never questioned,
He is only one that can bring people hopes.

The one that everyone ever expect to him follow,
Making great circumstance with absence of any shadow,
He is the one everybody thinks as great inspiration,
Everyone totally believes in him leading to salvation.

That seems to come with big pure intention,
He always amazes people with positive attention.
He is the one, who is truly heroic chosen man,
He gives each beat of his heart without any mention.

He directs everyone to prosperity with vibe,
Sacrificing more than whole his life,
He is sacrificing everything in his life,
So people know that a savior is alive.

He speaks to nations with honest words,
He brings the prosperity with rewards.
And he respects others so many times,
All actions he is making are all forwards.

To truly portray Nursultans heroic life,
There are no enough words to describe.
In any kind of language despite the fact,
Even it has artificial language and natural vibe.

Everybody calls him just hero which he is so much,
National leader that he is so much more than such,
Even much more than that it is not enough,
As he deserves much more it cannot be enough.

So supposing everybody can only pray,
That Nursultan is national hero to portray.
As expected he is more than just a hero,
He is sun in everyone’s eyes with shining ray.

Everybody with pure heart believes in his legend,
Being him like true heroes to lead people as portend.
Without any barrier all nations call his name loudly,
With pure heart all people think about him so proudly.

All nations greatly like what he is doing,
And he does heroism without anything ruining.
Please, keep doing what he is greatly doing,
People believe in all his actions in his leading.

It isn’t just actions bringing needed heats,
It is coming from his true pure heart’s beats.
Look at now around proudly,
He fulfills the dreams so loudly.

Thanks for him people are never worrying,
Because Nursultan is caring up and holding,
All about tomorrow’s destiny of nation,
He does all of these things without respiring.

Nursultan became president when I use to be little boy eating lime
Nursultan is always among them when people need him in hard time.
Nursultan comfort nation when severe crisis had come as major prime.
Nursultan is all prudent and sanctified man with own unique rhythm.

Nursultan truly loves people for during the lifetime now and forever,
He makes sure to see the difference between right and wrong together.
He always teaches them the importance of democracy and freedom,
Nursultan has done all these greatly impacted things with great wisdom.

Nursultan earns everybody’s love and respect,
He is not just national hero that in him big hopes as expect.
He makes greatly positive impact for whole world,
He is the chosen one people’s hope with great prospect.

When even all the light has gone out in late,
Nursultan is nations’ light like with great template.
Everyone is sitting and everyone waiting for,

He is true light compare with all as they anticipate.

About him everybody cares so everyone listens,
Nursultan is our constantly hero giving us great lessons.
Continuously bringing heroic actions with ambitions,
Nursultan risks his life for people with peaceful reasons.

He has more courage that people desire having in a lifetime,
All people rely on him and he continues to do with divine.
He is the hero in everybody’s eyes and lifetime in this world,
He is fighting for freedom and democracy as major prime.

He is a hero that people need like dream of peace.
And now he is the hero for all enemies.
Therefore, he became a true hero to all,
In the twentieth first century with grace,

He finds splendid direct ways,
With alternative own shining rays,
This is what people want to go,
His is our future as everyone says.

Living legend about the birth of hero

For all people around the world for reason that is same,
I’m revealing the living legend of birth that how it came,
About the hero and Nursultan Nazarbayev is his name,
The true hero with modesty but with truly deserved fame.

Once upon a time with absolute certain,
In Alatay, the sky-scraping high mountain,
In holy place called Chemolgan with fountain,
In pure heart of Eurasia with greatly blessing plain,

In the paradise of Earth with altar,
Divine place named after SevenWater.
With glorious endless landscapes,
It has amazing view of all quarter.

There is unique legend that is among us living,
There use to be the guy named Abish with feeling,
For beautiful girl named Alzhan with stunning grace,
They are falling in love each other with sacred meaning.

Fortunately for all they engaged wise and clever,
And became sacred husband and wife forever,
However, in the beginning of their marriage,
They were so desperate for the child as never.

They ask from God every minute to fulfill their wish,
However, God tested their eager for a long time to push.
The desire about how much they want to be parents,
And marriage’s commitment each other without any rush,

Minutes are slipped hour by hour,
Hours are slipped day by day to pour,
Days are slipped month by month,
Months are slipped year by year like they tour.

They consistently pray each second all rounds,
With pure hearts and pure spirit without any counts,
Finally, when God convinced their true love,
Knowing that they going to love child as it sounds,

God sent them sacred message,
About upcoming event with sage,
For the greatest patient and undeniable willingness,
Through translating visual dream with prophetic passage,

Both of them saw exactly the same dream,
With details and occurrence with one stream,
They saw God gives them greatest gift,
Through them for the world seam,

God gives the leader, who will lead for long,
They saw a boy, who is leading all people all along,
With all other living creatures to the stars,
She shared the dream with her loving husband alone.

And gentle Abish surprised honorably,
When he discover each details is the same lovingly,
They kept that secret between them,
It was very sacred dream puzzlingly.

And just two decades from now apart,
That one the message from the God,
It means Lord give them blessings,
Knowing that immense sign of God.

Legendary highlander Abish man,
Abish’s wife and beloved woman,
Bring the long – waited birth,
Sacred, Holy Mother Alzhan,

For the golden child with shining ray,
In the hot as foreseen summer day,
In suite home of lovely couples,
And he is so eagerly pray.

The day has come for long pray,
The day comes with shining ray.
And also it comes for the nation,
For big inspiration as people say,

But his nation even that time,
They didn’t suspect presence of prime.
That day was marvelously special,
The seventh month of the year with sign,

They spent much sleepless night,
Thinking about name with soul of knight,
That should best suits for his destiny,
So they did not sleep day and night.

Searching out for the fitting name,
Throughout whole libraries with fame,
Skimming and scanning the all books,
For consecrated and sacred great name,

Any of them did not satisfy both of them in shire,
At that evening when they sitting in tired,
They look for all records by human made,
They were overwhelmed seeking name of admire.

They don’t know where looking for any more,
Abish thinks about it carefully once more,
There is dark and no more light in room,
Light is kind of essence of our life as a core.

He thought without any banner,
For nations with great honor,
This child will bring them light,
Delightfully with great manner,

So let’s call him Lord of rays,
Finally, they found the name to praise,
With convinced voice they said,
Nursultan and that’s it in phase.

“Nur” means ray of the light,
In God’s message it means bringing people to the light,
Where the world light means,
To new level of developing technology side,

The second part of the name is “Sultan”,
That means lord or maser man,
With abilities of heroic action,
And undeniable justice and passion,

Thanks for right name and right destiny,
Prophecy going to fulfill with creativity,
And he will gloriously lead to stars,
Prophecy is becoming ultimate reality.

Through the dim pageant of the years,
An astonishing tracery appears,
In great mountain with wide valley,
They built for little Nursultan unique shelters peas.

Shelters for to sleep a new-born child,
He was kind of clever in that time,
He is so firm and ever bothers no one,
Nor nurse, nor parent dear with mild.

The way those infant feet must hope,
And yet a nation’s help and hope,
Beyond the all imaginations,
His attitude is more than any scope.

Everybody totally believe in that,
No one can cast doubt on in that,
His commitment for the nation is forever,
In the precious life as everlasting river,

Example of perfection of heroism,
He has total absence of egoism.
Difference from other heroes in any season,
He seriously cares entire world for the reason.

Everywhere possible he socializes,
From school to workplace to analyzes
Everyone around him,
Admires and loves him.

He gives the sign that is sacrosanct number,
The environment all around the world and under,
All of them were so unique in the day when he was born,
They are giving a special signal with no wonder.

That sign was so wonderfully,
Whole nature sings all day playfully.
Kind of marvelously celebrating,
New day has come so gracefully.

Everyone says that before and after,
This kind of circumstances without dafter,
This is happen in spite of the fact,
They always are waiting ever to attract.

Being aware that the salvation day has come,
Life walks upon an ocean of oblivion to run,
Everlasting in the beauty of its blossom,
There is no greater miracle than gift like a sun,

The love child the first child he is,
The Nursultan is the greatest gift to please,
That God to our lives can bequeath.
He will bring the most exquisite joy to release.

That people never forget how it sound,
And now with surprise look all around,
Right here real paradise is rising up,
Everybody sees it all around.

Thanks for him and destiny to spend,
Sometimes he brings contentment,
Far extra than people can feel,
His ray is shining to attunement.

He necessitates the help to all,
To comprehend so much in that call,
And so people thank him for aiming gifts,
That’s why he magnificently leads to tall.

People celebrate with big responsibility,
True hero with good comminuting ability,
He is becoming true hero with stability,
But famous for democracy and creativity,

Most of people that believe in fates,
Among us are exist living legends as it relates,
In this case unique living legend tells that,
About boy who is coming to save all his mates,

Nursultan leads to people more sophisticated,
Dimensioned improvement shows it as indicated,
He is not epically dramatic guy who is replicated
People are sure he is so correctly in hearts located.

Everyone has own hero with deferent own legend,
For some people he is Obama with his historic event,
For people from heart of Eurasia the hero is Nursultan,
He is saving the entire world as well as prevent.

Actually, as I told true hero among us,
Great hero and great man from first class,
Hero who is for everlasting salvation,
Hero is named Nursultan with validation.

He is hero with big serious commitment,
By admiring him people make him compliment.
His inner beauty is covered his pure soul,
He has bright destiny without any comment.

He always bring whole package,
Within destiny in current great age,
The first sign of that marvelous talent,
Shiny sparks in his eyes are without rage.

Legend that even in the completed darkness,
That spark outshine with canoness
The second sign of proving of that bless,
He has sharp logical gift with complexness.

He is uniquely admired by everyone,
He easily makes such algorithms for fun,
Stunningly admiring how bright he is,
All heroic actions are with amazing release.

He has remarkable altruism,
The third sign of that,
Undeniable patriotism,
In addition, with epic heroism,

His loyalty is so fascinating,
He is becoming ultimate in rating,
People always respect and know,
Irrefutable charisma is just plus to grow.

The time will come for prosperity,
It’s time for miracle to come sanity.
He is the hero with full of energy.
Great confidence and earnest with gravity,

He goes to high level without tires,
He is the man with his heart with big size,
He can read true from people’s eyes,
Using own spark inside through eyes,

His actions are very wise in leader’s ways,
Everybody around admires him and splay,
And he sitting just humble,
He gathered attention to pay.

He encouragingly reads aloud hoping,
To educate everyone around who tromping,
Together with him and he tried in that way,
He is teaching how to care each other with scoping.

He makes big pictured home in the mountain,
In that the most modest place with no complain,
And in previous century with hard decades,
Hard years came; the hard years went with pain.

He is gentle, brave, and strong of will,
He leads people with pure heart as people feel
People see his pictured face and then they kneel,
There’s light upon it still in his eyes with thrill.

He thinks to noble issues are grown,
His courage with arming for the morn,
A man with extremely wise ways,
For God’s behest this man was born.

He greatly achieves the forum’s praise,
And soon earth’s highest prize to raise,
The seat and sway around of world,
He builds democracy with unique phase.

There is the throne of honors and delights,
This is given by nation prides in lights,
In the landscaping valley wilderness,
Distrustful days and sleepless nights,

His posture is magnificent in that ceremony,
Welcoming from tribune that is so glory,
Where blameless soul of the hero is rising,
Showing his thrilling through the story,

His present is gratitude and praise of need,
His smile that all the earth shall heed,
His words rapidly fly from here to there,
God sent him for people’s desperate need.

He has the name, at which people admire,
Always the name is everywhere as desire,
That presence to be loved with him,
Darkness fears from him in wire.

People cannot hide it, or deny the scope,
That every person has own hope,
That one day there comes the saver,
He is making long waited deliverance favor.

He is never forgotten by and day previous,
His advises given for people are so judicious,
Pure hearts of Nursultan are sore beguiled,
Having Nursultan’s presence is so gracious.

He greatly ponders and is reconciles,
He brings grace for all nations as he compiles,
People do not doubted, even when he smiles,
It is the one of the sign so well he considers.

Clearly knowing what he knows so well,
He knows that undeceiving fate with spell,
He is proud us whom he serves so sought,
He knows that he must wince without propel.

He appears for people current review,
The season when he develops through,
That he is learning while he leads.
His face is representing with credits.

The wisest man with completion,
He has own unique temptation,
He makes bloom nations like flowers,
He is doing progress for each nation.

The love, the grandeur, and the fame,
Are followed by after his name,
All kind of famous flame,
Patience is his part of train.

For he is not as other residency,
Authority of nation and his tendency,
Nations to soar as he wants to see,
He is coming up with accuracy.

