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Passionate Search - Poem by tejiri pius kigho

I sat still as silence blanketed the room, I look far beyound the horizon of my sight, the passage of time, a life full of me, a long tale of little triumphs, for there were many things I had to find out, many things I had to prove to myself, hope seemed faraway and days were quick with their very newness, for I was a hunter hunting in a jungle of obstacles, searching for life in the world of the dead, searching for purity in the hearts of the unpure, searching for peace in a time of war, searching for love in a heart filled with hatred, but each passing day I was consoled with the thoughts of tomorrow, I plucked up courage like grapes in the garden and there i'll stay as a full time gardener.I walked through endless ways of thoughts for there were many sky to punture, for the sky is a thousand feet below my limit.My heart grew accustomed to thought as I traveled through an atmosphere of doubts, it gave life and added interest between the tactices of life, I edged my way with timeless quality into the cream of wisdom, into an endless beginning, searching for wisdom in the company of fools.My thougts were pregnant with anxiety for the sky had no stars, I fought a frantic battle for wisdom for I had cast my thoughts, heart, body, soul and entire being into the flames of poetic trance.I journeyed with a spiritual speed to a land called yesterday far above the moon, the past makes us who we are it's the baseness of our lives.I saw an endless stretch of pain, I saw some memorable days with bliss, the lowest form of life, the highest form of life, but my night was brightened by sunshine and each day was filled with promises, I stoped and stared in amazement for I never believed it was there and I was a part of it, history tricked my tears from it's source and poetry snatched me in pity and every fiber of my being beckoned with a relentless passion for change and hear I will stay till death steals me away.

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