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Poems About: SISTER

In this page, poems on / about “sister” are listed.

  • 49.

    sweet sister
    i love your poetry

    and poetry is my sister read more »

    Nicolas GRENIER
  • 50.
    Special Sister

    My special sister,
    I want you to know how much you mean to me.

    My special sister, read more »

    Emzee d'Va
  • 51.

    sisters are there to look up to u
    even if u dont talk to them, they are there when u need them
    sister can be younger than u or older than u.. the can be friends that act like your sister and u treat them as one. read more »

    sara perry
  • 52.

    He hit my sister,
    My blood is boiling the animal wants to break out, read more »

    colinb bradley
  • 53.
    My Sister's Child

    The world that we live in will not be so wild
    in the lifetime of my sister's child.
    With the planet, our species will be reconciled
    in the lifetime of my sister's child. read more »

    William Chaplar
  • 54.
    My Sister

    I'm not a religious woman,
    but I know how to love my sister

    Don't want you to have to go to Jesus read more »

    Jessica Holter
  • 55.
    Summer Time Love

    I’m sorry, you’re not the girl for me
    I know it might be wrong, but I’m in love with your sister

    Do you recall when we barbecued at the beach, read more »

    Aiden Florence
  • 56.
    my little sister's GONE: (

    She was five when her sister left
    And with her gone she felt like she experienced death
    She was too young to even know what that meant
    Apart for seven months is what they spent read more »

    Shilesha Johnson
  • 57.
    For Sale

    One sister for sale!
    One sister for sale!
    One crying and spying young sister for sale!
    I’m really not kidding, read more »

    Sheldon Allan Silverstein
  • 58.
    Thank You Sister...

    Thank you sister
    for being there for me
    you were there in my time in need read more »

    isabel robles
  • 59.

    we may fight
    we may argue i say i hate u
    but deep down i love you
    i said things i did not mean read more »

    ebony white
  • 60.
    Where Is My Sister

    Where is my sister
    Where has she gone
    I want to be near her
    It's where I belong read more »

    Betty Bateson
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