He always comes up pleasantly,
He always agree with humanity,
And this is as expected in our reality
People thrive in the true hero with sanity.

And people have one titan at the time.
He is in the big responsibility with great sign,
And it becoming thousands times bigger
With OSCE responsibility as a fierce tiger,

Nursultan just not only talks about sovereignty,
Nursultan sees it in black and white with dignity,
Like giving people the big intriguing hope,
To add more than ever great prosperity,

Nations have him with absence of stridency,
Nursultan’s voice loud as democracy,
Nations have luck large as freedom,
And an ambition sweet as supremacy,

As magnificent as gentlemen,
People have for leader a wise man,
And he thinks like very modern,
He is wisely passionate to run.

He pulls of no matters that are not
He is praising with grace moral spot,
He makes the wisest decision in history,
Without mentioning any kind of lucky pot,

It’s time he examines in blessed way,
Heart of Eurasia as the center of earth lay,
All people think he has unique own fate,
Like for people with good behavior to portray,

For the current developing process,
For the beginning interest without stress
And beginning of the glorious prosperities,
It’s a reality that is suits him as the best.

Nursultan’s movement has touched,
He does best in leadership as coached,
Whole world going to be as complete family,
He is showing that no big difference in balanced.

And now his has great important task,
To unite all religions and nations with trust,
Ever and forever he feels like must
That’s why OSCE trust him without mask,

Over a peace in the world to suit,
He ever supplants the pursuit,
Of supremacy it’s really worth it,
He’s proof that it works without any quit.

Emotionally, he has begun to embrace,
Pure hearts of all people with grace,
That our future is in his hands,
People are entering an introspective race.

Because of peacefully unity of nations,
He knows each one without contention
And no more worry about any conflict,
For sure he’s fulfils of people’s intentions.

His glance with right of directions,
His worm welcome without selections,
To live in the Earth given by the Lord,
For some it’s paradise connections.

For some it’s just simple ground,
For same it’s just a land all around,
Here all people within each family.
They know his face and fate as its sound.

Here the voice of Nursultan as it heard,
He goes to sacrifice for nation forward,
Everywhere Nursultan knows each place,
His pure heart is filled with life with grace.

He leads with peace instead of the battle, victory prophesied,
Nursultan always go the way of democracy that it is as raised,
Here each one proudly knows Nursultan’s name
His heart is inscribed loving than sympathized.

He is offering new projects for nations to declare,
Nursultan is always beloved one as nations care.
He is living and going with fate of clairvoyant,
His mind is absolutely clear without being arrogant.

It is sounded like word with miracle light,
With goal Nursultan is for all nations to unite,
And there are handmade miracles,
And it shows people’s strong side.

People’s dream about democracy is come very true,
In warm wonderful place named Earth with clue,
With people that are so happy with their lives
Temple of wisdom is built by the blessing crew.

He has courage and valor to thrive,
People are parading without rive,
Shining suns, upright and spark,
All come with Nursultan as people live.

He is raising the rays of the freedom,
As score, with help respected wisdom,
Intentions of Nursultan are supported by whole nations,
People are crowning him as national leader as validation.

Everybody admires by his impossible brave actions,
Making him hero for people without negative reactions,
Everybody is waiting for that action like magic,
That’s the magic with great factions.

He has much reverence in love of equanimity,
Entering the crowd and bring them together with dignity,
Then making them in Earth ultimate strong alliance,
And he step by step unites all people in eternity.

His bloomed strategy in for all nations,
Bringing the democracy for hundred generations,
Knowing only reason for absolute happiness,
He always sees all possible ways of creations.

Hence he always choose the best for each,
And here are his rewards to reach,
People are genuinely and honestly preach.
He has gallant ways that noble to reach.

Nursultan manages the particle that is genial,
Great feeling name in chronically testimonial,
With clever mind and pure heart of him,
He performs marvelously being also ceremonial.

In his side army pieceworkers raised forever,
To long live in democracy joyful and ever,
This is great triumph of worldwide history,
His soul is pure as angels and mind is clever.

Upon which his reason his judgment wage,
Peace is his passion and his appetite without any rage,
Everybody is becoming like him as the peacemaker,
All of them are following his footsteps in this great age.

Sharing the peace and serenity of distant fields and meadow,
His heart knows as everyone’s that God sees every window,
And he is so marvelously mighty,
Everyone proclaims the majesty to grow.

Since Nursultan breathes in God's sphere,
Though of much he can claim to know time to spare,
And honorific Nursultan deserves to be chosen one,
He is the one, who is with mind of moderation to care,

This kind of person as a leader people is desperate,
Nursultan's merit as a person to completely concentrate,
And all committed duties of him are more than the best,
To have him as leader thrillingly for all of people with rest,

People listen to Nursultan is all as one want to say,
He surely has victory on side as people pray,
His courageous action that is spread wide-reaching,
The fine man's credentials are like being hero as ray.

To peace and prosperity for all he leads with trend,
Nursultan has creativeness and incredible intelligent,
Also have undeniable sense of humor and fun,
And he is very committed and positively confident.

He is self-disciplined and very enthusiastic,
Counted as in his advantage sides that use to be rustic,
He always loves to create so incredibly artistic,
Every ways of his moves are kind of gigantic.

As always his oratorical speeches are made with smart brain,
Everybody wants to hear the speech again and again,
When people look his pure innocent eyes,
People can see spark that everyone wants to gain.

His actions everybody wants to improvise,
He gives everybody much joy with great prize,
His father and sacred mother so much pride,
Brothers and sisters startlingly love to temporize.

He feels joy with leading without effort,
He leads nations without escort,
Doing well on tests coming in first,
He worries and prays for nation to the Lord,

Nursultan takes a look to world with absolute accuracy,
That’s the way of commitment in his winning supremacy,
Without determination Nursultan as always wins,
Thanks him people achieve the dream about democracy.

When Nursultan was elected Kazakstan’s first president,
The success of freedom became obvious undeniable evident,
When Kazakhstan became a state about two decades ago,
He sacrifices himself to keep nations’ dream alive with confident.

Great leader and true hero is in his leading way with pride,
Will of Nursultan is moving toward to democratic life,
And left their bodies to rot as,
He is the hero guiding into absolute right.

Everybody says his name with glory,
Launch out on his story,
Nursultan also has large kind heart,
And Nursultan holds onto great art.

Especially from the past Nursultan is with gently,
Loyal and have a good time letting increasingly,
But Nursultan is also quick to bring those,
He loves inside the safety and tenderly.

He nurtures everybody in the name of lights,
Nursultan cares for nations and protects their rights,
Nursultan’s motto about peace and unity,
One dream one world, for that he always fights.

As he feels his way in promising leadership,
Building security by developing relationship,
Making the world much more better and safer,
So people can trust and share with each their tips.

His feelings are flowing with nation that connect,
So every nation feels his actions as intend to protect,
And his pride let people to share,
So be simple to unite as expect,

He stays in his words to all with rest,
His ability is to nurture people with blest,
He is all about change to be united,
He makes everything as the best.

He has perfect personality within,
The his immortal spirit is within,
He works so hard for nation,
Whenever he always going to win,

The long light has ceased to quiver,
People have reached our final goal and favor,
All of this thanks for Nursultan,
He must be leader for ever and forever,

To choose what he must do in his line,
He always brings people will and divine,
Standing before God's throne with praise,
Through all eternity he deserves to shine.

People are not each other a new or strange,
He has own personality with unique strength,
He is more than just a man,
He has good blend of personalities range,

Makes up all the unique qualities within,
That defines him as real muse in dream,
He is long waited our hero who is leading,
His story everybody is eagerly reading.

Defined by his own unique creativity,
He is the most important one in current reality,
He acquires all possible positive qualities,
He has applause of nation for making equality,

To marvelously lead nations in the right balance,
Deserving the entire world's honors from entrance,
Everyone is telling his spectacular immense story,
Nursultan with nobility manners with big importance,

He is unique as to portray,
It’s all about people say
He has great personality,
He’s the hope for hopeless as ray.

He helps for the helpless one,
He is a muse for all Earth’s man,
Companion of victims of loneliness,
He pillars with pure heart all motherless,

He is the father for the fatherless,
He’s the sources of life to bless,
All people live in harmony,
Gratefully thanking him countless,

He is illumination in any darkness,
Complete eliminating all sadness,
One of the big hopes of the world,
Protecting the world from madness,

He is our trust in all synergy,
Bringing people the energy,
Powered into space by the sun,
He is perfectly gifted prodigy.

He wants that people realize how beautiful life is,
Through union we can experience with great please,
Understand and just forgive each other,
Because everyone for someone a brother.

Lets be doers our own peaceful world,
Ones build a peace and the others unite world,
In the ages of ultimate justice in the world,
Everyone is for democracy and integrating world.

He is so powerfully through years in lead,
He tends and cares for nation to proceed,
Nations are put their feet up thanks for him,
He holds everyone safe watching friendly to fit.

He has the best brilliant education ever,
As an engineer extraordinaire like a saver,
He proved that is that future is described,
He is making point clear and clever.

For sure he has best education ever,
In the land innovation forever,
It’s more that to start innovations,
It’s more than any knowledge ever,

Most nuclear innovations that people care,
And any kinds of genius inventions are there,
Nursultan’s cleverness says itself that,
The word “algorithm” was born in here.

Land of great wisdom and ultimate democracy,
He shows his intentions in his career without privacy,
He has complete education first of all,
That’s why his every step is so algorithmic supremacy.

Silk way has the role in ancient time to visit,
Through Kazakhstan it use have own transit,
Brilliant European education flows to Asia,
Mystical Asian education to Europe without quit.

Therefore, he is studied the best collaborative knowledge ever,
It has both worlds’ best now as he is becoming so clever,
Brilliantly educated people in the world,
He knows how knowledge is important and forgets never,

He leads all people with the truth for all,
He comes with the edges that is so strong and tall,
It comes with the need to be true,
From the depth of his heart for great goal,

He is making the better life in the earth,
Time for Nursultan's heroism without any dearth,
Nursultan now all vividly alive,
And now never before in the earth,

There is the man under freedom’s flags,
Everyone respects Nursultans tags,
To easily swim the bright further,
It’s the brightest one without any nags.

Nursultan has so remarkable complicity,
At the same time has own unique simplicity,
For him tremble, as for the apple of the eye,
And there is voice of the heart for publicity.

I must write mandated duty,
All over the unique his heroic history,
All about shining rays of Nursultan,
About nations and his to them worry,

Everyone can feel now proudly,
He makes democracy so precisely,
‘Cause people live in peaceful world,
All his actions are without any contrary.

Entire year as seven days and twelve hours,
He serves for world in peace without sours,
People know new era coming up for phenomena,
Building for people magnificent beautiful towers,

Like his pride and then happy beyond words,
When his body and spirit fused, and came towards,
People would cast the sky blasphemy,
As always he develops ideas forwards,

Nursultan always cares about the each line,
Leader with grace of God and he is man with divine,
He itself so much cares about nations’ honors,
He makes world that all people live without crime,

His pure great intentions are seen through his eyes,
He knows how sacrificing himself without any ties,
Rests once at least a second all pray for him,
All encompassing at once thrives.

He is a friend with enormous kindness,
He rapidly rises with gentleness,
He knows weakness as familiar with,
To handle everyday people’s stress,

He is charming leader, who is so beautiful,
From beginning he goes in kind a wonderful,
In people edifice democratic structure,
They are working with a leader that is so trustful.

And he has speech with great extensiveness,
Standing and care about project expensiveness,
Everybody is so delight that his breathing given,
He steps forward with motive of exclusiveness.

Following his heart so instinctively,
That makes him great hero respectively,
All people undeniably like him,
He has gift and use it connectively.

Commitment for nations is all about Nursultan,
Everybody describes it as a new one,
All serious issues solved with wisdom,
And resembling with study and cram,

He is so stunning clever and sparking gentleman,
He makes people as happy as expected from great man,
That skills budding and growing all the while,
Everybody knows that he is the chosen one.

All the great art of piece he has made,
For all because of his golden head to create,
Wise and serious in his ways in rate,
Unique in that time for nation’s sake,

He has unique foreseeing sight,
He manages his way to glory and right.
His future is absolute promising,
He brings the future that is bright.

He bring people the days that is so delight,
Now all people say his name with such a pride.
He is respected by wise people,
He wants to make peace as he might.

Ask salvation where his spirit is,
Because all guess him for breathe,
A hero in the guise he wore,
It matters so much how he live in ease.

So long as he may greatly deserve,
He is always read for nations to preserve.
A true hero doing great memorable actions,
With eager in the days he comes to serve.

Glorifying fame is just matter of time,
But knowing the true heroes how to define,
Special for all magnificent folks,
His rhetoric speech is with great divine.

