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  • 49.
    Most Fables

    fables told at the table,
    or formed in a stable,
    metaphorical stories
    with a moral and point read more »

    shimon weinroth
  • 50.

    For me you are
    The properties of the
    Ink that flows from the matured nib
    Of a poet in his creative solitude. read more »

    R.K Das
  • 51.
    Garden of Change

    Difference’s read more »

    T.James Becker
  • 52.
    biography ***** FEAR ME NOT, OH PLEASE, FEAR NOT ME

    I am not the poem
    you read in hunter's web
    i am not the simile
    you read in rhythmic melody read more »

    Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan
  • 53.

    Sighting her in opposite mirror
    Like a boundless poetic mirage
    Finding no words I surrender
    To the beauty unfolding its image read more »

    Vidyadhara ...
  • 54.

    Who draws noble delights from
    Sentiments of poetry is a true poet
    Though never written a line in all life
    How much your words mean to me. read more »

  • 55.

    Slouching beside my parents
    A shabby shriveled bloke
    Wrapped himself in a rug worn
    Laden with a bulky bag torn read more »

    Nooruddeen Mathilakathveetil
  • 56.
    My Life as a mom

    i'm only 17 and already a mother
    it is hard out here expectly seen seen i'm a single mom
    the best day of my life is 1.26.09 is when my lil girl was born
    her lil simile is what keep my life together read more »

    Karina Rosa
  • 57.
    I don't want to talk about 'it'!

    No thanks.

    I don’t want to talk about ‘it’.
    ‘It’? F*cking ‘it’? read more »

    Sue Stone
  • 58.
    Steel Beach

    Five minutes ago,
    the dessicated remains of a tiny spider rolled past me like a
    (inser.t simile)
    reminding me that read more »

    metamorphhh (aka jim crawford)
  • 59.
    My poetic mentors

    My two poetic mentors
    I met on growing up
    The first at grammar school
    The other at University read more »

    James Hart
  • 60.
    Shall I Compare Thee

    shall I compare thee to an autumn day
    an autumnal equinox, a twilight zone
    neither here nor there, a box a sphere
    compare thee to the oceans of waters read more »

    shimon weinroth
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