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Poems About: SKY

In this page, poems on / about “sky” are listed.

  • 109.
    Blue Sky

    As the clouds darken the sky starts to cry
    The ground moistens for once it was dry
    The sky is sad for it has something to say
    But everyone near just turns away read more »

    Florence Badejo
  • 110.
    The Silver Crescent

    Up the sky
    I point my finger up the sky
    The majectic moon sits well up the sky
    Its silvery curve makes king of stars up the sky read more »

    Charles Jagongo Ogola
  • 111.
    Under a moonlit sky

    Amongst ancient castle walls
    Diamonds of dew drops from emerald moss
    Her sweet perfume clings to the cold air
    Under the moonlit sky read more »

    Melpomene's Tears
  • 112.

    I can go beyond the sky
    And you won’t believe it
    For you sky is the limit.
    I can tell you stories, new and old, read more »

    Tiku akp
  • 113.
    Smiling sky

    Tonight the sky smiled
    for all to see for miles and miles
    to watch this happen; a glowing grin read more »

    derrick foster
  • 114.
    I flew through the sky

    read more »

    Zaraya Berry
  • 115.

    read more »

    Martyn Hannant
  • 116.
    My Dream

    I said hi!
    To the dream of sky
    High above the earth
    To the dark sky read more »

    subham roy
  • 117.
    Flowers In The Dark

    Can you see flowers in the dark
    While walking in the park
    Accompanied by the sky lark read more »

    Jamie Collins
  • 118.

    I love to look to the sky
    Even on a cloudy day
    I look when there’s nothing there to see
    But the sky is so enchanting read more »

    Gee Cii Schnider
  • 119.

    Wild animals all of you are saved here
    At the wild forest in the sky
    This is your home
    You won't find poachers here in the sky read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 120.

    A White Dove Flying in the Sky
    It Symbolizes Silences and Says no Violence
    A White Dove Flying in the Sky, is pretty
    It Symbolizes Beauty and says we should always do our Duty read more »

    Narendra Kuppan
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