Ultimate Heroic Actions
Destroying nuclear weapons

Since so primordial ancient times,
Ones want with conventional primes,
Some has better potential,
With an ultimate arsenal,

Ones have that power over others,
Others just to obey them like for fathers,
Playing the roles like slave to portray,
To stay alive for masters they pray.

And fake chic, glamour and slim,
Due to ultimate egotistical esteem,
Kind of having powerful stream,
Despite the fact being master of team,

Time calmly flows age by age,
Time flows year by year with sage,
Time flows month by month with notes,
Time flows day by day with same average.

And now time is coming up to realize,
From local to global to greatly generalize,
People is harming Earth until as we recognize,
It will explode if we keep harming even with this size.

Contemporary true hero Nursultan says:
Damaging universe returns us anyways,
As sooner as possible if we began unarming,
People are going to live happy in many ways.

People should not be so arrogant,
Earth no longer could be tolerant,
With that kind of violence and lies,
If people totally unarm nobody cries.

If we are not unarm we will listen serene that is rude,
But that time it will be too late and no need to prove,
There is needed change to optimistic attitude our mood,
To positive temper and to keep doing it all for good,

With global importance in this special case,
Entire world need to be in harmonically space,
It could be without desperateness and fake fierce,
And it needed to be much more in love and grace.

Consequences of arming could be tremendously cost,
That everyone’s live in the Earth could be lost,
Some of countries tried to compete in insanity,
Trying to fulfill their crazy fantasy of inhumanity,

He is in the first order to care up to transparency,
For people’s supreme condition and prosperity,
He perfectly understands beyond any doubt,
What kind of motive people up to for supremacy,

All people support him with great peaceful progress,
He is eagerly trying to stop any kind of madness,
For enormous actions greatly thanks for Nursultan,
He always does care whereas other one tries to mess.

There exist the unique heroes within public,
Each one has own powerful impact with chic,
Among us unusual hero with extraordinary trip,
His heroic actions make him so respected titanic.

The meaning of the exploit which is,
That he says in one slogan without cease,
“Let’s stop the catastrophes happen”,
People together could make world with peace.

The great action,
Right action,
True action,
Proud action,

Becoming one of the ultimate one,
And destroying dangerous weapon,
Rejecting the title with power,
Hoping new era will be began,

This hero always to have rope,
With the big moral and strong hope,
Those other heroes in passion,
Expecting to change their mind’s lope,

People are going to follow his great action,
He did it by himself and it’s not fiction,
Enormous amount of nuclear weapons,
Including very dangerous ones with cons,

In this case hero is Nursultan,
He chooses peaceful way to run,
He understands that’s essential,
He manages to avoid using the gun.

He is aware all of these damages,
He always very wisely manages.
He always cares all kind of peoples,
By further seeing historical pages,

Since that action everybody admire,
As a true contemporary hero with hoping fire,
He is always thinking about all of people,
As true hero do in this case with big desire,

Thanks to the hero people living in peace,
Nursultan is never trying to be in ace,
Whatever he tries to do, he always achieves,
With pure heart Nursultan is always for peace.

Nursultan is against to violence and being upset,
Because the hero is in side of justice and peace to set,
He absolutely knows what cost and price is for,
From nuclear damages some nations still suffer and fret.

Several years ago as remember,
In some hearts it’s still an ember,
He is making the peace in the world,
Proof that he is peacemaker’s member,

He has now any kind of own genius purposes,
Aiming to improve the world like blooming roses,
Because people share the knowledge and experiences,
Everyone in the world should be happy without any losses.

Some people can just simply lose control,
And they could use nuclear powers to roll,
International police going to cease,
Everybody in earth is hoping for peace.

People is making that it will never be the case,
It is true that people need to stand up in base,
And also we must pull out all stops to ensure,
That we do not deal with a nuclear jam phase.

His total power is honest absolutely,
His power can be even more enticingly,
It is rather than an attractive paramour,
Nuclear weapons are needed no more.

The great policy is restricted to have,
So all people choose peace and love,
And all the way to reject to having it,
He wants to protect people with love.

Like protect and sheltering folks with eager,
Destroying the nuclear weapons like tiger,
Nations have in all respects for Nursultan in that,
He always interests in becoming a peacekeeper.

He has the audacity supporting by nations to run,
He wants to completely pursue to forbid nuclear jam,
Then he with all possibility tries to recover who suffer,
From nuclear explosions give them peaceful offer

He is aiming for nuclear destruction,
Because he has peaceful democratic intention,
He is favoring not only with own outstand
But also he cares entire world to stand,

His marvelous actions definitely reminds the vibe,
One of heroes, who stand for peace over his life,
All people know that he is the greatest one,
He is sacrificing his life for nations to thrive.

Everybody expect that from true champion,
Like expecting good song from Celine Dion,
Everybody is a truly and peacefully satisfied by him,
Since he reminds us somewhat of great phenomenon,

So there is no question about it,
When he is worrying about to fit,
Other authorities start follows him without any abuse,
He is with his heroic actions like an international muse.

He inspires everybody to live in peace and unarm,
Ultimate peace in our beautiful world with charm,
He is morally as rich but not materially,
Everybody says it in kind of any swarm.

He believes to comprehend the peaceful message,
All together bringing the folks to right passage,
Nuclear weapons are very harmful and not good,
Considering position and personality with courage,

He keeps inside the spirit of great proud folk,
To conclude, no matter how he tries to hard to talk,
In any case everybody always supports him,
Because people truly believe in him without any dim,

Truly taking actions with all of pure heart,
On making an extremely wise decision in each part,
It is everybody’s benefit as suppose to be,
I’m not hoping, I’m sure because he is so smart.

He makes commensurate effort in each season,
At external liaison he displays every own vision.
Due to communication entire world is becoming smaller,
It is very wise that considering the security for some reason.

He has been shown as smart and wise,
For benefit of humanity to rise,
Trying to always make for people a peace,
We are belong Earth and there people breathe.

People should worry about Earth as our actions reflective,
Nuclear weapons have to be put in proper perspective.
People cannot afford to get carried away by blind emotion.
United forces also need to be employed and put into motion.

It’s a fair matching where people can loose or win,
People stand up to loose any kind of bombs with sin,
It does matter peoples view to nuclear weapons,
And so try to use indigenous sources to clear begin,

Since entire world has great nuclear achievements,
Nursultan thinks that to extent to clever nuclear segments,
He has generally proved to the world toward,
He has great nuclear handling aptitude forward.

Nations that is based on atomic fission,
Intentions for cultural and social fusion,
Nursultan never focuses on making hydrogen bombs,
He is focusing on making Earth more a spiritual region,

Helping in straightway aiming on the nuclear thrust,
Instead of building bombs that can catastrophically burst,
To resolve a trouble he has both systems and motives,
He is focusing on building goodwill and trust,

Once he is already taking care of all of humanity,
For other he has focal point on a cultural unity,
In management to focus in alternative harmless weapons,
It is on generating energy for future prospective of reality.

He is pursuing the country being the nuclear host,
He always is carefully examining risking for fair cost,
Nursultan is the hero that making wise salvations,
Like no more mushroom clouds and no more lost.

To remove darkness from sky and to make bright light loom,
He is going to bring the brightest light into everyone’s room.
Like it’s his duty to care about entire world,
He is able to prevail in that for whole world.

His advice let this be loudly read and heard,
People cannot afford definitely chaos in the world.
So he makes change in word for absolute serenity,
Everybody is proud with magnificent dignity.

Entire world has seen that he is a chosen man,
He is always shining like the sun,
It is important to get across world,
He is not going to remain quiet in run.

The first nuclear reactors was built with cord,
In Caspian shore as they that time afford,
Making the better the life by supplying with water,
He is supporting the peace in the world.

It was the first nuclear achievement,
Everybody was so glad for that,
Kind of sign that nuclear age has come,
It is bringing the easiness to human,

Never having doubt on in contemplation,
For all that nuclear waste operation,
He is analyzing future perspective,
recognizing each dangerous situation,

He is making a waste management organization,
Committees is merging and dealing with radiation,
To dig a hole and hide these spent nuclear rods away,
Deep in desert someplace safety way,

Nuclear stuff stays active for thousands of years,
And he is again and again sacrificing himself,
From danger saving forward whole world,
He is bravely standing up for entire world.

Environmental assessment is a phrase that to use,
to rid of nuclear stuff and continue in right ruse,
People are the fortunate, who will eventually win with muse;
Nursultan calls a moratorium on all this nuclear to lose.

People should not always use gas, coal or oil - enough is enough,
They extremely polluted so much leading situation that is very rough,
So let’s be accurately educated and use nuclear accurately,
Concerning about disaster that is forbidden with executions tough.

This exclusive nuclear cult should be very smart,
It needed huge obligations and responsibilities to be the part.
With the first nuclear reactor came to world nuclear commitment,
Wise nuclear decision has come out with the fact of that nuclear art.

Like Alexander Great or Lincoln as being summit,
He always does this kind of brave things to commit,
Everywhere every true hero ready for that,
That is called sacrifice himself to human benefit.

Nursultan delivers his duty with esteem,
This duty is everyone’s main dream,
And in every country it is main stream,
For that people are thanking for him.

Everyone in the world live in their reality,
Dream that to live in peace without formality,
His mission is going to fulfill people’s dream
By using his unbelievable own creativity,

He is making nuclear bank for any cost,
Like his duty having a very important post,
For all the people and God’s sake,
To avoid distribution of any waste,

Nursultan’s action with this phase,
Remind me pride Megatron’s case,
In the movie called Transformers,
That is all about intergalactic race,

He is happy hearing voices of smiling children much more,
So he worry about their future like non other hero before,
Doing whatever it takes during his life span for all generation,
To bring them full happy colorful life in the lifetime core.

Then there will be true peace and prosperities,
In the Earth because of his sincere priorities,
People going to be finally happy with being united,
One world and one dream come true as it posited.

Currently it is the one world one dream,
As almost everyone understand the stream,
To pray for nuclear weapon free world,
Most ones see big picture guiding forward,

Nuclear weapons in the world of current,
To exist in these way for saving our planet,
Dream with peaceful world people need,
He cares up for each one like a parent.

Each has own disadvantages as well as long,
Nuclear weapons is destroyed in safely prolongs,
For peaceful reason each person in entire world
People need to see suffering Earth that we are belongs.

Nuclear power is one of the great resolutions,
It’s for energy deficient and supplying solutions,
Although the some people are resisting and arguing,
One of them with fair while others with illusions,

He always compares own opinion with other rest,
To try protecting corporate nations peaceful interest,
Nursultan is only doing everything to solve this dilemma,
For people he is doing it at once like a proved lemma.

That’s so good and miracles are going to come,
Most people live as nothing extraordinary is done.
Everything is fine and God on his side,
He is always building the hope for everyone.

That is happen in this real world,
One true hero stays in his swearing word.
He always convinces whole world,
To quit nuclear production around the world,

People do need him to guide through,
Everybody has own rights and own true,
For the environment a tremendous favor,
Nuclear production is necessary clue,

Nuclear powered electrical production,
In the future folks come to induction,
Nuclear power has the ability to energize,
Using nuclear product with chained reaction.

In new age just catch up with new technologies,
Here comes nuclear age with many prodigies,
Everybody admits this ever and forever,
He protects all people with own privileges.

Quickly developed like rapidly as possible,
He saves people from energy deficient hustle,
Solving the nuclear dilemma forever,
Tech-driven new age with anonymity like ever,

All people need to trust each other as average,
Every nation each other helps without getting rage,
To souls, that nurtures each other,
In nuclear age like clever age,

Emerging global concept of the century,
That glitters is in nuclear power for electricity,
People can use carefully and safety,
Reveling the achievement of chemistry,

Evidence from every corner and every elevation,
Just trust to Nursultan Nazarbayev’s intention,
And the verdict will reach final decision,
For the prosperity and full happiness with great fusion,

Nursultan cares up nuclear security of world as wisely to run,
Knowing distinction between history and modernity without any pun,
The alacrity of growth in the new nuclear century,
He makes people to look anew first of all concerning shining sun.

Nursultan makes beneficial nuclear weapon to state prosperities,
He is ascertain in successful control over nuclear technological rates,
Improvement toward with weapons of mass destruction,
And now he tries to guarantee the rights of sovereign states,

For peaceful nuclear maturity,
In the nuclear sphere’s equality,
Only through diplomatic solution,
He is always solving it with integrity.

He is making fruitful unique decision,
And working to strengthen his vision,
Ensuring of its universality,
World is expecting from his liberality.

Nursultan has also to put forward great ideas idyllically,
Developing a new universal treaty on comprehensive horizontally,
And the same time vertical non-proliferation of nuclear weapons
Big correct steps for the future will be made precisely.

