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Poems About: SISTER

In this page, poems on / about “sister” are listed.

  • 349.
    My little sister

    My little Sister: Marisol
    I never knew how much I loved you until you moved away.
    You always had my back no matter what they’d say.
    We did argue and at times fought each other but that’s okay, read more »

    Rocio Baca
  • 350.

    Darkness befalls in the night
    As we walk with a little light
    We walk with light under fear
    Afraid and alone as we don't hear read more »

    Tears of sorrow ...
  • 351.
    Brother And Sister

    "SISTER, sister, go to bed!
    Go and rest your weary head."
    Thus the prudent brother said. read more »

    Lewis Carroll
  • 352.
    A sister is.....

    A sister is your guardian angel if she's older,
    and your constant shadow if she's younger.
    She's your best friend in all your endevours.
    Your confidant, protector of your heart, read more »

    Tessa Eichhorst
  • 353.
    The Little Sister

    The wind knocks at the window,
    And my heart is full of fear,
    For I know when it is calling
    That some evil thing is near. read more »

    Dora Sigerson Shorter
  • 354.
    Strength... Is My Sister (A Hip-Hop/Pop Song Lyrics)

    'Strength... Is My Sister '
    (A Pop/Hip-Hop Song & Lyrics)

    ? ? read more »

    MoonBee Canady
  • 355.
    Birds On The Nest

    There was a bird's nest in the tree
    There's only a sister to the other three
    They barely chirp in glee,
    At times, they may but will just end suddenly read more »

    Joanna Maria Lozano
  • 356.
    My Sister

    As I think about it more and more each day, it comes clearer to me.
    What I feel in my heart is no lie. read more »

    Loretta Doyle Smalley
  • 357.
    Family Life

    Brothers lend me your ears, and I’ll listen to you.
    Sisters don’t cry for me, I’ll shed a tear for you.
    Brothers come fight alongside me, and I’ll fight for you.
    Sisters be there for me, and I’ll be here for you. read more »

    Gordon David
  • 358.

    My sister was named Orleans
    After the town where she was born,
    Dear Orleans, my best friend,
    A little girl with hazel eyes, read more »

    Caroline Misner
  • 359.

    A sister is something I missed as a kid
    I wished and hoped with everything I did,
    Someone to be there and play with
    and when in trouble, help plead the fifth. read more »

    Randi Nicole Dement
  • 360.
    To The Union

    Giant aggregate of nations,
    Glorious Whole of glorious Parts,
    Unto endless generations
    Live United, hands and hearts! read more »

    Martin Farquhar Tupper
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