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Poems About: SISTER

In this page, poems on / about “sister” are listed.

  • 337.
    A Birthday Song

    What's new in this September?
    when I looked at the calendar.
    Today is 13th day.
    It's my sister's birthday. read more »

    Scott Willic
  • 338.
    A spirit and them.

    She was cute, energetic and young,
    possessed by the spirit and she sang,
    The same old movie song that her dead lover liked,
    Every new moon day she become irked, read more »

    veeraiyah subbulakshmi
  • 339.

    Hello there mister
    That is my sister
    So please let her go
    She doesn't even know read more »

    Magic What'sHerName
  • 340.

    I am blessed with a sister that understands me better then I understand myself,
    a bond that is too strong to destroy,
    a relationship that will never come to an end,
    and we will see that forever and a day. read more »

    Kimbaline Navas (she who waits)
  • 341.
    ...Three sisters

    They are three sisters
    three sisters are they
    Majdouline, Cylia and Rania
    I love each of them read more »

    Oussama samouna
  • 342.
    Best Friends

    Best friends forever, what bff truly means.
    Sisters we are, sisters we'll always be.
    People may see us as complete dorks but, random is the word.
    They automatically judge us by the laughing that they've heard. read more »

    xera mclaughlin
  • 343.
    For Sharon (my little sister and second mother)

    You were always my little sister, whether you knew it or not,
    Even though you thought differently, when you were just a tot-
    Even way back then, you wanted to take care of me,
    You put on the Big Sister act, it didn't bother me, you see- read more »

    david lessard
  • 344.
    Arise O'Sister

    Arise O’Sister

    I am your mother
    To care for you read more »

    Barbara Vanier
  • 345.
    'T'is dopier to live in dystopia' (an ode to my sister)

    My sister.
    can't read. nor write.
    but she knows not war.
    my sister. read more »

    eddie frelford
  • 346.
    A Visit to Victoria's Secret

    I made a left
    and pulled into the huge
    Staten Island Mall parking lot
    my sister and Nancy hopped out read more »

    Charles Chaim Wax
  • 347.

    Sister's daughter, so fair and lovely,
    Bubbling with a crown of jetblack graceful tresses,
    A striking resemblance to sister's own childhood many years back
    When she had cried waiting at the doorstep read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 348.
    My African Sister

    My sister is an African nun
    that sits below grass houses
    and rocks babies
    until the sun goes down. read more »

    Louise Marie DelSanto
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