Nursultan forwards to creating and making tender,
For international nuclear security education center,
There should be no more possible mistakes,
Because it could cost catastrophe to waste lakes,

He did from moratorium to complete ban on nuclear tests,
Shutting down test site of nuclear weapons and other rests,
Nursultan declared the international day against nuclear tests,
With peaceful foreign policy Nursultan successfully cooperates.

The world powers on nuclear tests is an important and accumulative,
But test nuclear bombs far away from Earth for long-term perspective,
Nursultan welcomes the decision of Barack Obama,
And his opinion about nuclear weapons as it’s so innovative,

Development of peaceful nuclear programs,
They are legitimate as international law with long spans,
Kazakhstan with its major resources of natural uranium,
All are for the development of peaceful atomic programs.

Becoming one of the world’s technological chain rank,
Everybody supports the idea of an international nuclear fuel bank,
Nursultan is not only ready to host such a bank on the territory,
But also to ensure the proper storage of nuclear fuel tank,

Everybody reassurances that Nursultan will never cross the line,
Separating a peaceful nuclear program from a military major prime,
Nursultan makes real movement toward a nuclear weapons-free world,
He is seriously consider the experience of global nuclear design.

Weapons-free zones making attention on several standards,
Nuclear disarmament and the peaceful use of atomic energy with starts,
The prospects of reaching a nuclear weapons-free world,
All depend on Nursultan’s convincing peaceful arts.

True multipolarity is possible with ultimate democracy,
As an instrument of taking into account has clear accuracy,
And spread into the realm of international affairs as well,
Showing everyone that there is no more private secrecy,

Someone has or doesn’t nuclear technology that is bounced,
Nursultan’s leadership is having voluntarily renounced,
Leading the world’s fourth-largest nuclear arsenal,
He is continuing to be a reliable true hero as announced.

For the international community on issues of nonproliferation,
Disarmament and the peaceful use of atomic energy in the nation,
All policies on these issues are remain so equally balanced,
All of them are consistent and responsible in each with clarification.

The world today is not an arena of nuclear conflictions,
There are many solutions to those contradictions,
In the hands of a decision-makers like Nursultan,
It is going to be peaceful world without any jurisdictions.

He is the ideal example of hero with prominence,
And he has experience that has such a big importance,
As the world is becoming peaceful without getting intense
For nuclear power plants he is looking with high competence.

Developing space program

Everybody thinks that it is always the space,
With curiosity one of spiritual guiding place,
Making magical and powerfully curious interest,
It’s mysterious field with great developing pace.

Almost always and ever,
Since ancient times till forever,
Always curiousness to space,
As God’s chef-d'oeuvre to aver,

With scientific vision for space as ever,
As always it sounds so amazingly clever,
Every man with potential growth,
Every country in holy Mother Earth,

With great intelligence Nursultan knows with pace,
That everyone is desperately curious to space,
From purely innocent childhood phase,
With confidence he is leading to will and grace.

He knows people forever truly love,
To observe all stars in the sky above,
Most of them all night long and all alone,
He always fights for people as before he strove.

Kind of in very intensively developing race,
He is trying to discover new cosmic place,
So it’s brand new aspiring hope,
For the greatest salvation with grace,

It’s the right road for nations,
And for bloomed generations,
And it’s the one of the keys,
For ideal supreme salvations,

Countless books were written with inspirations,
About mystical space for exploring motivations,
And all kind of sciences based remarkable fantasies,
All of them are getting praise with space temptations.

The movie industry in rise,
From Jorge Lucas’s franchise,
Great movies like “Star Wars”,
With six chapters with big price,

To James Cameron’s after dozen years of effort,
Incredible movie “Avatar” making movie history record,
“Oops! I did it again” video’s incredible success,
From Britney Spears who is iconic pop princess,

All of this shows that space is enthused dream,
Inspired by space exploration team,
That has all miraculous fantasies,
With mind-blowing success in life stream,

All of that prove almost everyone,
Curious and exited with all alone,
About the mysterious space,
And it’s great race to run.

Eurasian heart has main sacred space gate,
It has own essences with ultimate cultrate.
From the very first satellite to the very first pet as space mate,
From the first astronaut to the first tourist with paces to rate,

All fly from main gate with contentment
It means a lot of promising commitment,
Enormous responsibility by Nursultan,
He manages with the space with needed ability.

It’s like to be responsible for all nations destiny,
Thanks for NASA’s help and local content comity,
Everybody from pure hearts to truly commend Nursultan,
He is always leads to absolute space prosperity.

So he is going to be the generous one,
That he opens space gate to everyone,
Making much faster trance development,
He accelerates blooming galaxy in run.

It’s classically called the dream like brand new,
People can imagine the dreams like in the crew,
In the space the shuttle will take people far,
all kinds of galactic tracks to fly as he knew.

Unbelievable mystical cosmos face,
People want to go in there to every place.
With incredibly fast as possible pace,
Inside of unlimited and mystical space,

That surely causes uncertainness in pace,
for welcoming he is thanking mother space,
to keep tremendous exploring with grow,
With love from all of people below,

His space eagerness will rise like the man,
Brightly shining within so he looks like a sun,
He explores space and seriously he cares,
Faith is complete set stars in galaxy to run.

His generosity is compared with unlimited space,
Earth’s looks small almost nothing at all in space,
Nursultan always is bright and clear as true hero,
In Earth where is a place with incredible grace.

Space that is complete mystical and unclear,
He goes on observation around the stars’ spear,
He is looking salvation for folks from the space,
Ultimate galaxy looks like big giant as stars appear.

In space somewhere creatures must living,
And about Earth they also are not suspecting,
in this borderless unlimited galaxy that is so old,
it’s obvious in space everyone wants someone to hold.

Nursultan always makes wishes on,
and then space explorations to be going on,
Bright stars get loosen in his way of sockets,
He finds the way with shuttle kind of rockets.

Though Nurslutan wants space to display,
He watches stars trips as they portray,
He persuadably searches where clue is;
He has within the brightest shining ray.

He always has for people exclusive tip,
for all people to carry in to future in trip.
And he makes a great futuristic big deal;
He looks foward giant achievements trip.

He has enthusiastic ideas with credit,
Throughout space for human benefit,
Space with humanity without conflict,
As it let us one day we all will fly as predict.

And he precisely knows exactly why,
People are always curious about the sky,
He likes a star that is brightly shining,
He has remarkable starry light within lining.

He feels with sixth sense to shine,
In Eurasian heart mysterious space line,
that nobody obviously cannot decline,
It’s soon that space with humanity will combine.

Counting the stars as they glitter bright white is lovely indeed,
a marvelous sight as the first trip in observation to lead,
Nursultan has big intention and he always has a feeling that,
It comes softly studying when his head with stars is reeling deed.

He is encouraging everybody to space,
To shuttles and space ships with grace,
That interlace with suns and moons,
across the sea of light that rims galactic race.

He is inspiring to all who wants to fly,
and those who seek new worlds in sky,
from his home planet swirled in blue,
a long peaceful calm looking for clue.

There are heroes with space helping dream come true,
They are so modest and they are never getting blue,
One of them Nazarbayev who sacrifice own life,
This is kind way to unite nations with heart clue.

Its like that silk way use to be in the way of the best,
The bridge between wise east and innovative west,
And then unfortunately it was closed for centuries,
Now it opens up again very second time with thirst.

Nursultan reconstruct that bridge like he must,
Bringing it new label making it like combust,
There going to be new privileged conditions with alliance,
Nursultan is for space salvation earning all nations trust.

There is going to be new age of space developments,
Which is going safe people all catastrophic possible events,
Connection west with east transfer to space and earth,
Intergalactic cultures are collaborating brand new trends.

This kind of alliance is so gently and naturally synthetic,
Trance – culture of new era is so advanced cybernetic,
As usually like cultural fusion in some countries,
Such as Canada and Australia with unique own chic,

This is the result consistently in cultural fusion,
All culture are carrying some space oriented vision,
People rely this is not silk way any more but spaceway,
Now spaceways has vital essence of life in cosmos season.

In ancient Greece all people with fames,
Naming the planets and stars with their names,
By gods and great people such as Pluto,
Attention is to space becoming more than tames.

When the space with inspiring blazing grace,
the fact that Nursultan simply cares gate to space,
About space all people deeply and truly believe in him,
He shows to all people space dream in galactic place.

In unique and never thought way,
all our dreams come true as they say,
Nursultan always is there for people,
in space with different directions as ray.

His love for space is transforming power;
Nursultan doesn't sleep to see sky in high tower,
He just holds space close then closer,
He feels the probabilities pulling sprat slower.

Since the old time it is with grace,
The distance between people and the space,
It is so many miles from Mother Earth,
People linger here on the Earth’s surface.

People are exploring stretches of nothingness,
Between the planets, separating the stars to stretch,
Nursultan is developing for people’s space program,
Incredibly nature so optimized making unique sketch.

Merely for mother space people grateful
He is making positive space beautiful,
He is making the home the entire galaxy,
Endless space is with sixth sense so purposeful.

He looks up and sees Mother Space,
Assuming that beyond that with trace,
Sprinkled with spinning spheres,
And spiraling wonders with grace.

Nursultan has grown vigorous now,
Holds himself ripe to breed to grow,
Space devises that he is managing,
He is never thinking anybody to throw,

Some people whole life to expect,
Intergalactic members grow erect.
Exploring without any fierce charge,
Our whole planet's skill is so large.

Courage, wealth, concentrated will,
Straining with lust to stamp to seal,
So bountifully on space,
So bright this magical sight to feel,

Nursultan is never sleeping at night,
Yet dark but as everybody sees his light,
Swirling before his wondering mind,
Space is always being full and bright.

He sights will he sees tonight,
Seeing beyond the dark skies delight,
Wondering its magnificent might,
At this he works all hollow night.

Space is giving people some fantastic life,
That’s a sight every midnight,
Hope on galaxy will help people,
He takes his eyes to see another sight.

He seems to have many sorts of trend,
No one can stop him, not even to bend,
His length can go on for decades,
And his grow ever bigger as intend.

He is looking into space with his telescope,
Something new to concentrate with scope,
He is gazing into this mysterious sky,
He is thinking the stars where he needs to fly.

Drooling over thinking about the way,
Adds to a list of reasons he likes to stay,
Those space missions stay as he cares,
Must be a lot of duty for him as dare,

Paranormal universe that God created it,
After all of it is perfect that he explores it,
Space is not just for entertainment,
Space is the place for life to be spent in it.

Things are always how he wants activity,
Here' a name for that and it’s called reality,
Space travel could be always the answer,
His space mission for people means prosperity.

All space ships are keeping coming back,
They always in galaxy choose the best track,
Nursultan learns many things about space,
To guide ways is his natural gifted luck.

In space people should share every planet,
Planets are becoming smaller and smaller to set,
Day by day he has figured out about terraformations,
He knows what to do all along and people for him let.

He knows people just wanted to be happily save,
Every space mission is as algorithmic as he gave
The ocean of time just wouldn't be the same space,
Mysterious pace is always a great place to wave.

With zero gravity as known in space galaxy
Everybody’s mind is eager to visit a galaxy,
Far to all stars, a magical place indeed,
The trip would be fast, it would not last waxy.

Some day people all might go to place up in space.
He helps to support this is the cure for years to race,
The twenty first century is already in present.
People are waiting for hero with a sign leading to grace.

Entering to the space speed up and never slow down,
All people can fly to space, so please don’t frown.
This is our future with joy thanking for Nursultan,
People wish upon a star thinking for him the crown.

Space gate is open for to attract,
Bayconur is the place for making retract,
The holly place from heart of Eurasia,
He is extraordinarily making it abstract.

This gate opens us all kind of star trek,
The gate for the future in this way without back,
Again and again he is stimulating space development,
With true pure heart to fulfill mission without lack,

Everybody is persuaded with grace,
He is leading people exact right place,
Through the gate to mysterious space,
And in exact time interval in space,

He with space program brings people together,
There is beginning and thanks each other,
He is guiding to universe waiting forever,
He shows the way to dream space to gather.

Uniting all religions

Nursultan always morally thinks with bright glance,
That in our life every religion is a spiritual guidance,
Having varieties like someone is singing in some churches,
In others ones people also incredibly optimistically dance.

Some churches have cheerful stages,
Others are trying to get rid of outrages,
Some houses of worship have solemn stands,
While others pray in silence as understands.

In some churches people pray loud,
Because they getting more intense and proud,
In the world so many religions to count,
To get heard the voices of Lord with crowd.

Ones have exiting extra ritual,
While another ones have own mutual,
Some with amazing pros,
While others ignorable cons.

