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  • 109.
    Oh So Sad and Clever Boy


    I’m not very smart, so for you
    I have to be clever,

    I can be a dolphin clapping in the surf,
    You play coy and feed me pregnant tuna
    Barefoot in the amber sands;
    Up to your exposed knees-
    A whole bucketful will slow me down,
    And distinguish a gunmetal sleuth in the sunset.

    I can be a boy again mind numbed on vodka;
    I can set off a quarter stick of dynamite in the
    Ruby courtyard, crack open the geode,
    and draw your attention,
    Smile bare-chested and pick a wild pomegranate,
    Juxtapose it near the stigmata of my navel

    Or I can play checkers on the green geometry of
    Listening to the sweep of waves like
    The alluring static of a coming radio;
    but not very well,
    Distracted by where you might be molting on a sprig;
    Roller-skating over the bones or privateers,
    The metal patina of bad conquistadors

    And with the canary go down into the mines
    For subtle tests of subtraction;
    And I’ll see you in the halls and wish you to quiz me,
    Wish you to fall across me like a masked ball,
    To flutter peacock feathers over your exposed teeth,
    Pretending to be genteel while flaunting
    A powdered bosom

    Or I can hang around the parked cars again,
    Any drunken afternoon and
    Wait for your smell to waif with sunset, or the cerulean
    Bleed of students to homes again:
    Restless on Sundays,
    I can pretend to see you go,
    And begin the tramp of scars- Which I’ve
    Been on now, Oh, so long I guess;
    Whistling in jest of my own troubles, skipping
    Like a Yankee-doodled over the skulls set there to
    Trip me,
    Or time travel to pick you up from the stink of knightly armpits
    In the feral courtyards of Camelot


    But you don’t live in the palmettos anymore, do you?
    Like a cicada you left your bedroom askance the cypress and
    Somewhere else you went

    I am not very beautiful, so for you
    I’ll have to be clever;
    I’ll have to lay down and switch the sides of my
    Face, to confuse you: how easy you forget,
    And love in those waves you’ve abound in
    The stacked pornographies of proletarian
    Pecking at the watermarked biceps of your
    Saber-toothed, navy-anchored sailors.

    You’ve always had to work for you dinner,
    And exercise your legs around and around in
    An all too quiet parade:
    The discombobulated merry-go-round of T&A
    I known, it looks just like how they
    Bussed the students in so long ago into our lapsed
    Anglo-Saxon fairy land:

    Now look at my scars, and lay flowers; I’ve cut a rose
    For you: I am a clever boy- Place it in my teeth and I will
    Turn about you three times in the air before I disappear
    For a spell,

    Become the gentleman walking north in the dry hills
    Of Spain,
    Again over the bones who knew more than I,
    Who were flayed by Civil War

    and turn away so you might not have to see
    All the sad men who think my ink a jest:

    Or not, for cast off this fibbing cloak and I am not
    There at all; I am a failed used car salesman,
    As nude as a huckstered king,
    And the truant who tight-roped across the canal,
    Laughing gapped toothed and spry,
    Even when you would have called me home to your
    Honey-bosom stung by April bees,
    For we would have showered full blown in the pollens
    Of vertical meadows populated by sugar rabbits,
    And the immortal jay-like bodies of virgin soldiers
    Massacred in the pollen,
    Stacked like a busty wedding cake up to a
    Golden-titted castles


    But, oh no,

    I am not a smart boy, and I’ve never had to earn my
    Dinner at a trot: I’ll buy a house instead and waltz with all
    You’ve forgotten inside, and all the pages I’ve written
    Never read for you; instead,
    I’ll find a wife and put her in a garden,
    And hold her there and keep her until she is too tired
    To move and wait for her to
    Smile, and see how long she’ll stay if
    I’m properly egalitarian when she bends low,
    And I trumpet her like in a Chaucerian revelry,
    If I spit and shine at certain angles of the day, and put off my
    Bayonet and watch her trough the daisies and
    The blue bells from a fort overlooking the sea:
    And sigh, and say like the son of an all too forgetful king,
    That this is how it should have been one day for us
    When I was yet blond and as well read as a comic book;

    But now the storm front moves forward one move;
    And it is frighteningly cold, and uncommonly beautiful in
    The same town you drive for sex and show back and forth;
    You who serve fried chicken and coke at the rodeos
    Underneath the shopping malls,
    And it has the smell of you on its cleft palate;
    And it is pushing you in front of it like a cinnamon doe,
    A smell of caffeine and runny ice-cream and cocaine,
    A scar-less, carefree and forgetful bouquet that
    Leaps clear over the shoulders of new brides,
    Making me look for a little while up through the highest windows
    And power-lines, to see the blue birds quivering well-fed in their

    To feel you blow over in a possessed front, tipping over stop-signs,
    Eerily shoving down everything you know to see,
    Your smells pollinating across the highway, causing traffic accidents;
    A stunning breed of musk haunting the intangible borders;
    Even while the buses turn around from school, delaying your
    Offspring for awhile-
    The kids shouting first-time heirlooms,
    I can toast you from my middle-class
    Uncorking my toy musket and dawning mouse ears;
    Saluting you in a nursery-rhyme of an overgrown fit,
    Give a turn and start down my sometimes clever stairs,
    To greet all that I’ve known to anonymously become. read more »

  • 110.
    Fundamental of Liar

    Smart people will say to make fool
    Fool people will try to look smart
    Stupid liar will try to hide
    Smart liar will tell the truth read more »

  • 111.

    Smart box,
    Smart phone,
    Smart car! !
    And like 'Adjoa-Samrt' in the land of my muse; read more »

  • 112.
    To My Lost Angel

    My beautiful and smart angel
    You are smart, no doubt
    Beautiful you are no doubt
    Just, do not change please read more »

  • 113.
    Driving with Smarter

    Thanks to computerized hi tech,
    Smarter vehicles will be made
    To know if there may be a wreck
    With an animal that's displayed read more »

  • 114.

    read more »

  • 115.
    Security’s in cloud -new-

    Hackers see thru an unguarded cloud,
    And guarded shrouds dance singing aloud;
    Smart frontiers face hazards
    Undreamt by the web guards, read more »

  • 116.
    O Old Man, Looking Smart, Give Me Your French-cut Beard To Showcase It On My Almirah Rack!

    O old man looking grave and smart,
    Give me,
    Give me
    your prominent beard, read more »

  • 117.
    Another Great Reason To Vote Adam Lambert For American Idol

    Another great reason to vote Adam Lambert for your American Idol 2009!

    He's smart! read more »

  • 118.
    Fundamental of Liar Chapter III: Reason

    A lie with no reason is a wolf lie*
    A lie with good reason is a white lie
    A lie with bad reason is a crime
    A reason without single lie is a theory read more »

  • 119.

    it was you who one day wrote a haiku
    and she counted
    on the strictest 5/7/5
    or the 5/7/5/77 count read more »

  • 120.
    Smart. But Not Wise

    The people who have found an interest,
    In the pursuit of that which is loved AND liked...
    Are thought to possess an intelligence kept.
    And labelled to be smarter than the rest. read more »

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