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Rock Me To Sleep - Poem by Almedia Knight Oliver

I was moving actively ahead…. Then age threw me of course.
I turned back my head. I want to be transformed or be
made a child for just one day!

Oh Mama! Please come back from the godless ground below
And wash my hands and face like in the far distance times ago
From your kiss on my forehead all worries smooth
Having nightmarish sleep, spells need hugs and kisses!
The same old prayers quell not the fear; need a candle to cast out spells
Rock me Mama… Rock me Mama…Rock me to sleep!

I must keep moving on. This timeworn body; my niche in waiting to hold in urn
“Living isn’t for cowards, ” Mama used to say.
Mama, please make me a child for just one day?
You toiled for nine children, on your own, on life’s way
From pain and sorrow, not one tear welled up in your eyes
Now, six lay beside you: I know you need to rest! Yet,
my frail mind is tired of the dust and incineration of six corpses, and behind,
you left thriving three, looking at one to another to see who goes down next!
Rock me to sleep…Mama rock me to sleep!

One out the three, the child you loved most, loves not self and nobody else! Mama, which one of your nine broke your heart because it was not gold?
One left your cold body in dirt far away…never wanting to see your home beneath the dirt evermore.
Mama please come back to take care of the mess you made before you left…
Mama, I can’t rest…I need you to rock me to sleep!

Oh Mama, why life this way?
Dry these tears from my eyes, smooth
The cares on my brow, color my hair,
and face young.
On this day, before I take my long sleep.
Rock me Mama…Rock me…Mama rock me to sleep!

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