Most of them have the same conception,
But unique ones exist also with no exception,
Such as inspiring with unique commencement
Religion is that with most ones without indignation.

People’s eyes want to see God as they desire,
They want to inexhaustibly attracted to admire,
Religions are that have each one within ingredients,
People inexhaustibly crave with and pray with fire.

To be part of flow for with an untamed zeal resembling,
Religion is innermost voices of awareness without trembling.
Religions is that that people want to happily celebrate,
People want to be united and share with each other feeling.

So remembering the religions cord,
Nursultan is uniting them forward,
People see that all major religions,
All are coming from pure heart toward.

Almost all people want to be united as he relieves,
Because people’s hearts beats and believes,
It doesn’t matter all backgrounds and races,
‘Cause all brothers and sisters like one tree’s leaves.

For each other forever and ever without any bother,
He thinks people need to unite and care each other,
He promotes necessity of presence of freedom,
Respecting each religion and making home each other.

Enough suspecting each other,
Enough living in worry and bother,
So let’s live in peaceful life,
Within union respecting each other,

There are so many people sacrificing their life,
For unity of religions people don’t need any knife,
Understanding each other all people will be succeed,
He is trying hard with pure heart for it as people need.

There is great hero that is so prominent,
Making unbelievable unique achievement,
With own exclusive dignity,
With true love for all humanity,

He changes the conception to the new height,
He multiples the holy trust without fight,
The trust all religions for each other,
He is of true twenty first century’s light.

He is not just all about to keep the peace,
Also he fights for it with position in ace,
Ultimate peace for everyone in the world,
He is always for peace and grace.

Most of great goals are religion related,
Nursultan is always positively motivated.
To bring together all existing religions,
It happens and successfully cultivated.

Before most people tried to unite as promise,
But most of them still living in compromise,
There are own special reasons for that,
Various kinds of religions are with own surprise.

Mostly required this kind of aspect
Like earning people’s trust and respect,
With hospitality and patience,
And enormous courage as people expect,

To unite is the action everybody is waiting for,
Religions are also spiritual concepts needing more,
People need rational daylight as smart mind,
It is our emotions, instinct, breath and native core.

Into the whole thinking of harmony toward,
nothing’s said till it's dreamed out in a word,
His dream is about uniting religions,
everything is true that figures in true award.

Religion is the large algorithm in loving repetition,
Like believing it should be without exhaustion,
Most religions are mobile, glancing, fixed centrally,
He is like the prophet within in all kinds of religion.

It is hard even imagine how,
To study carefully through the brow,
Making constantly observation,
It needs courage with instant grow.

He is constantly eager to protect,
He makes great amazed concept,
It appreciated with respect,
By all religions as people expect,

He manages with uniting imagination,
All the hard works with connation,
Sacrificing himself without any irritation,
With his whole his life for each nation,

Almost all religions represent unity and safety,
Almost everyone has privacy with dignity,
All people’s most need is trust and prosperity,
Somehow Nursultan gives people that with integrity.

He is making unity which is everlasting,
Nazarbayev has inter religion trusting,
All religions’ leaders follow him to unite,
To connect each other with understanding,

Trust very difficult to get,
That to earn the trust for uniting set,
The long and hard way without any regret
And it pays off in each as he seriously bet.

All religions are gathering with pure merry,
In one rounded table with mission to carry,
Union understanding each other without worry,
Today people live in peaceful life without sorry.

As equal each other since birth,
And living in the center of Earth,
That’s the way he wants to be,
That’s the way meant to be.

To respect to Mother Earth as must,
And that is everything for all people trust
He has spoken this day of union of religions,
All religions’ deeds with all positive reflections,

That is neither deeds nor reflections,
Nursultan can split faith from actions,
And his belief is from his occupations,
Nursultan is uniting religions as he mentions.

His spirit greatly encourages to freedom,
The freest action comes through his wisdom,
And he is who is worshipping is sovereignty,
His nature is algorithmic reality not a random.

Religions has many variety types to all,
Ones are bloomed while other ones fall,
Even people’s daily life is religion to call
Whenever folk desire they can do it with all.

Just people need to take actions in right site in right time,
Judicious religions is necessity for delight without any crime
It’s like in reverie all of this religions
People can raise his achievements due to prime.

He takes with him all preventions,
In pleased with all comprehensions,
People can fly higher as they hope it’s not odd,
People are the solvers of riddles given by God.

People know Nursultan playing with children with toy thing,
That time everyone understands wise of him like a wise king,
That he is the chosen one who comprehending,
People look into space and read prophesy about uniting.

Prophecy is written in magical shiny piece,
People see him innocent smiling with grace,
Waving his hands with open heart and smiling face,
His power of dream brings us to unite to embrace.

All religions primary purpose together stand,
But who unite all of them with big grand,
There is man-hero named Nursultan,
He does it for all people as they understand.

Most of the people have religions,
Even atheists have it for some reasons,
Science is also kind of religion as people know,
Nursultan says that all people need religion to grow.

People’s religion is people’s religion and so on,
His respect to all people chosen by God to go on,
And those people without religion orientating,
There is most man’s religion that is so inspiring.

Nursultan is in his leading way as smart,
It’s clearly seen that he follows his heart,
All people think about uniting part
And that is for our religion like craft,

For one as all others he has the same attitude,
Everybody cannot ignore this kind of gratitude,
The sincerely message from his pure heart,
Everyone praises Nursultan with own amplitude.

They wishing peace and prosperity with passion,
And Nursultan is obviously full with compassion,
He is bringing for religions the brightest light,
He is almighty doing it with some attraction.

People for sure is pleased by him seeing like king,
Nursultan’s big impression is for everybody to bring,
This is no wonder he always care about religions,
And he is not intending to strength his reputation.

That makes the trust in him like a great man,
He reveals to all people his holy uniting plan,
And his faiths on everybody’s heart run,
He is our guiding light like shining sun.

To show God’s blessings over him without spin,
His faith in pure hearts of people within,
That makes him a leader in the way of uniting
And other people define him like majestic king.

All of them have different rate,
But he has the true love of fate.
Nothing is to dispute in alliance of religions,
Religion is the firm faith of mind gate.

Every one delineate God in the religion,
All discern all religions are as well as occasion,
People can choose or not it’s their improvisation,
From one to another religion through transition,

This is a real grandeur of the man’s life,
Amalgamation of all religions is great idea with hive,
Man respects another man for respect with foreseen sight,
He respects all the religions from deep of heart with light.

Nursultan always saves and cares,
Two religions that he never compares,
This is the boasted bliss as he prepares,
He avails his faith that he totally repairs.

Thanks to Nursultan’s actions heaven are found,
Great stories recorded in the books with sound.
About great salvation made by heroes,
With freedom and pride as he is crowned,

Almost all of us have their religions,
Most people believe in their visions,
Like Nursultan most believe in unity,
He knows that he lives with origins.

He is proudly ready to be freed,
He has right to guide and to lead,
And do everything he has to do,
He has common sense as well as agreed.

Because he is the source of perception,
His bless path is clearly fortification,
People see in him great national leader,
He is consistently becoming people’s protection.

Nothing stops Nursultan getting what nation need,
Everybody without doubting believes in him, indeed,
He doesn’t look after number one and people know it,
Because he has incredible universal unique creed,

And if he doesn’t do something,
It is because its nation doesn’t need that thing,
Thanks to him clearly now the sun is shining,
As shown in our flag constantly waving,

Because Earth is sensitive and need care,
If we not care about nature, it’s not fair,
It means people should care about Earth,
Because the Earth is our mother without despair,

And Nursultan is like our father,
And people don't need here another,
He just always makes people’s wishes,
Everyone needs like him brother.

This is our handsome hero as people know,
Just for human benefit he understands about grow,
As he goes all the way because he can,
There are many religions of love to show.

Most of people believe in a something,
Like a religion of love with everything,
One in which everybody glorify in him,
He is in everybody’s heart with altar of spring.

Everybody for eternity kneels before God,
And everyone looks after him in every sod,
To find their desired sacred truth comparing,
Nursultan’s arms became our sacred spring.

All people declare and profess their desires.
Nursultan’s every words transformed through wire,
Into his genuineness in holy universe,
He finds for people salvation and everlasting fire.

By trusting him, everybody found it conceptive,
He shows religion from a different perspective,
Some people go to place of worship every day,
Get down on their knees and pray so consecutive.

To a man as defined as saver,
People cannot find anyone braver,
Then today one would expect,
Always do for people their favor,

He unites all nations as well as religion,
Time is come for that with approximation,
Everybody thrillingly feels salvation,
Nursultan promotes religion’s integration.

Nursultan sincerely unites in core,
Love and care all people and adore,
And he is loved by all kind of religions,
His passion keeps the obligation's fore.

Everyone knows his name precisely
Everybody wants to fly ceaselessly,
Country before family preservation,
Love is brethren in earnest supplication.

Arise in freedom to strike a greater chord,
Humanity before country, brings home true Lord,
In faith and patience, mould honest cast,
For glimmering peace, his actions are sort.

People’s sacred altar flows by proud,
Nursultan is our muse all around,
The leader leans back and surveys his work,
Pleasing from the beginning his crafts for crowd.

His concept about life is just simple like other,
And that he has essential core for all bother,
Therefore, he is the master of decision making,
He stands by that right until he reaches by another.

All religions are topics that basis on trust without limit,
It can create in our life colossal glory with big credit.
Almost everybody is regionally affected by each other,
Religion plays a part, in each and every human’s permit.

Religions are much consternation,
In almost all people of all nation,
With faith of what life’s essence is,
Affecting almost everybody’s motivation,

Religion polarizes the heart of men,
In ways people cannot grasp then,
Creating many united forces,
Religion all of them endorses.

For in the end, it shall be alliance of religions,
This is the one that God picks for regions,
Supported by the man’s religion,
Causing the world much endorsement fusion,

Religions going to merge together in the end,
In the beginning of total prosperity of trend,
Creating a gracious religious order,
It moves across every border without any pretend.

In the end religion can’t be precisely defined,
He faithfully brings us opulence as he is tried,
As everybody believes God’s prophecy,
The true prophet people cannot be denied.

He makes lifetime bloom in spring,
He has grown like fire rhythm to bring,
He is the most generous man that all know,
Everyone desperately wants advices of him.

With perceptive he permits society to fuse,
With people’s union never are causing a fuss,
People will always living in affluence with fiction,
Religion itself is all about passion and conviction.

Religion itself is all about belief with sincerity,
They cause indulgent and create veracity,
Most people are spiritual with pure hearts,
He brings light to minds stirring with creativity.

Some religions are the visible while others are the invisible,
Let his name set to hearts on fire that so hot and reasonable,
Release spirits with God’s will of thoughts so desirable
Nursultan always without any doubt feels so highly responsible.

Nursultan feels as endless as life free living,
This is great sentiment with this feeling,
And dream of counting countless happiness,
Nursultan is inspired to encourage thinking.

From spiritual and motivating exercise,
Nursultan heed concerning folks’ prize,
His heart beats like a drum tapped,
His smiling face is now concentrating concise.

Nursultan has tastes of major adore,
Religion is about trust and more,
He welcomes the past to ride a fortune,
Fixing places of worship, the elaboration of core,

No more complains for the memory that so vast,
It is about remembering and achieving so fast.
Nursultan leads to grace with absolute happiness,
He rides on the train of life and a school of trust.

There is special on part to each of us to play,
Nursultan is bringing the entire nation together to portray,
So righteous things are their deeds, then the innocence,
Nursultan thinks what kind of magic he has in his ray.

Expectations of OSCE

In entire history of the OSCE it’s the very first time,
The former Soviet Union country with neat divine,
Country chairing the OSCE with such unique sign,
It’s the OSCE’s big achievement going with prime.

With huge momentous significance and rareness,
It demonstrates good efficacy and effectiveness,
And all it’s principles of exclusive equality,
The union is all about nations in rapid progress.

Kazakhstan’s chairmanship is objective proof,
Ultimate country’s successes as being the roof,
During its couple decades years of independence,
It builds powerful economy without being intense.

For developed democratic sovereign States,
Kazakhstan’s Chairmanship demonstrates,
Uniquely acclimatizing to the current realities,
Aspirates the organization and uniquely renovates.

Taking the helm of the OSCE by Nursultan,
The systemic challenges is bringing without any con.
In inter or out ethnic and interreligious relations,
Facing modern society and this is for all need to stand.

Important task of the Kazakh chairmanship,
Consequently strengthen the organization in deep,
Multilateral institutions like the OSCE,
It needs utmost effort as the part of membership.

