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  • 229.

    My heart is heavy from following to many good poets
    My limbs weary, my mind a melting pot of dictionaries
    Words drip down my shirt
    I have not the ingenuity to catch them
    I cannot write like him like her
    I’m wasted on your praise
    The birds don’t come near
    The clouds scurry away and rain elsewhere
    The tulips are listening to some other poet
    The Eastern light has gone from the sunset
    Elegies don’t know my name
    Metaphor has run off with the milkman
    And similes have left me as daft as a brush
    I can’t even think about thinking
    My brain awash with
    Tax returns
    Lord please give me strength to do them
    Before my wife strangles it out of me
    And leaves me lifeless
    Like the dummy
    She uses for making clothes. read more »

  • 230.

    Goodbye to the poetry
    Farewell to the bards
    Adios to the Good Questions
    And to the deck of cards read more »

  • 231.

    Poems, the things of folk lore and fantasies
    Not always meant to be a simile
    For words from heart are not always spoken
    The heart's true love is token read more »

  • 232.
    Pain and Desolation

    read more »

  • 233.
    My Life as a mom

    i'm only 17 and already a mother
    it is hard out here expectly seen seen i'm a single mom
    the best day of my life is 1.26.09 is when my lil girl was born
    her lil simile is what keep my life together read more »

  • 234.
    I don't want to talk about 'it'!

    No thanks.

    I don’t want to talk about ‘it’.
    ‘It’? F*cking ‘it’? read more »

  • 235.
    Burden Of Bad News

    I’ve written enough similes to fill every verse,

    hated someone enough to curse. read more »

  • 236.
    Against the Weave

    The Crack of Dawn
    Rent the sky’s heavy grey winter greatcoat
    From seam to boring seam,
    Tore it the hard way: read more »

  • 237.
    Bad Poetry

    Let us see, let us see
    tell us, dear, of bad poetry.

    Like thus, they simile. read more »

  • 238.
    I Am My Poems

    If you want to know me
    Read my poems
    If you want to understand me
    Painstakingly meditate on my sonnets read more »

  • 239.
    God's Pattern

    I see only patterns of words.
    Different words but same patterns.
    Who's to know if it's good or bad?
    Or am I blinded by the Black and White. read more »

  • 240.
    You know...who I am

    You know

    there use to be a time when the english language broke my spine
    now it wraps around my tongue and with every expression I no longer fall prey to the silly cliche that there is no master of pronunciation read more »

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