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Poems About: SMART

In this page, poems on / about “smart” are listed.

  • 229.
    Not Alone

    Is she broken?
    Not even close.
    IS she strong?
    Stronger than me. read more »

    Kailee Falvo
  • 230.
    Give Me a Chance

    Girl, give me a chance to steal your heart
    ‘Cause I can. I’m both book and street smart
    I know all I need about you
    Like how your favorite color’s orange and the next one’s blue read more »

    Nam Nguyen
  • 231.
    because you are

    You were the girl
    Who had everything going
    You were smart
    Pretty, athletic read more »

    mae beezwax
  • 232.
    Care For Some Tea? - A Kyrielle

    If you are smart, you will listen to me
    Remember not all tales are just make believe
    Dragons in snuggies are not just seen on TV
    Never say yes when a dragon invites you to tea read more »

    Sheri Walters
  • 233.
    You are beautiful

    You are a very beautiful person.

    You are very smart and kind. read more »

    rag dominus
  • 234.
    Leapin' Lizards or How to Get the Most Out Your Geico (so easy a caveman can do it)

    Hans Kurt Kubus,58, had a 'thing' for lizards.
    This German knows his insurance policies,
    - and he is no Neanderthal man who likes gizzards.
    Kubus, No, not the video game cubis, attached 44 lizards to his body, read more »

    Joe Rosochacki
  • 235.

    The preacher, during this senseless life, have seen everything
    Everything including a nation dies for being right
    Everything including immoral lives to his prime
    Destroy yourself not for being too good or acting you know it all read more »

    Shelomith Noarbe
  • 236.
    Less than precious Stones

    Less than precious Stones

    I'm so glad you asked
    a brilliant question for which read more »

    Alex Nodopaka
  • 237.
    Respect Him more

    I was....
    Like to criticize other
    Like to make fun other
    Like to give a wrong judgment read more »

    new heart
  • 238.
    Unrequited Love

    Every person I am with provides brand new risk
    Their lips would pucker and provide a generic kiss
    They cling to me like I am the only one
    If they were smart they would turn and run read more »

    Mgt Man
  • 239.
    So Many in Vain, Reasonless Relationships (song)

    This was all such vanity,
    Without the slightest purpose,
    Without a half decent reason.
    Like so many others seen today, read more »

    Britney Hogue
  • 240.

    I'm a girl got a problem?
    Just because I'm a
    different gender of you it
    doesn't mean I can't do what you do. read more »

    Pali Girl S...
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