In addition, it helps to increase OSCE’s effectiveness,
Therefore, its ability to respond with appropriateness,
To the threats and challenges of the modern age,
Precedence of the chairmanship is consensus with clearness.

Ensuring that everything is in balance with peaceful intentions,
Paying attention with equal concern to all three dimensions,
Chosen as its chairmanship’s motto with the four «T»,
Trust, Transparency, Tolerance, and Traditions,

Kazakhstan is identified as current head of the Chairmanship,
The first T stands for trust in one another and it’s our sacred gift.
The second one refers to total commitment,
To the fundamental values of the OSCE’s friendship,

The third one conveys maximum openness,
Transparency in interrelations with effectiveness,
Free of double standards and dividing lines,
Focusing on co operation in order constructiveness,

To address threats and challenges to security,
The fourth one reflects the global trends to be safety,
Towards a strengthening of international dialogues,
Between cultures and civilizations with purity,

Gaining ever greater importance in current world,
Trust is the fundament of social life with great effort,
In OSCE it’s very vital and has true essence,
Our trust in your trust in each word in current presence,

He is building democracy made by trusting them all,
He is going to fill all the space so we never will fall.
The stairs of democracy let as to space of freedom,
When emerging to the peak, he is going to stay tall.

The power of his will determines all in this game,
He knows it’s not right to concentrate only for fame,
With the trust of the connections is strongly tight,
Nursultan chooses to unite nations to make it all right.

Trust is not just a simple word,
But also it still has meaning toward,
With whole uniting conceptions,
Trust is a feeling to show forward.

Trust is always worth achieving,
Trust is a his faith that is attaching,
Trust is most expectation from him,
Trust shows his capability leading.

Bringing nations together to live,
Nursultan is always with believe,
Fueled by love of all nations he has,
Nursultan’s trust is so constructive.

People cannot buy trust for money,
Trust must be earned in long journey,
Everyone should earned each other trust,
And do not lost it in any case and day,

Uniting plan that is grown,
People trust that need to earn,
Almost everybody wants to say in the world,
I trust with a secret to everybody and on my own.

Without trust it’s hard to live in trip,
Without trust there cannot be any friendship,
Without friendship, there cannot be any trust.
Trust is the most important factor in a relationship.

The second one is traditions,
In each nation has own traditions,
In times if comprehend each other,
We're no longer different nations,

And he has shown his acceptance with those.
He hopes our children will do as they suppose.
See how special this moment is for people,
Just how much he loves them all with sacred purpose.

All kind of traditions has meaning to us,
OSCE’s mandate is fulfilled with trust,
But most important, the joining of union,
Love of all people that have peaceful opinion,

The acceptance of them in life,
The warmth of their hearts inside,
Remember he always is here to support,
If people need a shoulder to cry on with pride,

He remember all nations’ traditions,
He is always with uniting missions,
With traditions and specifics,
This journey is with all nations.

Life is journey not about destination,
Started for the beginnings of each nation,
He is eagerly uniting all nations,
He does everything only for nations.

Beyond the having a formal brilliant education,
Nursultan always seeks to teach with temptation,
Like those who are of conceptual talents,
Like many of heroes he has shown own demonstration.

World is fast developing and grow,
So there is one hero that is necessary to know,
To innovative thinking and great actions,
With a dose of creativity impose to show,

He always uses marvelously his talent as intend,
So he is intellectually gifted without pretend,
To deductively and inductively analyze and dissect,
He has already been depicting true hero to prevent.

People’s life devoid from danger,
And people are enjoy without any anger,
Gratituding for his intellectualizing action,
Everyone is with own traditions without any hanger.

He is grateful for all traditions,
All traditions have big ambitions,
He is giving thanks for blessings,
Gratifying for his optimistic missions,

For these uniting sacred missions,
With all conditions and traditions,
He has been chosen to be a leader,
Living for nations with inspirations,

Everybody never bored with the expectations on him,
There is nothing wrong with following sacred team,
Dreams are dreamt to be followed,
With all traditions of all nations within,

All time traditions all histories to address,
All nations are proud of their own progress.
All cultures for some reason are strong,
Let’s united with traditions without to aggress.

Transparency caged cosmic passions,
To invisible horizons of causations,
Stretching unduly in pride,
He doesn’t do that causing cautions,

Just to unite and he is not pretend.
All we need is connect each other to protect,
And here he shines with rays so bright,
As always he use to as expect,

That’s him that will forever,
He is always for nation favorite treasure,
His sunny rays always shine to everyone,
That’s our transparency lasting ever,

He leads to the shining sun to immaculate,
To see if some need his help to participate,
Everybody is eager to see how nations united,
Transparencies of feelings concealed to anticipate,

As personality, this is how such stuff should be,
And he is doing help to aid and to liberate,
And it is not all about pride but to be free,
To be with tolerance with open welcoming gate,

Everybody sees that he with tolerance speaking on,
All kind of tradition's manacles is going on,
Along with social constant developments,
No more tolerance but friendship now on,

Empyreal peace of human culture,
Evanescing pattern of life's nature,
Now tolerance is our human part,
Being together to see a whole picture,

Nursultan holds our hopes and all our dreams so dear,
At any given moment, he fulfils them without any fear,
Let's end this reign of violence, and halt these vice designs,
We are all in this as one human race, to that we must resign,

This does really help lot to rub out bigotry,
He knows that humans can’t be with perfect history,
To a higher level Nursultan is strong and mighty,
Shining hero with a pure beating heart with glory,

Thanks for Nursultan blood running threw our vanes,
Everybody as well as he can be tolerant without canes,
The OSCE’s development is to expand the basis,
For consensus on fundamental questions as it contains,

To overcome dividing lines in the OSCE locale,
To strengthen mutual respects in unique scale,
To ensure the equal participation of all,
In keeping with global goal to stay tall,

To promote the principles of impartiality,
A balanced approach and neutrality –
Guiding by the interests of members,
All of these being the characteristics of honesty,

In setting the priorities for its chairmanship of OSCE,
Endeavoring to take into account all interests of OSCE,
Nursultan firmly adhere to the fundamental principles,
As commitment of the chairmanship of the OSCE,

He manages values of the organization for all human benefit,
It can to strengthen the effectiveness and OSCE authority to fit,
Regional location helping to resolve conflicts,
To stay an important item on the OSCE’s agenda is to commit.

Conflict resolution Kazakhstan will firmly adhere,
To the principle of continuity, focusing clear,
On the promotion of constructive dialogues,
And the search for a possible consensus is near.

He replies an urgent need response in the OSCE vicinity,
The identification of potential conflicts with a sensibility,
To preventing them and efforts to hinder those phenomena,
That lead to unity is of paramount importance with integrity.

It will be greater monitoring of trends,
Great importance will be given to work together as friends,
Prevention and response mechanisms to resolve,
To ensuring a usual life for the all population without intense,

OSCE observers to a matter of importance for assumption,
Kazakhstan will work towards resumption,
Promoting political dialogue,
Dealing the negotiation process conation,

Essential of field operations with connotation,
To support the all countries suggestion,
View to preventing them,
The promotion of democratization,

The rules of law and human rights, significance,
In the strengthening of democracy balance,
And in the development of civil society,
With the Kazakh Chairmanship importance,

He intends to exploit the OSCE’s potential,
For the development of regional co operation to intentional,
New threats and challenges to security,
And expanding co operation in the transport sector primeval,

In keeping with the decisions adopted,
To engage in a structured,
Goal oriented dialogue on the future,
Aimed at moving from consulted,

On individual questions to substantive negotiations,
Extremely important to preserve the conventions,
To consider the proposal,
Control regime and to resume constructions,

Finding a way out of the supreme motivation,
Nursultan believes piece and unity in this procreation,
For it surely has serious expert potential,
And is capable of making a significant contribution,

To the process of reaching an agreement,
Nursultan advocates the strengthening congruent,
The role of in the consideration,
A number of important goals concernment,

The Kazakh Chairmanship is always ready for cooperation,
The practice of holding joint meetings with great temptation,
The Chairmanship is pleased that the participating all members,
It has acknowledged that there is the need for proclamation,

He gives OSCE great contribution with international efforts,
Therefore, he absolutely deserves high praise and comforts,
He intends to support the holding of OSCE events surplus ammunitions,
He has made a significant and universally recognized contribution.

To the worldwide process of non proliferation,
Adding value in the OSCE’s work with clarification,
He is ready to promote dialogue on further joint measures,
In support of the progressive implementation,

His priorities regarding the non military aspects of security,
Attention will be paid to the new challenges of the modernity,
And to improving the relevant mechanisms,
Making it possible to achieve a qualitative comity,

New level of participation in collective efforts,
He always supports specific projects towards,
Assisting in the holding of thematic seminars,
Today the concept of European security with comforts,

Euro Atlantic ties extended with the vast expanse of Eurasian lands,
Nursultan therefore intends to take perspective into accounts,
Pay heightened attention to the needs of that part of the OSCE region,
Nursultan views the development of the situation in that recount.

From the point of view of global security,
There is to change the focus of the serenity,
To combat these challenges of the modern age,
To the elimination of the sources of those nonentity,

The theme was selected in line with community,
The efforts being made to ensure continuity,
Consistency in the OSCE’s work in all dimensions,
Best practices in border crossing management with purity.

Harmonization of national laws without interruption,
Regulations with a view to combating corruption,
Vastly development of public private partnerships,
Facilitation of trade and customs procedures of interaction,

Development of international transport infrastructure,
Environmental security like transport any hazardous fracture,
Preamble introduction of new advanced technologies,
New trends and challenges along with in contracture.

Great achievements and experience are gained,
Vast development of the transport sector as it trained,
Fundamental platform for overcoming differences,
In the levels of development of the OSCE countries sustained,

Especially in view received proper consideration,
He provides an additional impetus to discussions,
As whole world emerge from the global crisis,
The topic is extremely relevant for further missions,

Inter alias by making use of the meeting,
The elaboration of common approaching,
The Chairmanship’s efforts will be geared towards,
As part of world he desires to raise the profile that suiting,

Establish two new posts for transport types,
The human dimension remains key item of hypes,
It will continue to support freedom of the media,
Human and fundamental freedom’s rights,

A focus of the Chairmanship’s attention,
He gives positive experienced prevention,
In building a society based on inter-ethnic,
And interconfessional harmony to mention,

Contribution to the discussion of co operation expanse,
All different cultures and religions need each other acceptance,
And intercultural dialogue as a most pressing issue,
Nursultan emphasizes on promoting great tolerance,

And the practical implementation of decisions,
He actively involves in the preparatory visions,
And he substantively works for great alliance,
He concentrates the harmonious integrations.

He is up into society through education,
The reason to develop humanitarian medication,
He makes it possible for people around the world,
To develop a distinctive identity of population,

Enabling them to play for each one a full role,
The economic, social and political life of society’s pole,
In continuing co operation with the OSCE,
Nursultan intends to hold a supplementary goal,

The integration of nations through education entrance,
And also to continue promotion of gender balance,
And the ensuring of equal rights everywhere,
Nursultan will continue work on key points of acceptance,

The rule of law, the independence of judgment,
The prevention of hate crime, violence of movement,
Review of the implementation of commitments,
Regarding the observance to implement,

Fundamental human rights and civil liberty,
Moreover, the rights of global sovereignty,
Different structures and diverse partners,
Kazakhstan attaches particular integrity.

And with all the OSCE executive’s attractions,
Nursultan works to strengthen it with perfections,
The important and vital role of the organization,
In view of its important contributions,

To ensuring political dialogue among States,
He is making the program and expert activities,
The work of the institutions and field operations,
Freedom of the media constitute key of machineries,

For protecting and promoting human constitution,
The chairmanship pays particular attention,
To the work of the OSCE’s main field mission,
At the request of the host countries’ contribution,

Nursultan always offers significant assistance,
Support in the implementation of progress of independence,
With a view to increasing the effectiveness of the work,
He is continuing to give consideration to condense.

To different ways of strengthening the OSCE reputation,
Including the possibility of setting up with temptation,
To draft consensus based essential proposals,
Nursultan attaches great importance in participation.

To the administrative aspects of the organization’s work,
As the basis for the successfully achieving goal of bloc,
His active work to resolve outstanding issues in global arena,
Important area of work for the chairmanship without any lock,

Particular attention is in this sphere paid,
To strengthening collaboration between people to rate,
Nursultan co ordinates the organization’s work,
He constantly observes all conflicts to terminate.

He pays particular attention devoted stipulations,
All of this to developing the OSCE’s co operations,
Other organizations on the basis of the platform,
For co operative security, including the United Nations,

A major priority of the chairmanship of the OSCE,
It works towards the convening of the OSCE.
Breathe new life into the organization’s activities,
To provide a fresh impulse to it in the situation of OSCE,

A common interest in the holding of an OSCE with commitments,
Importance in the european security architecture arrangements,
Nursultan is always listen new ideas and initiatives,
Unite all the participating States together in agreements.

To determine the substance of a summit convention,
Nursultan behave of Kazakhstan intends to continue the tradition,
Participating States with a formal and informal unity,
It has an opportunity to continue uniting mission.

Of the pressing issues concerned with the future of european accuracy,
The effectiveness of the existing mechanisms of preventive diplomacy,
Joint measures to counter the threats and challenges of the modern age,
Various other aspects are involved in holding a summit about democracy.

In view of the unique nature of the OSCE alliance,
To raise the profile increasing effectiveness and condense,
All indicative intentions of Nursultan Nazarbayev,
Geographical position of it with importance,

Reiterates its important transit and transportation function,
The human dimensions are always without sanction,
Currently developing fundamental ultimate freedoms,
Human rights and he wants to pay more attention to junction.

The importance of tolerance is being deserved,
A multi-ethnic and multi-confessional state as it serves,
Where enormous ethnic groups of religious denominations,
It has lived in friendship and harmony for years of reserves.

There is a global concern analyzed,
True leader Nursultan that’s emphasized,
In the founding credentials of the OSCE,
Naturally he makes adhere to sympathized.

He thinks all areas should be in balance,
There shouldn’t be distortions within trance,
There has been occurred blooming age,
When one issue gets priority with importance,

It’s so ancient at the same time young democratic state,
And no doubt on the beginning of its path to be great,
Democracy for people is not the beginning,
It is the end of the path and starts absolute prosperity plate.

For the OSCE presidency, he has made a further step,
Expanding opportunities for media freedom as expect,
Nursultan is making people’s happiness first, then politics,
As a vital part of pursuing integration with Europe to protect,

Preparations for advanced for chairing the organization,
And the assertion that the underlying positive temptation,
That is Nursultan’s plans to deepen build up,
Emphasis is might be the clearest indication,

It’s western emphasis within its strategic planning,
Nursultan wants to be regarded as a reliable running,
Outstanding social and economic reforms,
Nursultan always is actively mutually in his leading


By concluding heroic story of true hero with provident,
the greatest mercy he gives for each one desirable confident,
He was born with destiny and now he is for hopes of nation to fulfill,
He gives democratic elucidation with comprehending commitment,

With his unquestionable mercy people trust in him most eagerly,
He speaks the speeches with open heart and it comes so easily,
World always respect him and by now whole world pleasantly knows,
The importance of that he is becoming a leader crucially and vitally.

People always watchfully care about magnificent heroes like him,
Because people are seeing and amazing actions that are done by him,
Everybody is more than just satisfied by heroic actions done by him;
His relationship with neighbors is affable friendly with great esteem.

Everybody knows him from very beginning,
The main award he is sought after winning,
He is making positive development in his leading,
All people around the world are excitingly exulting.

Nursultan is true hero in contemporary and modern age,
Everybody’s desire story and time is come for that to divulge,
All hearts beats quickly and souls inspired in his inspiring case,
‘Cause he is Mother Nature’s chosen son with special privilege.

I’m concluding this epic poetry not just with great pride,
To bring the true heroic legend with the brightness to confide
Whole world is blessed with him in every way of this meaning
The poetry is all about true heroic story with total bright side.

Everybody is so delights to him with feeling that gratifying and grateful,
Everybody believes in that he makes in our life some greatly changeful.
When great national leader in complete charge,
He is doing with perfection that is so chic and beautiful.

I’m not talking about holy prophet,
I’m talking about the man with no fret,
For whom admired entire world,
And here is nothing to faking pretend.

First of all, he is uniting the all religions,
And all nations from almost all regions,
They are sitting rounded table in harmoniously chart,
This sacred union is happen in Eurasian blessed heart.

Secondly, despite having to be potential powerful country,
He destroyed weapons to become peaceful country.
It happen first time since past times with great leaders,
Such as noble Lincoln with education without boundary,

He achieves splendid of level of success,
Calling it sacrifice to human benefit with his best,
The way he does by opening his pure heart,
With hope and trust he is giving people open access.

In finding correct ways to bring to human benefit,
He lost the sleep at night worrying more than a bit,
I truly trust in ways of his magnificently lead,
The brightest future is coming to all people to fit.

In that time what knowledge and action to expect,
Without knowing how it could be in the set,
Nursultan is always concerning to know,
Result of trusting in him is living with respect.

That’s why to him huge honored respect,
He really wants to people to safely protect,
He is not going to really push the button,
Because he knows managing ways to select,

Hidden story with golden letters is encoded,
That there exists the hero as the fact as recorded,
Everybody thinks about him as he is chosen one,
He is constantly growing with people as concurred,

In the world heroes comes from variety ride,
Some of them want to choose simple side,
While other ones prefer to commit for nation,
Sacrifice their lives to public benefit with pride.

In finding the way to human benefit,
He lost the sleep at night to commit,
People truly trust in case to his lead,
‘Cause brightest future is coming to fit.

He is concerning about nations to protect,
He knows what a challenge to expect,
Knowing what could be brand new set,
That’s why to him special big respect.

He really wants to totally satisfy everyone,
He is going to surely make the perfect run,
The fame to him comes to through hard work,
There is nothing about kind of promoted man.

In a true heavenly made claim in,
He was born with destiny within,
He is always ready his life to sacrifice,
For people who living simply is just in,

In the pure hearts of all human kind,
All people are grateful to his honored mind,
And people all around are proud of his status,
He lives with everlasting mission to lead unbind.

His hard and fruitful work without complain and tears,
His made happy millions of people to live without any fears,
And he will be always for the future years as a muse,
His life story is a great lesson for all listening ears.

To show democracy with strength and he for it stands,
He spreads the peace and love all over the lands,
He has good mind no matter how humble he is,
He is the greatest man as everybody understands.

In God we trust our nation to enroll,
His heart is with grand kindness to call,
He wills always proudly lives to install,
Following commencement to minds of all,

Nursultan is running various summits apparently,
It’s in that way like nations need it so desperately.
Everyone dreadfully and hopingly follows him,
With him everybody has prosperity within reality,

It’s like America use to need Abraham Lincoln back in time,
So Kazakhstan needs its first president with the same rhyme,
Presidency is required a lot of responsibly and commitment,
And it’s so exigently challenging to manage with every line.

One world one dream is that his prime dream,
Supporting by US, China and Europe Union as one team,
All together achieving strong modern democracy,
With people he easily defeats undefeated chaotic stream.

Along with rest of the world’s transparency,
He offers common unique currency,
This is much supported by many countries,
Showing the sign of ultimate democracy,

Thousands of years ago there was born democracy,
Our ancestor’s like sacks use to have it with accuracy.
They deal each other as equally from child in cradle,
To retired man who one step to coffin without primacy,

Nursultan is going to give people new impulse,
New era with new days has come in right course.
Those heroic spectacular actions done by Nursultan,
This epoch is going to be with him undeniable source.

Nursultan knows his own destiny in his hand,
And than he shows to entire world his smart trend,
As expected he is going to lead for democratic initiations,
For all human benefit with heroic inspirations,

Everywhere he goes there is waiting great fame,
Everyplace he has ever been for him is so tame.
Despite the cultural difference and disparity,
Everybody is feeling with him freedom as the same.

In that’s the way his hopes are strong without deign,
He is thinking well supported with high spirit reign.
Nursultan’s story about how important role to being united,
It comprehends intentions of pure hearts without any feign.

Everybody grateful to Nursultan for hopes,
And for the national hero leading all folks with hopes
To guide bloomed prosperity and everybody sure in that,
With the same success for everybody he copes.

Nations give him absolutely full credit,
His faith gives us trust that with permit,
That is standing with esteem that,
He has potential with undeniably to commit.

Whole world with pure hearts gratitude to him,
Nations are grateful for him with great esteem.
He is bringing miracles to people as referred,
As everyone waiting folk’s dreams were deferred.

The dream that is now no longer like an illusion,
The dream that is triply fulfilled with great fusion,
Whole world say that’s this dream about democracy
We talk about many times without confusion.

That is the dream we are talking about,
Sleepless and wakeful all nights long to come out,
This is an impossible mission that he keeps doing,
People wonder the ways of his mind to figure out.

Everyone is capable with absolute certain,
Telling that they can move huge mountain,
But only true hero can do it and change the world,
In way like Nursultan do always staying in his word.

True hero always stays in promise and never left,
So in that way always do Nursultan Nazarbayev,
Because his eyes are watching people that trust him,
And he is doing all of intentions for human benefit.

Mountain high, river deep, valley in low,
Everywhere different people live and grow,
And he is in pure hearts of every human,
All know the man who leads in life flow.

To change world and to give brand new hoping,
Setting the incredible rhythm without flopping,
All people desperately need constant democracy,
Hope on him with the morale of that is like spring.

He is doing for nations to make the democracy,
In land of mysterous as called real legacy,
He builds the foundations that all about unity nation,
Supported by all along with the indigenous population,

In the world a lot of proud faces,
Never forgotten great tribes and races,
He greatly understands souls of folks,
All people want to eager with traces.

By saving traditions and communications,
He is leading to the dream all nations.
He is going to make the dream come true,
Together we all are going to make it through.

Together as one we will make it pop,
A reality which is everyone dream of,
Some people with hope looking at him,
Others just praise on him as being in top.

He is encouraging people to be patriotic,
Everybody knows theory like chaotic.
That one butterfly can make the tsunami.
In another part of world and it is quick as sonic.

There is Nursultan with gantry,
Chosen by democratic country,
Nursultan eagerly underlines that
Significance of OSCE in contemporary,

Nursultan takes it in a brand new label,
The organization has forums with rounded table,
He will bring the whole package as expected,
Every meaning of making it is so stable.

Whatever people are going to want,
Total piece and unity with big font,
He brings grace and prosperity,
He makes integrity with great sanity.

Last thing he wants in OSCE comity,
Total fame and self esteemed dignity,
He always brings his clear vision,
Transparent is deal with integrity.

Everybody with him in satisfaction,
his kind action with related reaction,
In spite of his incredible modesty,
He is always is a centre of attraction.

As people recognize it with conservation,
This poetry is for affirmative stimulation,
He is like one of the America’s greatest sons,
For instance, Abraham Lincoln with preservation,

He was born with poetry soul,
He write national anthem for all,
In the anthem he writes that,
We are folk with own pride to stay tall.

He always fights for freedom with no fret,
Here he is our glorious hero convincement.
So meet nursultan Nazarbayev instead of Borat,
The most vivid and trustworthy hero with confident,

Coming straightforward from Eurasian heart,
His unfamiliar chronicle that is uncut with art,
Gleaming with human and historical details,
Transforming by Nursultan’s guide in each part,

Thanks to him in pure harts of nations always celebration,
And so for everyone he is twice blessed with each nation,
Everybody celebrates for nation having him twice over,
First of all, that he is true hero as expected never.

Everybody never felt so proud so free and elaborate,
thanks to him so much of proud to ultimately celebrate,
his speech so inspiringly rich and full to all crowds,
He is blessed for people with them to collaborate.

To rejoice so joyful being part of folks with gladness,
everybody at home with pride and full happiness,
Being grateful to him bringing them all of this,
To hope it will last forever perpetual joyfulness,

He passionately makes for all people equal treat,
Pleasure is his golden decision that is passionate and neat,
His mind and his hands are blessed indeed,
His undeniable enthusiasm is coming toward to lead.

Democratic contemporary story of Nursultan,
All the pride he makes in lifetime span,
It is fearful that he makes people glamorously,
after twenty years that he is leading as chosen man.

With a lot of responsibility he is leading with bless
given by God the bless that stills the darkness,
Everyone believes in his love for nations,
People hope for him who shares his happiness.

True hero and leader, in which he is both,
Grace beyond the grace of being in rose,
Making happy people’s life by his hands,
Every moment sings is with celebration growth.

Noticed mainly when the hour chimes début,
everyone is waiting for this joyfully tribute,
eloquent reminders of his pure love for nation,
He is the president with courage that is absolute.

He gives with pure heart to people with respect,
A lot more than they imagine as they always expect,
During the twenty years he makes amazing achievement,
He became ultimate leader to represent.

He is thinking about nation without limits,
He always thinks about nation benefits.
And also he cares about entire world,
Therefore world gives him full credits.

Almost all of prophecies are come true,
He has big chance to come succeed through,
All nations united thanks space program,
All religions are united thanks for him giving clue.

He cares about each one as major prime,
Some of them like him brother in rein,
In spite of challenge he eliminates each crime,
He cares deductively and inductively in the same time.

He is preventing what could be undone consistent,
that has been sustained asking internal consent,
He is always brave and ready mightily to sacrifice,
Front of the entire world that might implement.

For a while looking back in history with test,
Like him for whose who is among the best,
in all that has been done by chosen one,
It is what people have seen in fair contest.

Almost everyone loves about fact living in unity,
Everybody loves about care each other with dignity,
Each one has great idea and it is really difficult to do,
Nursultan is amazing with his brilliant idea about integrity.

Every child with mother is in absolute happiness,
And the child is playing with toys without wariness,
It’s such a beautiful world with all best,
Because he just cares everyone with gladness,

Everyone wants to follow his steps,
To do for this wise society with tips,
Nursultan gives people a future,
It’s such a wonderful life with trips.

The man for nation stands without gap,
In the democracy and freedom to nap,
And it's called absolute commitment,
He is coming with applause by clap.

Everyone knows without pretend,
He is loyal, friendly, and confident,
He is our liberator like our father,
Our Elbasy with full commitment,

For his achievements all people celebrate,
Since people know that he is the hero to template,
Because he brings all nations together,
People amazed how he manages to anticipate.

People have amazing hero with missions to bring,
Everybody believes in that new day is coming,
It shown in his massage from his pure heart,
Democracy which he is eventually glorifying bringing,

His modesty makes him ultimate supremacy,
Everybody thinks it proves that legendary prophecy,
Sacrificing even with anniversary birthday by forbidding it,
He is true hero who is all about freedom and democracy.

That’s why I dedicated him this poetry,
It’s not praise and it’s not going to retry
Though as always as his constant behavior,
He is all about honesty and modesty.

Better earlier than late with prudent,
He is great general leader with confident,
With his birthday we going to celebrate,
The day of our capital is the day of statement.

This is the day of our future without stress,
This is the day of true full happiness,
He promises that he will be always in lead,
Everybody prays for his health with seriousness.

Nursultan makes it possible for people to have lived so long,
The wisdom of time foretold that a principles without any wrong,
He leads with pure heart all nations in this century,
A man is with full of charisma, with a vigor of his own prong.

He stands a midst, all adversities equip to bring,
A man with a vision of change and courage to win,
And his pure heart that is respected by all people,
The voice of the majority that calls for a dream,

Unity and harmony among people he seeks forward,
Freedom and liberty is the essence of our world,
All nations of the world rejoice inspired by him,
He makes sound of peace that is people waiting toward.

All people want to stand inspiring for long,
Nursultan shows them what is right and wrong,
Which he follows with his pure heart,
He is inspiring people with motive to him belong.

His heroic actions are worthy to be praised.
World today has witness that is greatly changed,
Course of history with his charismatic personality,
All people are emergently and visionary amazed.

Nursultan Nazarbayev with all of honor that gain,
He leads great nations glorifying each step to explain,
Hope of the nations, with generous pure heart,
He is the man of prosperity without any strain.

Of real battle for democracy comes more piercingly,
Than even in those months of sneer and tingly,
By nature he is so patriotic about nations,
True champion of peace is winning ultimately.

His glorifying divine is comfort to please,
These brave armies of freedomers without grease,
They are praising him loud with pride,
He speaks and each one felt his feelings to release.

His actions are explained with two words,
Patriotism and democracy with towards,
Driven by a passion he takes up ambitions,
Making possible the impossible in his forwards,

By him many reasonable actions are done,
He shows the way for nations ahead as one,
All hopes had been the clutches of nations,
This is very strength sides of him to run.

With nobility and his actions he express,
His heart is full with enormous kindness,
Everybody believes in man with perfection,
Because he is more than average man with bless.

He is the hero people waiting for long ranges,
So everybody says there are all about advantages,
Everyone wants to be in light side,
He is the men with hope in this vintage.

And another major justification,
Nursultan is with good validation,
He is so generously kind,
He has remarkable smart mind.

In the heart and in the mind,
The hero of all around with pride,
He is and always going to be a noble general,
Holding vital and essential ride,

He is all about making beneficial craft,
For the world with a love from pure heart,
He respectively loves even his enemy,
But his love for his people is the most with art.

Peace is the keyword of everyday,
Today is better than yesterday,
But long waited tomorrow with him,
It is going to be the best like holy day.

By observing his actions he is stunning,
Always his power is ultimately increasing,
The true hero ignoring the fames,
He does everything for nation as pleasing.

He makes many heroic actions,
The actions without any negative reactions,
Therefore, his name is going to take place,
In allay of true heroes with great attraction,

Looking up above the world up at space,
Surrounded by imaginable great grace,
Nursultan decides to improve people’s lives,
All people live with harmony trace.

By the way with his pride,
The way people like to thrive,
Bring together all people as friends,
Then they go in major prime life,

So friendly and collectively,
Everybody is filling innocently,
His name should be famed,
Be proud by him prudently,

He has all good quality of all,
As Great American presidents as tall,
For instance from George Washington,
He has great generosity to install.

From Abram Lincoln he has a tactful priority,
From Bill Clinton he has musical ability.
And from peace maker and Nobel prize winner,
Graceful Barak Obama tactful diplomatic ability,

In addition to all of this priorities,
Also he has unique qualities,
As major goal for benefit of nations,
He is all about those great realities.

People don’t need any more guns,
People need shiny and hotly like suns,
People need great sons,
Like marvelous Nursultan,

Nursultan don’t even need all the clandestine operative,
Nursultan has such a hefty and amazingly creative,
He offers for all people to launch new idea,
Nursultan Nazarbayev is phenomenal respective.

I want to tell proudly heroic tales to the folks,
As his operation with success nation gather for talks,
Gratefully thanks to Nursultan Nazarbaev to begin,
Live longer and happiness within forever without clocks.

Welcoming with a open arm,
He is leading great man,
Fulfilling dream of everyone
All people know he is the one.

The crowd were cheering and kissing,
Handsome man who looks great in leading,
Everyone is thanking Nursultan,
He speaks speech that is so flattering.

Led the man looked like godfather,
Nursultan is a man, who lived as hero rather,
Gratefully approached standing so proudly,
A man aims and helps everybody like brother.

Nursultan is true hero as named national leader,
Another president Barak Obama-Nobel peace prize winner,
As expected he was selected to win in this year,
Nursultan is going to be Nobel peace prize winner in next year.

Everybody believes that he deserves,
More than and everybody observes,
Next Nobel peace prize winner,
Nursultan Nazarbayev deserves.

After marvelously serving OSCE his eligibility,
He truly deserves it as a hero with dignity,
He is the another leader to receive,
Everybody wishes luck in his presidency.

Everyone is proud with Nursultan Nazarbayev,
Everyone knows he is intelligent in this life,
Everyone knows he is wise and has the vision,
Everyone believes in him making in right drive.

Everybody likes about him in those realities,
Nursultan has one of those polar personalities,
Nursultan likes to refer to it as comprehension,
Nursultan has some of amazing creativities.

As seen most deserving to realize,
Nursultan deserves world piece prize,
This is sacred ode to the true hero,
He with his modesty is in everyone’s cognize.

He cares about everyone without rages,
And people surprise how he manages,
He works long and hard for long time
So now he is coming step up to the stages.

Making his consecutive victory speech,
He hears the world’s applause bleach,
He is ready for what happens next,
He completes with success mission to reach.

The nations rest on his shoulders with integrity,
He lives up to his promises and leads to prosperity,
He is making this world so affluent,
With amazing actions, meekness, and humility,

With his pure spirit guiding his actions,
He is becoming great with every faction.
By him all created magnification,
Nations relies on him with great attraction.

All people admire him and love him,
They will pray him and praised him,
This is the reward he wanted this price he pays,
Congratulations to him for having done without dim,

Everybody knows he is taking the mantle of leadership with all seriousness.
Everybody watches with pride as he stand tall in dignified humility with bless,
The nation beaming with profound delight in his full regality,
People glorify and applaud at an evident transition as a great progress.

The pride of a nation is a wise and intelligent man,
The pride of a people is the brilliance exhibited to run,
The shouts of joy amongst the populace is boundless,
Nations are minded by growth-oriented to sun.

Listening Nursultan is a source of strength at all times,
One ever willing to be of service to all despite diversity lines,
Maturity makes a leader; sincerity gets things done earnestly,
Glorious leader that united people stand to win at all times.

While there in the solace for prudent nation colorfully,
Everybody wishes listen him a word, so listen carefully,
Everybody’s entreats he consults with the master divine always,
Everybody prays he carries his people alongside him meaningfully.

To bear the burden of a complex nation,
A huge venture to embark on motivation,
It may even seem scary people bet it does,
He equalizes everyone each other with valuation.

He is the great man all time and all nations,
In God we entrust to true hero’s intensions,
There is Earth, the planet of democracy,
That consisted of landscape with great dimensions.

As we know from the history book,
About ancient Sacks and Saxons’ they took,
And the sunniest, the exclusive type of look,
He is promoting the democracy since beginning of root.

To ensure, he is true leader and he is here,
To bring rules of freedom and it’s so clear,
Everybody has a big trust for that,
He is making craft without any fear.

With this rhetorical speech which is said aloud,
And he is bright enough to lead amazing crowd,
By showing the salvation ways to a needed change,
The way for folks gets high educated range as proud.

This is the way everybody thinks,
Let’s trust each other with all links,
He settles up for tremendous missions,
In sands of time his story never sinks.

Due to rules in holy place like Earth,
For centuries, democracy rules without lacks,
There always is full happiness,
And no more place for sadness,

And there always be holy recruits,
He allows tasting of all kind of fruits,
In legendary Eden garden,
Thanks to Nursultan’s proofs,

People have it now and forever,
Bloomed prosperity with desired favor,
Grabbing all happiness that is given,
He is running with own unique flavor.

With courage he is to take on the role as sun,
He is promised give nations prosperity to run,
Sometimes when people look into Nursultan's face,
They get the massage that he is the true heroic man.

As hero-leader so he leads with dignity,
That is for him given big opportunity,
To guide people all with the brightest ray,
Thank for him there exist great integrity.

His own confidence comes across enough,
To fill that generous heart with love,
Our hopes in his pocket for the nation,
Like the sun which its intensity without lack.

Nursultan Nazarbayev gets great feeling,
When he is with people for comprehending,
Feeling that makes people come together
Everybody knows Nursultan as one that leading.

Of course, he decisions at least as fine,
His name comes the brightest way as prime,
Man as everybody sees walking with smiles,
His thoughts exactly like folks with divine.

This is his hospitality with fathom mortality,
For all reasons he contemplates continuity,
From any mishap he has kept his promise,
He helps to all people with great immunity.

Fragility and the wonders of union,
He analyzes everybody’s opinion,
He makes the world turn on and up,
He keeps away people from pinion.

He listen all people’s advice,
Choosing own decisions including vice,
He has own undeniable prerogative,
His endless heroic actions are in rise.

Everyone says “Oops he did it again! ”
He is continuing becoming stronger to gain,
Forbidding own seventieth anniversary in this year,
While other ones celebrating even with great fame.

Everyone thinks he can greatly make proceed,
He is the strongest leader for people to lead,
Everybody ever sees in him the father, the man,
After all, all alone he makes it look great, indeed.

By him everybody is admired and proud,
Spokesperson of all people with great sound,
He is the national true leader,
He cares always about the national found.

He is managing in unique way with perfection,
He is doing everything for people’s protection,
For nations with complete satisfaction,
For nations he is with great attraction.

To unite people as one,
To precisely and wisely run,
When he is greatly in lead,
People think it’s innovative one.

Biblically citing the reason on inspiration,
Like by Lincoln and Washington with revelation,
At the same time while other modern critics think,
That he is with brand new unique temptation.

He always cares about nuclear issue,
And space explorations to fly through,
And everybody hopes in the future,
It will extend complete development clue.

I’m engineer and he is also unique engineer,
So it helps so quickly understand all clear,
After Soviet Union fall apart he bringing people together,
And made union of former Soviet Union as a gear,

He is not only deserving honor to be,
But also he is more than hero as people see,
He deserves to be man of this millennium,
At least as great man of the current century,

Everybody is proud of his vibe,
There are no words to describe,
His action which is more than heroic,
He is great phenomenon to subscribe.

At the first time ever if people see in his face,
They immediately think he is the man with great pace,
And everybody glad for that his pure heart is generous,
He is outshining national leader with perfect grace.

Everybody prays for everlasting light,
And for sure people do this for right,
In that time Nursultan brings us long waited light,
All kind of in this meaning of it that is so bright.

Everybody absolutely agrees with his intentions,
Because his heroic actions not only care about nations,
But also concerned entire world prosperity,
He even forbids his anniversary like celebrations.

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